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Must know locking pattern (Consultant can provide this.) Hair must be clean (within 48 hours of class.) Locks must be settled-in and no longer slipping. (minimum is 6 months) Must have at least 10 locks that need retightening Let's start with this video of interlocking traditional locs, which is very similar to how I retighten my sisterlocks. Always visualize the loc pattern as the face of a clock, so for sisterlock pattern three you enter at 9 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock again, and 12 o'clock The retightening sessions typically last under 3 hours. The Sisterlocks retightening session may last longer based on the length of the Sisterlocks. This retightening session is a part of your initial total installation package. After this one-time session, retightening services are provided at a cost

Once your Sisterlocks are stable and are no longer slipping, you may wish to take a Retightening Class. This gives you the flexibility to maintain your hair between appointments, or reduce your long-term maintenance costs, or give you a sense of security when you travel Must provide locking pattern (Consultant can supply this.) Locks must be settled-in and no longer slipping. (minimum is 6 months locked) Must have at least 10 locks that need retightening. (1-2 inches in crown, front and/or side areas) Locks must be separated and not matted Normal Retightening class time is on the first day of the 4-Day class, from 4:30 to 6:30. Times and days may vary because of special events, so please confirm all dates, times and locations on the Training Schedule. Re-confirm all information 1-week prior to class. (CLICK HERE to select your class Date/Location from the 4-Day Training Schedule

Hey Crew! In Today's vlog I am retightening my mom's hair while quarantined. *I am not a sisterlocks consultant nor did I take a class we just help each othe.. Hi guy!!! I've finally made a video showing you how I retighten my locs! It's a little out of focus, but I hope you were still able to get the jist of the tu.. For mid-length hair, it could take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours to get them installed. If your hair is shorter, it will take less time. Conversely, if your hair is long, it could take 12 to 24 hours or longer to get a completed set of Sisterlocks

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  1. On average if repair work is not required, retightening will take: 1hr for Interlocks 2hr - 3hrs for Sisterlocks What is the cost to maintain Sisterlocks and RYL Interlocks? A stopwatch is used to track active retightening time. If we need to stop for any reason, the stopwatch is stopped as well
  2. It is a lot of work but its easy work! The actual retightening act is not hard to do at all the most difficult part I experienced during my first self retigh..
  3. - Get the Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment and have your Consultant apply it to your root while she is retightening your hair, that should help with the pain/discomfort and alleviate the soreness. Final note: If you still having pain after all the above tips, find another Consultant, because Sisterlocks retighten should NOT be painful!!
  4. I was going to write an article about the importance of retightening While adhering to a strict 4 week schedule may not be financially feasible (or time possible - for those of you who DIY) - it IS important to choose your frequency and stick with it as this will give you the BEST POSSIBLE result over time. The Mez - our Sisterlocks.

Oh, it's no secret at all that Sisterlocks can be very costly and that the install can take days to complete. From the price for installation to having to get your hair retightened anywhere from every 4 to 6 weeks, this can be a turnoff for some Hair must be shampooed within 24 hours prior to scheduled class Must have at least 10 locks that need retightening (crown, front, and/or side areas). Locks must be thoroughly separated. The Sisterlocks® Retightening Class is $300 and will include your Sisterlocks® Retightening Kit Retightening 2020. Once your Sisterlocks are stable and are no longer slipping, you may wish to take a Retightening Class. This gives you the flexibility to maintain your hair between appointments, or reduce your long-term maintenance costs, or give you a sense of security when you travel Your Sisterlocks must be completely beyond the settling-in phase. The settling-in phase is a phase that all Sisterlocks go through. During the settling in phase your Sisterlocks are doing just that, settling into the Sisterlocks style, they're becoming more stable as time goes by I took the official Sisterlocks Retightening Class about a month ago. I'm proud to say that I completed retightening my entire head for the first time on my Sisterlocks' 1 year anniversary. Sisterlocks' 1 year anniversary. The class has always been a mystery, in my opinion. So let me clear up any misconceptions

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As the title says, it's been 1 year and 2 months since my last relaxer and I've had my sisterlocks for 8 months now. October 2009 was the last time I got a relaxer . During that time it had been 5 months since I had a relaxer. I remember being SOOOOO happy to get a relaxer. I could barely comb through the crown of my head So threading your hair through the root becomes time-consuming, these micro locks tools do most of the work for you. Your Finger nail| This Tool | is secretly the same as the pro retightening sisterlock tool, after a slight modification. When you purchase this tool cut off the long skinny whip like portion and discard it. the sweet spot is the. Proper maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks over time. In order for Sisterlocks to be uniform in appearance and remain strong and healthy, we must form a partnership. This partnership means agreeing to be consistent with retightening appointments, following post appointment instructions and using recommended Sisterlocks products. The average time between visits is 4-6 weeks, depending on the amount of slippage and rate of the hair growth. Please refer to the Services page for Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio Retightening fee schedule Sisterlocks is an easy way of maintaining natural hair. It is very versatile due retightening can take between 2.5 hours to 6 hours and showing me the video etc, and making me relaxed in her home. I was given time to think about locking and I am proud to have made the right decision and join the Sisterlocks crew. Pat, London

Sisterlocks Retightening Chaka is a complete JOY! Not only is she professional and great at what she does, she is informative she's knowledgeable, and very personable. since the first time she put her blessed fingers in my hair and created the journey that I am currently on, she has pampered and loved my strands immensely and I greatly. 3 visits - The consultation, The locking session (Establishment) and The follow up visit (First Retightening) . First Visit: Consultation At this consultation, we will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preference and your lifestyle in order to determine if sisterlocks is right for you Also note that the sisterlocks installation cost will be about 5 times the cost of retightening (locking the new growth). Remember that the installation cost is just to start the locks process, so it will thankfully be a one-time payment The Sisterlocks retightening requires a non refundable fee of $155 which is due at the time of booking. The $155 retightening fee is for 3 hours of services. If required, each additional hour is $35. For overdue retightenings, (six weeks or longer) the retightening fee is $250 for up to 3 hours. If required, each additional hour is $35

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Once your Sisterlocks are stable and are no longer slipping, you may wish to take a Retightening Class. This gives you the flexibility to maintain your hair between appointments, or reduce your long-term maintenance costs, or give you a sense of security when you travel. Have your Consultant advise you whether this class would be beneficial to you The average time between visits can be 4-7 weeks, depending on the hair type and growth rate. A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your retightening. The deposit will be applied to your retightening balance. ***Full Payment for Services are due at the time of service. Checks or Money Orders are not accepted. *** Sisterlocks. The only difference is with sisterlocks, you pay a one-time investment fee (the installation) for a lifetime of hair freedom. During your retightening, there is maintenance involved which includes keeping the sisterlocks grid intact and correcting any issues you may have such as bunching, slippage, breakage or loc reattachment No, Sisterlocks® should never cause pain or leave your scalp feeling tight (e.g. the feeling you have after having your hair braided). The process is gentler on our hair and scalp. In many cases the thickness and/or density of your hair improves. Over time as your locks fully develop and grow, your syling options will increase

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  1. Sisterlocks retightening. From $125 From $175. hair products. From $15-25. Open Hours. Thank you for taking the time to view our website and open hours. All sessions require an appointment. Please call (770) 500-4446 to schedule an appointment, or consultation. MON. 9.00 am - 5.00 pm. TUE
  2. The Sisterlocks® Package (9 inches maximum length) The Sisterlocks® Package is a three part package (1. consultation, 2. locking session, & 3. first follow up retightening). There is a $25 consultation fee which goes towards the cost of your establishment. Retightening visit up to 4 hours i
  3. Retightening interval are based on hair growth patterns, among many other factors. Retightening times will vary based on Hair density, length, condition & retightening interval. Please arrive on time with your locks taken down from any braids, bands or twists. & separated at the root. This will allow your appointment time to be more efficient
  4. As a part of the Sisterlocks™ package, all clients receive a complimentary 3-4 week follow-up after their establishment. If the client does not make their 3-4 week follow-up appointment, the 3-4 week follow-up appointment will be void. The next appointment would be considered a full retightening session where current rates apply

Sisterlocks™ Retightening $140+ Additional Retightening Time $25/ per 30 minutes. Sisterlocks™ Transfer Client Fee $25. Perimeter Retightening $55. Lock Grooming/Lock Repairs $50/hr. The Brotherlocks™ Package consists of 3 visits. Brotherlocks™ Consultation $50 To schedule for the retightening class, you must have had your Sisterlocks™ for six months or more. Verification and a nonrefundable deposit of $75 is required. Your remaining balance will be due prior to the start of your class. Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks™ over time. Third Visit: Follow-Up

Absolutely wonderful service! Asher is committed to making sure her clients have a great Sisterlocks experience! She took time to answer all my questions and gave great advice as well. Couldn't be happier with how my installation turned out! Very satisfied with the pleasant and quality service. Would certainly recommend Retightening Class $275.00 (group class) / Private Class (1 on 1) $350 Student Packet with Tools and Supplies Class time 2 Hours (Please note that your Sisterlocks must be completely beyond the settling-in phase) Consultations for Sisterlocks Package My consultations are done privately or while I am providing a service to one of my. Sisterlocks are basically very small dreadlocks that you can achieve with specified patterns and a locking tool. What is interlocking? Interlocking, also known as latching, is a retightening technique for locks where the end of the lock is pulled through the root of the lock All funds received at the consultation will go toward the price quoted for your Sisterlocks™ package. Final payment is due at your locking session. TRANSFER CLIENTS: A consultation is required for all transfer clients, in order to examine condition of locks and determine time required for retightening

An appointment for the locking session will only be scheduled at the time of the consultation. The consultation fee is $30 paid in cash at the time of the consultation. This fee will be deducted from the total cost of the the Sisterlocks package at the time of installation. 2. Locking Session - This is when your Sisterlocks™ will be installed Tanyika Gates, R-Certified Consultant is now offering the Official Sisterlocks TM retightening class! The Retightening Class is intended to give clients the flexibility of maintaining their own Sisterlocks between appointments, or when they cannot maintain regular appointments with their Consultant. This class does not teach the complete technique ‍ Sisterlocks # Retightening in Progress #5209 Time to get this head right. Almost 16 years ago to the date this lady right here started my # sisterlocks. Since then, if I'm ever on The Rock and need a retightening, I come and see her, only her. Can't wait to feel and see the results when it's done. I'm long overdue The Sisterlocks approach.. is a less is more approach. Your gorgeous natural hair needs to breathe and be FREE of residue build-up. Light botanical elements only enhance the natural luster and bounce of our locs. Use Sisterlocks products exclusively to ensure you're giving your natural hair the care it deserves

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I had my retightening today from Jennie (not Jennylol). Jenny is currently on maternity leave, and she left me in the good hands of Jennie at Natural Vybz. Jennie was really good, but this was definitely my longest retightening to date. I knew that I this was my longest time in between retightenings, but only by a couple days Experience, Integrity, Customer Service & By the Book Technique On January 2, 2007, I completed my first Sisterlocks ® installation. The next day I quit my job and I have been doing Sisterlocks ® full time ever since. Over the years I have had many wonderful clients, but my Sisterlocks clients are the best by far Pauline installed my sisterlocks in 2105 and has been maintaining them ever since. She is professional, always on time, meticulous and gentle handed. She takes time to listen to my concerns and educates me on how to care for your hair at home. My hair has definitely thrived and flourished under Paulines hands. Nana T To top it off, Ms. Johnia, a master trainer, gave me a 1-on-1 training class (including the official retightening kit WITH tools and everything) for FREE because she saw that I was a hard working, struggling graduate student. I had also been travelling to St. Pete from Gainesville for my retightenings, which wasn't the greatest I see after my retightening that some of the spaces in my crown are back. However, it's still not as bad as it could be. The only major issue I'm having at this point is the dryness. It was dry before but now after the retightening, my scalp sometimes feels like I have bugs crawling in it

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Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks or Interlocks over time! Sisterlocks™ or Interlocks Follow-Up Retightening The Third Visit Retightenings should be scheduled after at least two shampooings, ~3 -4 weeks from the date of your Locking Session. Your Consultant will monitor the integrity of your locks, tighten them up & give you. The establishment Package is booked in 3 appointments. The Establishment package, The Establishment Package Day 2, and 4 weeks later, the Follow-up Retightening. Book all 3 appointments at the same time. The establishment is done by Approved Sisterlocks Trainee. Photos and feedback to be submitted to the Sisterlocks Home Office for evaluation All deposits are applied toward the total cost of your Sisterlocks Package. Full payment is expected at the time of your locking session. APPOINTMENTS. Services are rendered by appointment only. INCENTIVES. $25 off a retightening appointment if you refer someone who has their Sisterlocks established by me

Sisterlocks Retightening 3-5 weeks. 4 hours @ $125.00 Sisterlocks Retightening 6-8 weeks. 5 hours @ $150.00 Interlocks Retightening. 3 hours @ $105.00 Sisterlocks Corrections. 1 hour @ $45.00 Sisterlocks correction appointments are priced at 35.00 per hour. Styling - Updo. 1 hour @ $40.0 Marclin is a long-time Sisterlocks Master Trainer based in Kingston, Jamaica. Her journey with Sisterlocks had humble beginnings. As with so many of us, it started with the realization that Sisterlocks was the answer to her own personal hair dilemmas. Now, nearly 20 years later, she takes great pride in the fact that she has helped hundreds of. Retightening Session. Current clients. Re-tightening up to 3 hours . Fee: $120.00 ($40.00 per hour; 3 hour minimum) Transfer Client Consultation . For new clients who already have Sisterlocks and are looking for a new consultant. Time to meet and greet and to see if TransiTions 7 Hair Studio can meet your needs

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Sisterlock Photos, Sisterlocks Month 1; Tags: sisterlocks, sisterlocks blog, short sisterlocks photos, natural hair, sisterlocks retightening; Do More : You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site Before & After: Sisterlock Retightening and Style. By: Lauren Francis-Jackson. We have many amazing clients and Ms. Reynita is just one of them! Ms. Reynita came to us 2-weeks post relaxer where we helped her transition from relaxed hair to natural because she desired Sisterlocks A: Anyone who has not had their Sisterlocks TM /Brotherlocks TM installed by Glory by Nature, LLC. Anyone seeking Sisterlock services by Glory by Nature, LLC MUST have a consultation. Retightening will be $30/hr. Once thhe client is given a regular retightening schedule, you will be charged according to the Sisterlock TM retightening on price list Sisterlocks are a very secret club, but no matter your locs with thinning hair, you should avoid frequent retightening. This can put a lot of stress on your scalp and cause hair breakage: thereby triggering another problem like Traction Alopecia. Make sure to talk to your sisterlocks consultant so she/he can recommend a good retightening schedule At this time a follow-up session will be scheduled. Step 3 - The Follow-up Session (Mini retightening) - After your Sisterlocks have been completed, you will need to attend a Follow-up session, at which time your hair is checked for slippage and overall evaluation of how well the Sisterlocks are forming

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This past weekend, I washed my sisterlocks for the first time. I was dreading this process because it is new and the last thing I want to happen is for my locks to unravel. My hair has been sisterlocked for four weeks now and I have been instructed to wash it only before my retightening-at least until my locks are mature enough to withstand. DO NOT BE FOULED Anyone looking to get Sisterlocks- Now is the time. I am a Sisterlocks Provider working on Certification. I am now offering a limited time special on: - Sisterlock Installation starting at $450 (depending on length of hair)-Sisterlock Retightening $25 per hour Call Angela for details. 615-423-4119 First, thanks for reading my blog. Yes, Gregory Day is still doing Sisterlocks, although no longer on the Sisterlock website. I have a retightening appt. next week with him. His phone number is 512-280-3731. He's located in South Austin. Give him a call when you're ready and hit me up as well. Would love to meet you. LaShonda August 28, 2009 at.

Time efficient, personal attention in a private setting rather than the open/busy environment of a typical salon Official Sisterlocks branded products Self-retightening and other specialty hair care classe Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks over time. Third Visit: 1st Retightening You will need to schedule your follow-up visit at 4 weeks from the establishment date and after you've had time to shampoo your hair If you are happy to save time and have us do your Sisterlocks maintenance, we will offer you styles and grooming tips that will ensure the lasting beauty of your locks. We recommend that you book a retightening appointment every 4-6 week to keep your Sisterlocks looking healthy and beautiful

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During this time is it recommended that you dress in comfortable layers, bring things that will make you feel at home, (i.e, slippers, neck pillow, computer, phone chargers, snacks etc...) 3. Your follow-up visit/retightening, which is included in your establishment cost, will be scheduled for three weeks after your establishment (SUNDAY 4:30PM) The retightening class is intended to give clients the flexability of maintaining their own hair between appointments, or when they can not maintain regular appointments with their consultants. This class does not teach the complete technique it only instructs individuals how to maintain their own hair Micro locks--I have established (Sisterlocks are not installed they are established) micro locks and no one has complained about the retightening and they DO take longer. I would note that if a person has a thinning head of hair or balding spots they often cannot get micro locks because the parts must be made extra large to find some hair to.

An appointment for the locking session will only be scheduled at the time of the consultation. The consultation fee is $40 paid in cash at the time of the consultation. This fee will be deducted from the total cost of the the Sisterlocks package at the time of installation. 2. Locking Session - This is when your Sisterlocks™ will be installed Time Limit: We require 6 months between tool orders, no matter what your status. For tool purchase requests please send us a brief email to tool-request@sisterlocks.com and include the following 3 items: 1. Name; 2. Sisterlocks ID (last 4 of social); 3. Current active status (i.e. Certified, R-Certified, Trainee, Approved Trainee With my first time retightening I took the same amount of time but after working through several locks, the process became easier. I have 450+ locks so what I work on half my head one evening, and then the other half the next evening just to give myself a break This means that when you go for your Retightening, you will have very loose locks and even some that may have slipped completely out. If this is the case, your Retightening will take more time and cost more money. Please consult with your Sisterlocks Consultant to discuss your options for coloring

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Retightening Session: Now that you have made the investment in getting Sisterlocks® you will want to protect it. For the best development of your locks, it is very important to maintain a regular retightening schedule in order to monitor the progress of your locks and maintain new growth. Retightening Sessions are scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks The retightening class is intended to give clients the flexability of maintaining their own hair between appointments, or when they can not maintain regular appointments with their consultants. This class does not teach the complete technique it only instructs individuals how to maintain their own hair

This is our online retightening training for persons with ANY loc type. For the cost of 1 retightening ($139.00), you will learn the necessary skills to protect your investment while building your confidence. Training is done 1-on-1 with a Consultant from The Loc Network Sisterlocks Establishment 4 week follow up This Free Retightening is a part of the Sisterlocks®️ package. I will schedule your appointment the last day o... f establishment.If you are unable to keep the schedule day then the Free retightening will be VOIDE A Sisterlocks tm package includes 3 visits, a consultation, locking session and a follow-up visit within three (3) weeks of the locking session. After three (3) weeks the session is considered Retightening. You also receive a customer start-up kit that includes washing bands, starter shampoo and a tip sheet The 1st Retightening is included with the price of your install. Usually scheduled between 2-4 weeks for most clients. you should have shampooed twice by the time you return. The hair should have taken on your natural curl pattern and started the settling in process Timely retightening is key to the success of your locks. Depending on the condition of the Sisterlocks™ Brotherlocks™ this could take up to 2-4+hours. First retightening is included in establishment package; this should take place within 4 weeks of initial locking to maintain integrity of your locks

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The third visit is 4 weeks later and consists of a visual inspection of the scalp and hair, correction of any issues and a full retightening of the whole head. In terms of maintenance or retightening, this will depend on the speed of growth and could range from between every 4, 6, 7 or 8 weeks. Sisterlocks(TM) can be styled from day one *Sisterlocks™ Establishment base pricing starts at $850 for up to four inches of hair, plus $150 per additional inch and require a consultation first Jun 23, 2020 - Learn How To Interlock So You Can Do Your Own Retightening At Home! Jun 23, 2020 - Learn How To Interlock So You Can Do Your Own Retightening At Home! Pinterest. Today. Lol take your TIME with your hair! Speak growth and peace over your head, make it a sacred moment, shampoo time is for YOU! Saved by The Digital Loctician. 351

While your loc installation time is the longest time you will spend with me, your regularly scheduled maintenance (sisterlocks retightening) are typically between 2½ to 3 hours. Unless of course we're laughing and having small talk about our locs and how we wish we'd gotten them sooner :-) 5 Pieces Dreadlocks Tool Sisterlocks Craft Dreadlocks Hair Extensions Locs Tightening Accessories Easyloc Hair Tool Crochet with 1 Metal Gift Box for Different Locs (Gold) 4.5 out of 5 stars 491 $12.99 $ 12 . 99 ($12.99/Count


Specialties: Are you searching for 'sisterlocks retightening near me' on your computer right now? If you are searching 'sisterlocks retightening near me' and happen to be around Pembroke Pines, Florida, we know whom you should call when it comes to the best sisterlock services. When you want great sisterlock services around Pembroke Pines, you should give us a call, here at Simply Divine Locks. Jun 21, 2020 - You will learn 5 tips to help maintain the integrity of your hair when you are overdue for a sisterlocks retightening and can't get an appointment For clients with locs started by Finally Loc'd, LLC. This is the rate for the first 4hrs $35/hr thereafter. Consultation does not go towards service fee

The first time I saw Sisterlocks were in my consultant training class in 2001 and I've been in love ever since! My goal is to provide quality installation and maintenance services with integrity according to the guidelines of the Sisterlocks brand A Follow-Up visit is included in your package. In this visit, your sisterlocks will be retightened and assessed. It is recommended that you schedule your first few retightening visits at 4-6 weeks intervals. Pricing: Locking sessions start at $775 for up to 5 inches. 5 inches and above are an additiona Root Retightening (on time), $125. Routine Sisterlocks root retightening every 4-6 weeks. Includes shampoo service. Root Retightening (overdue), $150+ Tighten the roots of Sisterlocks that have experienced overgrowth or slippage from improper product usage, washing habits, or infrequently-scheduled retightenings. Shaft Grooming (per hour), $6 At this time we are only allowing 2 Students per class. All students are required to have temperature checks and must wear masks during class. SISTERLOCKS RETIGHTENING CLASS * Workshop Registration: $ 200.00 2.5 hours hands-on Sisterlocks Retightening Class Including Student Kit 1 30 min Styling Class 1 hr Refresher class. Sisterlocks® and the Sisterlocks Community were my destiny long before I knew it! Prior to joining the community, for years I installed individual braids in my own hair and the heads of family members. I was stuck in that put-them-in - take-them-out cycle. It was the best hair freedom that I knew at that time. BUT, we live and learn

The relationship with Sisterlocks is different. From the time you have the Sisterlocks put in, until they are completely settled in and on their way to locking, your cooperation is mandatory. You have a responsibility to work with your consultant to achieve the results you desire, beautiful Sisterlocks. This means following your consultants. Please be prepared for the locking process it can take up to two days or even longer in some cases. The average client will leave this session with about 400 locks and a whole new attitude! We will schedule a follow-visit after your establishment. Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks over time Here I am at 14 plus days, still lots of body and curls. Time to wash and decide how I'd like to style my Sisterlocks next. Or perhaps, I'll wash and do absolutely nothing; that's the beauty and simplicity of Sisterlocks! (Click any photo for greater detail.) A video pictorial of my Pipe Cleaner process Time is at a premium for LockZitude consultants especially going into a holiday season. The consultation is an intimate and important discussion that takes time. ALL consultation appointments must be prepaid within three (3) calendar days of scheduling your appointment with the consultant to lock the appointment in the calendar Sisterlocks establishments are broken into 2 to 3 consecutive days. Each day is blocked for 12-14 hours. Clients are to provide their own meals. Clients are also encouraged to bring books or electronic devices to help occupy the time. Traditional Locs and Micro Locs establishments are usually done on a 1 day only basis

~Sisterlocks work great for kids, your Sisterlocks Consultant can advise on what age is a good time to establish your child's locks. ~Shrinkage is real and in certain hair types there will be frizz , If your hair shrinks or tends to be frizzy in it's natural state those characteristics won't change when you get your Sisterlocks Sisterlocks® Retightening. 35/hr. Transfer clients will be charged $40/hr. Loc Reestablishment / Maintenance. 50/hr. Resizing, reconstructing, extensive retightening, re-gridding etc. Deposits will not be refunded for cancellations and no-shows due to the amount of time allotted for appointments

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