Why does Smoothwall block everything

Reasons Why the Smoothwall Filter Blocks a Website To correct over-blocking, the first step is to investigate the block reason. This block reason will be shown on the block page or can be found in the web filter logs. See our help topics, Customizing, importing or redirecting users to an external block page and Monitoring user activity Blocking a Top Level Domain (TLD) Blocking OneDrive's Downloading and Uploading Services; Blocking Opera Mini browsers' Turbo mode; Blocking Video search results on Google; Blocking VPN Traffic so That Users Can't Bypass the Firewall and Web Filter; Blocking NordVPN ; Blocking X-VPN; Test why a URL is Blocked; Reasons Why the Smoothwall Filter.

Smoothwall's complex filtering system blocks distracting apps in a number of ways. On a base level, students are always prohibited from downloading unapproved apps directly onto their devices whether they are BYOD or school-issued thanks to firewalls These policies use a method which is called Man-in-the-middle attack, which decrypts and re-encrypts the content on the fly, before the traffic gets to the client that requested it. This is done so the Smoothwall can read the content, and block and report on any type of content that is cause for concern

But at Smoothwall, we don't rely on block lists alone. With an additional layer of protection, our intelligent web filter analyses a page's content, context and construction to spot dangerous content and block it immediately Smoothwall's next-generation solutions can be deployed standalone or combined for a complete and efficient digital learning environment. Can be deployed as Cloud, Hybrid or On-premise. Talk to us about our exciting product roadmap for 2020 and beyond Smoothwall works by acting as a gateway between your computer and the internet. It looks through all the packets of internet traffic to find keywords, or blocked hostnames/ip addresses. If it finds something it doesn't like, it will block the connection before it gets to the internet. If you'd prefer the technical details let me know Well I do understand the fact that smoothwall isn't the most expensive blocker but I do expect a bit more from a product like this. One the first problems is the things that can be censored, like for example how it even censors the audiobook site and does get in the way of learning some of the time for some of the searching materials

As the number of children accessing online content increases, so does the risk of digital danger. These statistics demonstrate a pressing need to protect young people online. Yet, there is often confusion as to who is responsible. Here, Smoothwall's online safety expert, Adele Abbiss, explains why an holistic, multi-agency approach is key Blocking outbound traffic on UDP ports 80 and 443 on your firewall: We recommended that you block outbound UDP traffic on ports 80 and 443. This means that the request fails back to TCP and is redirected to the proxy. If your firewall is the Smoothwall, follow the instructions below depending on the update level of your device About Smoothwall Our Mission is to be the most trustworthy safeguarding solutions provider in the world. To develop the technology and awareness that are essential for the safety and wellbeing of students. It's our relentless quest and drives everything we do Smoothwall allows school admins to block specific words and phrases including, Twitter hashtags. Say for instance that students were discussing Game of 72, or any other challenge, by tweet, and that phrase had been added to the list of banned words or phrases; the school's administrator would be alerted, and their parents could be notified Protecting vulnerable users against suicide games Mental health is a recurrently reported topic amongst young people, and as one of the most pressing issues facing young people today, it's important that these issues are addressed early to ensure that people are educated on the risks and dangers associated with technology's impact on mental health

Reasons Why the Smoothwall Filter Blocks a Website

Block Block Block A filter with object management can use the same 'blocking' object (list of categories/domains) but different time objects for each Academy. Therefore only the blocking object needs to be updated to change the categories for all schools Smoothwall is a simple Linux kernel built to run as a dedicated firewall/router. Using smoothwall is a great way to gain extra capability with NAT that you don't get from the cheap Linksys routers. Smoothwall is highly stable, and will run on a variety of hardware. It uses IPTABLES to control and route traffic

A green icon next to Meet indicates that everything is operating as it should, while an orange/yellow or red icon will denote a problem that may explain why you can't connect at the current time. Better to do it now before you move everything in. Reply. Nutbird says. December 11, 2012 at 10:49 pm. If it's a budget issue, I would keep the textured walls in the halls. Kids bump into everything. You can retexture later. I would retexture the living and dining room to start. If you have to pay $10,000 to do the whole house, that seems. Hi John Freshly, I am having a massive head ache with one of my clients. I am able to block all http sites and setup time constraints with the URL Filter addon, but I am afraid the client is not happy as I now found out to my horror that I can NOT block https:/ / www.facebook.com.. This was the main reason the customer bought a PC, to block facebook from 08:00-13:00 and from 14:00-17:00 Smoothwall's real time content analysis supersedes other providers who can only offer traditional URL blocklists which are insufficient in today's landscape. Smoothwall have always been a popular choice for customers looking to transition from Bloxx, with many reporting of an increase in reliability and performance Why partner with Smoothwall . Become a Smoothwall partner and improve business outcomes. it's important your filter is capable of recording everything. Apps are one of the most common and hard to block digital distractions facing students. Discover how Smoothwall Filter can restrict access

Smoothwall is defaulted to block pretty much everything until you set the rules on whats allowed. You can also specify which IP address can or cannot be allowed to use the internet. But why does your company have internet access in the first place? If its not needed, discconnect the servic SmoothWall Express_3.0 routers include a very basic firewall that helps protect your home network form unwanted access from the internet. Since this firewall blocks incoming connections you may need open a port through it for certain games and applications What Smoothwall does Smoothwall's digital monitoring solution will be able to flag any concerning activity to your designated administrators so action can be taken to help the vulnerable person. With our dynamic content web filter technology, we are able to detect certain phrases for these games and to ensure such sites are categorized. Smoothwall: Please help me figure out why I can't see the internet or the router (By network I mean a block of IPs and the associated net mask.) (Green NIC and everything/everyone hanging. The numerous stories like this are why I would never touch Smoothwall, even if I did have a use for it. I read just about everything on that site before I installed though and from the page i.

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How Smoothwall's Web Filter Stops Your School's Most

  1. The Default SmoothWall Express 3.0 Router Password is: unknown; Enter your username and password, and then click the Login button to log in to your SmoothWall Express_3.0 router. SmoothWall Usernames and Passwords. If your username and password do not work then please visit our Default SmoothWall Router Passwords page
  2. g to be facebook.com or whatever
  3. Smoothwall Express 3.1 Debian Wheezy Debian Squeeze Gentoo Generally, the build should work on any Linux that is capable of building GCC 4.7.2, binutils 2.22 and glibc 2.14.1. As of 2013/03/15, there have been problems building on systems using GCC 4.6 and GLIBC 3.15-3.17
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Understanding the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall

You can share the reason why it was blocked and allow them to request an unblock, etc. if you want. worked for everything we needed, blocked content great and seamed like a stable choice. Ultimately we went with Iboss over smoothwall for the content filtering because we did it in a group buy through our ESU and that was what the group. Most commercial firewalls only block incoming, they allow all outgoing and that is sometimes enough to get torrents working with minimal speed. If you need to block it, the best thing you can do is block all outgoing on the router, excluding items that are needed such as smtp, pop3, http, https South Beloit Community Unit School District - Smoothwall Filter and Firewall Case Study. Here's how Smoothwall worked with the IT Team of this Illinois School District to find a low maintenance firewall and web filter solution that would work for the over 1,100 students and a variety of devices used in K-12 classrooms across five schools Got it working today. The Framed-IP attribute issue is bypassed if the Smoothwall provides DHCP. You can use any RADIUS server you want at that point. The Smoothwall doesn't need to provide DHCP for everything, only the subnet for your BYOD network

Web Filter Real-time Content Filtering Smoothwal

The Met also had issues getting visibility of their traffic and use patterns, with hiccups in service being commonplace. John says, We had difficulty processing traffic and the box would choke, at times taking down our ISP connection. With filtering uptime being such a critical point, the Met knew they needed a new solution that would be able to handle their traffic and device loads. Whitelisting is a cybersecurity strategy under which a user can only take actions on their computer that an administrator has explicitly allowed in advance. It is a fairly extreme measure with. Here is where everything goes down hill. Let's just concentrate on what I need to do specifically in the Smoothwall 'setup' . I log in as Setup. I go down to Networking. I go to Network Configuration type I set it to Green + Red (it says pushing down local network) I go to Drivers and Card Assignment It shows Green, the card type, eth0. If you want a firewall that does what you need it to and doesn't take much management, the one found in Ubiquiti's routers is a great place to start. The best enterprise firewall: Cisco Meraki M

When getting an antivirus program, it's a good idea to do some research and see how good it is about not interfering with connections that you want to make. Post your comments Please enter the following code Strict Restricted Mode does not block all videos, but works as a filter to screen out many videos based on an automated system, while leaving some videos still available for viewing. Moderate Restricted YouTube access—This setting is similar to Strict Restricted Mode but makes a much larger collection of videos available

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So you ask, what sites are blocked at school for weird reasons? You really need to define what is a weird reason. According to CIPA, the Children's Internet Protection Act (1), a systems administrator at a K12 school has the obligation to filter.. The firewall does not report any failures, so they are not being blocked. I have also added these ports to the External Access screen as well as the port forwarding screen, but it STILL won't work! Everything else works great and I love smoothwall, but I can't understand why the PF refuses to work In the Firewall log the reason for blocking is @1 scrub in on em0 all fragment reassemble and @1 block drop in log all label Default deny rule. The Kindles are on the LAN network with everything else I have. I do not understand why they are being blocked. I tried Smoothwall Polar and the Kindle works fine Networks that block VPNs are usually ones that want more control over their users (or to restrict what their users can do online). Here are some of the common places you'll find VPNs blocked: Work - More then ever, employers are blocking unauthorized VPN services to prevent employees from wasting time on sites like Facebook, twitter, or Reddit

Is there a way to bypass Smoothwall Internet blocking and

In addition to this, the firewall can be configured to block only one IP address or subnet. Napster has about fifty servers, all on the 64.124.41.x subnet. If a university wants to block access to those servers, all they have to do is configure the firewall to block outbound traffic to and inbound traffic from 64.124.41.x The UTM package has caused me some issues in the past, specifically IPS and AV at the edge. In my experience when AV at the edge is unable to sync with its third party database the rule fails and will block all traffic by default. Some of the default global settings can cause issues. One common one is SYN packet not returning ACK I never had an issue since I was just sending directly to gmail for my gmail address and comcast does not block outbound from their network on 25 like some isps do. I like the new growl. This does everything you could do by running more than one copy of DansGuardian in parallel, and is much easier to configure and maintain. (Note different pieces of software are different. Just because DansGuardian prefers to avoid multiple instances doesn't mean all other software applications do too.

Why do people think they can change reality? Copied this from a Vendor supplied instruction kit. please keep in mind, that once setup this device is a touch panel used to control the AV system, is not operationally an iPad Instead of blocking the VPN, these tools will block certain words that a website may contain. This is one of the easiest ways for schools to block websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc Why do I say this? Well, for starters, the device comes with all the usual Meraki juice I've described above when it comes to the dashboard, 24/7 support, and next day replacement

So our phone system people are trying to setup a SIP trunk on our Mitel 3300 unit. I open up firewall ports and setup 1:1 NAT for the PBX's IP, everything looks like it should be OK Try fooling around with forwarding either port 81 or 445 to the localhost IP. I don't know if this will do it, but those are the ports ( http and https ) that SmoothWall uses

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Why does this matter? A bike with 150mm of suspension travel, correctly set up, has more sag than a bike with 130mm. It's that extra travel that makes it more fun to ride and more capable on the descents, but the greater sag has an oversized effect on the bike's geometry and climbing performance 2.Login to admin panel of SmoothWall Express-3.0 router to setup port forward. Once the page loads, to the admin panel of SmoothWall Express-3.0 router by copy-pasting the default username and password (given below) in the dialogue box that pops up The Carbon 99 is the no-holds-barred model, equipped with SRAM's wireless electronic dropper post and drivetrain, a Pike Deluxe Ultimate fork, G2 Ultimate brakes, and Race Face Next R carbon wheels To do this, click the green tick and then the button marked Sites, and paste an address into the box that says Add this website to the zone. This should stop IE10 from blocking it. Now see if. I think the best way to do it is MODEM<-->Smoothwall<-->Regular Port on Linksys Disable DHCP on the Linksys, Enable it on the Smoothwall, and everything is good. Cheers Jo Thread Tools: Search this Thread: Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Search this Thread: Advanced Search.

Please dont tell me to red the docos, cause I have, and all it does is confuse me (moreso). I was told that smoothwall is easy to setup, what am I doing wrong, there are so many setupp option that I dont know how to do. For example, do I set it up as ADSL, and what number would I put in. Why does it ask for a dial number and dial method for ADSL They have sites blocked for safety and security reasons. Trying to bypass their security is considered hacking and will get you banned from using any of their computers and probably even suspended or expelled. They can see and track everything you do so you WILL get caught True, but then since smoothwall works well on p166-p2-450 I have found it to be 'free' as these old machines are thrown away all the time. but regardless of router, you would have to block everything and then just poke holes for needed services I would think. p2p is good at getting past blocks :

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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual authors, and not those of Smoothwall ltd or Smoothwall inc.) Wednesday, April 20, 2011. Sir Becta and Mr. Cipa - Comrades-in-Arms. The quote is attributed to George Bernard Shaw:. The Smoothwall community forums is more active. Mikrotik has its own scripting language with witch you can do almost everything, starting from automatic failover and ending with antenna.

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Clark does. You can block everything, nothing, specific IP's, whatever you desire. In fact, if it detects an IP hammering you, it drops it for the next 24 hours, by which time they are well gone. I started with Smoothwall then went on to IPCOP only as i was on ISDN at the time and allowed usb configeration better Among the best reasons for relining a masonry chimney is that it wasn't built right in the first place—that is, without a flue liner, a material that provides a smooth, relatively seamless surface as well as insulation Do other companies blocking social sites? Yes, but that doesn't mean it is a good idea. The book Predictably Irrational has an interesting discussion and links to several studies that basically suggests that if you block minor personal usage, it can actually cost you in productivity. If people think their work place is friendly and home-like, they are more likely to work from home beyond their. Such was the typical refrain of the 18th century Highwayman on stopping a stagecoach full of wealthy but ill-prepared travelers. We'd like to think we don't have to make that choice today, but information superhighwaymen (I can't believe I just wrote that) are asking us to do so, and more surprisingly, we consistently make the wrong choice

Georg Ell, CEO of Smoothwall, commented on Rob's appointment: We have a deeply talented staff and strong team ethos here at Smoothwall. When we recruit, we do so on the basis that team members have to fit into our innovative, collaborative and excellence-based culture She says, why don't you get a job doing that, you love to do it and you're really good at it. I say, nah I'm fine at my machining job, it paid the bills, barely. Then covid hits, I get laid off, Collect that stimy, getting close to running out, fuck, I need a job Smoothwall (www.smoothwall.org) There are others, many of which are very good, but I was already feeling overwhelmed and wanted to keep the list small. After giving each a brief try, actually just the install process, I decided on pfSense. To me it seemed like the best firewall/router solution of the three A firewall may be a standalone system,a software application or a hardware device that blocks/permits traffic,prevents unauthorized users or malicious traffic from accessing a network or a system.It acts as a barrier or a membrane between two or more networks

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