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A constituency is an area for which someone is elected as the representative in a parliament or government. 2. countable noun A particular constituency is a section of society that may give political support to a particular party or politician. In France, farmers are a powerful political constituency Constituency. BIBLIOGRAPHY. A constituency is the portion of a nation, state, or locality represented by a particular elected official or other political leader. The term can refer to a group of people (for instance, the constituency of a U.S. senator from Illinois includes all the people who live in Illinois) or a geographic area (the state itself). ). Political scientist Richard F. Fenno Jr. Constituent. A person who is represented politically by a designated government official or officeholder, especially when the official is one that the person represented has the opportunity to participate in selecting through voting or perhaps through other methods of indicating political confidence and support. A Senator's constituency. Constituent definition is - a member of a constituency. How to use constituent in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of constituent

A Constituency in the context of Local Government Elections is a specifically demarcated part of a Municipality or Neighbourhood Democratic Council as defined and identified by its given boundaries

Sentence: More narrowly, a constituency is the body of citizens eligible to vote for a particular representative n, pl -cies 1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the whole body of voters who elect one representative to a legislature or all the residents represented by one deputy 2 1. countable noun A particular constituency is a section of society that may give political support to a particular party or politician. In Iowa, farmers are a powerful political constituency. 2. countable nou

forming part of a whole; component having the power to frame a constitution or to constitute a government (esp in the phrases constituent assembly, constituent power) rare electing or having the power to elec The term constituency is commonly used to refer to an electoral district, especially in British English, but it can also refer to the body of eligible voters or all the residents of the represented area or only those who voted for a certain candidate. The terms (election) precinct and election district are more common in American English Constituent means part of a whole. The word comes up often in political contexts: constituents are the people politicians have been elected to represent. Elected officials should stay in touch with the needs of their constituents. To understand constituent, look at constitute, which means to make up

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  1. people within a district or state-government official represents them
  2. Constituents - The residents of a congressional district or state. Reapportionment - The assigning by Congress of congressional seats after each census.State legislatures reapportion state legislative districts. Redistricting - The redrawing of congressional and other legislative district lines following the census, to accommodate population shifts and keep districts as equal as possible.
  3. [ C usually pl ] politics & government a person represented by an elected official: The senator mails a newsletter to his constituents every two months
  4. A constituent is defined as someone who has the ability to appoint another person to be a representative. An example of constituent is a registered voter
  5. electorate: 1 n the body of enfranchised citizens; those qualified to vote Type of: citizenry , people the body of citizens of a state or countr
  6. Constituent service can present an opportunity for Member offices to engage in outreach and provide education about federal government functions and services. Member offices will often post constituent service links on their official websites, or may mention available services in their newsletters or other constituent communications
  7. the constituents will be better served because of it. The caseworker's main task is to be a liaison between the constituent and the government. You will collect data, make inquiries on behalf of the constituent, and attempt - with the help of federal, state and local agencies - to resolve the problem

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A constituency is the specific geographical area that is represented by each MP in the House of Commons. People who live in an MP's constituency are known as their constituents. About Parliament: Parliamentary constituencies; Find your MP; Research Briefing: The Number of Seats in the House of Commons since 170 The Lok Sabha, or House of the People, is the lower house of India's bicameral Parliament, with the upper house being the Rajya Sabha. Members of the Lok Sabha are elected by an adult universal suffrage and a first-past-the-post system to represent their respective constituencies, and they hold their seats for five years or until the body is dissolved by the President on the advice of the.

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  1. Constituency service: the assistance given to constituents by members of Congress in non-legislative areas (examples might include having federal agencies listen to an issue, obtaining and distributing government information, military academy appointments, etc) Casewor
  2. Definition of constituent (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : serving to form, compose, or make up a unit or whole : component constituent parts. 2 : having the power to create a government or frame or amend a constitution a constituent assembly
  3. Find 18 ways to say CONSTITUENCY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus
  4. Constituent definition: A constituent is someone who lives in a particular constituency, especially someone who... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A constituent state is a state entity that constitutes a part of a sovereign state. The term constituent services is an all-encompassing term to describe services that an elected official provides to his/her constituents. Having.
  5. 'Perhaps the time has come for constituencies to elect independent citizens, unaffiliated to any political party, to our Parliament in order to begin the process of good government.' 'Members of Parliament are elected from 650 single-member constituencies in plurality (first-past-the-post) elections.
  6. Definition of constituency in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of constituency. What does constituency mean? An area defined in a form of unity government legislation which represents a specific form of unity government electoral area on a map. Political constituencies are vital in a democratic society and system
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Political system - Political system - Constitutional government: Constitutional government is defined by the existence of a constitution—which may be a legal instrument or merely a set of fixed norms or principles generally accepted as the fundamental law of the polity—that effectively controls the exercise of political power. The essence of constitutionalism is the control of power by its. electoral constituency means, for the purpose of having the Parliamentary elections, the boundaries determined by the Elections Commission in every administrative division as separate electoral constituencies as stipulated in Act No 1/2009 (Electoral Constituencies Act)

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words 'the nation' - possesses the constituent power of political establishment. Government, Sieyes explained, is an office of delegated authority, a form of constituted power. But it is the government, not the nation, that is constituted: 'Not only is the nation not subject to a constitution, but it cannot be and must not be'. Definitions of the important terms you need to know about in order to understand U.S. Government and Politics Glossary, including absentee ballot, absolutism, acquisitive model, actual malice, administrative adjudication, affirm, affirmative action, agency capture, agency representation, agenda-setting, amendment, American conservatism, American exceptionalism, American liberalism, Americans.

  1. An effective constituent services effort sends a positive signal to citizens that the government makes it a priority to address their needs. Through an effective constituent services program, the governor can send a strong message to state government on the importance of being accountable to the citizens of the state
  2. By definition and title, senators and House members are representatives. This means they are intended to be drawn from local populations around the country so they can speak for and make decisions for those local populations, their constituents, while serving in their respective legislative houses
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  4. Undergraduate Student Government has passed a bill during its meeting on Tuesday that establishes a Jewish constituency senator position within the legislative body for the 2021-2022 school year. This legislation was originally voted down on March 24, but was brought back to the floor after outcry from the student body about a need for Jewish..
  5. In modern politics, pork-barreling and earmarking have become virtually synonymous. To be fair, one politician's pork-barrel politics is another's constituent service
  6. Constituents often have trouble with government agencies. When this happens, they sometimes will go to their representative (or, more likely, that person's staff) and ask for help

When constituents are treated with lack of respect, it causes the public to doubt the fairness of the proceedings. As nicely summed up by the City of Portland, Oregon, Public service requires a continual effort to overcome cynical attitudes and suspicions about the people in government. (City of Portland, 2009 Constituent Power : Andreas Kalyvas. Εί δή τις έξ'αρχής τά πράγματα φυόμενα βλέψειν, ώσπερ έν τοίς άλλοις καί έν τούτοις κάλλιστ' άν 'ουτω θεωρήσειεν. —Aristotle, Politics Book I.i.4, 1252a, 5. Constituent power is the truth of modern democracy

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Constituent Communication Director. Gregory S. Davidson. Mailing Address. Office of the Governor Attn: Constituent Communication P. O. Box 12428 Austin, TX 78711 . Delivery Address. Office of the Governor Attn: Constituent Communication State Insurance Building 1100 San Jacinto Austin, Texas 78701. Phone / Fax. 512-463-1800 512-463-1849 Fax. Constituent services. Welcome to the Constituent Services website for the State of Utah. For years now, it has been our ongoing objective to make state government more accessible through technology and innovation. Utah has helped lead the nation in customer service by using the Internet to bring government to the people

India, also known as Bharat, is a Union of States. It is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic with a parliamentary system of government. The Republic is governed in terms of the Constitution of India which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November, 1949 and came into force on 26th January, 1950

Casework in a Congressional Office: Background, Rules, Laws, and Resources Congressional Research Service 2 including constituent demand6 and a broadly held understanding among Members and their staff that casework is integral to the representational duties of a Member of Congress.7 Others believe that casework activities can be part of an outreach strategy to build political support amon Constituency service is defined as the actions taken by members of congress and their staff to attend to the individual, particular needs of constituents Constituent Definition from Social Science Dictionaries & Glossaries. Economics Dictionaries. A Glossary of Political Economy Terms. A person who is represented politically by a designated government official or officeholder, especially when the official is one that the person represented has the opportunity to participate in selecting through.

government and local governments or businesses concerned with the effects of federal legislation or regulation. An office's casework definition may include other constituent services, including those that are listed separately here, like grants work or U.S. service academy nominations Constituent Services . The term constituent services is an all-encompassing term to describe services that an elected official provides to his/her constituents. The type of assistance provided may be specific casework, assistance with a government agency, liaison work between different levels of government, or development of potential legislation..

Welcome to Constituent Services Serving Missourians comes first for our administration. Whether you are seeking assistance with an issue involving a state government agency, need help recognizing a special occasion, or have a policy idea to move Missouri forward, the Governor's Constituent Services Team is available to serve you. Please fill out the Contact Us Form or call our office at (573. Combination with constituent or her constituent definition, serving to compose, '' in! In which the use of power is limited by law electors of representative. Census.State legislatures reapportion state legislative districts is responsible for his legislative acts pdd chac-sb tc-bd hbr-20. 0 & & stateHdr.searchDesk living away from your. constituent - a member of a constituency; a citizen who is represented in a government by officials for whom he or she votes; needs continued support by constituents to be re-elected. constituency - the body of voters who elect a representative for their area

The Constituent Assembly could no longer be used against their opponents; on the contrary, it became the rallying cry of those who aimed to end the dictatorship. James Bunyan. 1. The Constituent Assembly was a democratically-elected representative body formed in the wake of the February Revolution Synonym: component, constituent, constitutional, constitutive, element, factor, grammatical constituent, ingredient, organic. Similar words: constitute, constitutional convention, constitution, constitutional, unconstitutional, institution, institutional, consequently. Meaning: [-nt] n. 1. an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part. (April 8, 2021 / JNS) The Undergraduate Student Government at the University of Iowa passed a bill on Tuesday to establish a Jewish constituency senator who will begin in the fall semester, reported the student-run publication The Daily Iowan.. The legislation was first rejected on March 24 but brought back for a vote after Jewish students caused an uproar over the need for representation in. constituents, verbal communications with constituents, and serving as a liaison with federal, district, and local agencies; o Informs the Congresswoman and the District Director of all happenings in his or her assigned issue areas by screening district media sources and interacting wit

Hence, the management fee (imposed by such Constituent Fund and its underlying APIF) as disclosed in this table takes into account the applicable rebate.. Fidelity, the investment manager of the Fidelity Global Investment Fund - Global Equity Fund and the Fidelity Global Investment Fund - Asia Pacific Equity Fund (MPF), will provide a rebate on its management fees and such rebate will be. Whig Party Leaders Henry Clay of Kentucky, a former secretary of state, speaker of the house, and powerful voice in the senate known as the Great Compromiser, was the leader of the Whig. a body of constituents; the voters or residents in a district represented by an elective officer. the district itself. any body of supporters, customers, etc.; clientele.

The Governor's Constituent Services office is available to help connect you with services and agencies throughout state government constituent definition in English dictionary, constituent meaning, synonyms, see also 'immediate constituent',ultimate constituent',constituently',constitute'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionar Get a Flag Flown Over the Capitol . U.S. flags that have actually been flown over the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., can be ordered from all senators and representatives. Flags are available in sizes ranging from 3'x5' to 5'x8' and cost from about $17.00 to about $28.00 Home - Montana State Legislatur

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An indirect democracy is a type of democratic government in which voters choose delegates to create the laws of government on their behalf. A common term that is used interchangeably with indirect. Gridlock: A government, business or institution's inability to function at a normal level due either to complex or conflicting procedures within the administrative framework or to impending change. For election purpose a state is divided into districts.For a wide representation a district is further divided into small area known as a constituency A constituency is a group of voters in a specified area who elect a representative to a legislative body. For example, in the UK there are currently 650 parliamentary constituencies each of which elects Member of Parliament to represent them in the House of Commons ? pl. -cies. a body of constituents; the voters or residents in a district represented by an elective officer

Constituency service is when Senators and members of Congress assist constituents who have problems with stuff like Social Security payments, Medicare, veterans' pensions, or with other federal.. A constituent is defined as someone who has the ability to appoint another person to be a representative. An example of constituent is a registered voter. Additionally, what is constituent unit? Constituent unit: A bibliographic item that is part of another item. The constituent unit is physically separate from the item of which it is. They are different. Constituents are people who live in a constituency. They don't necessarily have the right to vote, but are still represented by the elected person. The electorate is the group of people who have the right to vote. It's important to note the context this is used in, as it could be the electorate of a whole country or the electorate of a local constituency

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Definition. an association of congressional members created to advance a political ideology or a regional, ethnic, or economic interest a federal agency within the legislative branch of the United States government. It is a government agency that provides economic data to Congress legislation that gives tangible benefits to constituents. There are two functions of government: constituent and ministrant. Constituent functions are those which constitute the very bonds of society and are compulsory in nature A general election is an opportunity for people in every part of the UK to choose their MP. This person will represent a local area (constituency) in the House of Commons for up to five years. There is a choice of several candidates in each constituency. Some will be the local candidates for national political parties Q29. Use the terms 'constituency' and 'represent' to explain who an MLA is and how is the person elected? Ans. Every state in India has a Legislative Assembly. Each state is divided into different areas or constituencies. From each constituency, the people elect one representative who then becomes a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)

constituency (plural constituencies) (politics) A district represented by one or more elected officials. quotations ▼ Synonyms: electoral district, precinct, riding (Canada) John was elected to parliament from the Bedford constituency The term casework is most commonly used as a term in political science. It refers to things that representatives do for their constituents. I have therefore moved this question to the Political..

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The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America. This founding document, originally comprising seven articles, delineates the national frame of government.Its first three articles embody the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal government is divided into three branches: the legislative, consisting of the bicameral Congress (); the. Government a person who authorizes another to act in his or her behalf, as a voter in a district represented by an elected official. Grammar an element considered as part of a construction. Cf. immediate constituent, ultimate constituent A government or authority exists to serve those governed. Many times, however, a government will stray from its purpose and become oppressive. When that happens, we are still to live in obedience. Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh Constituent services are an unusual aspect of a legislator's role. Although they are considered to be an important part of a legislator's obligations to the public, they are actually something else Due to COVID-19, in lieu of building visitation by large groups, USDA offers a variety of video and teleconference options to ensure our constituents can hear from and speak directly with our staff and leadership. For additional information, please contact our Constituent Affairs office

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