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Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde Corn In fact, a typical grocery store contains 4,000 items that list corn ingredients on the label. Many other products depend on corn as well, from paper goods and cardboard packaging, to all the meat, milk, eggs, poultry and other protein products that come from corn-fed animals We will discover the primary uses of the corn that is grown in the U.S., including livestock feed, renewable fuel, export, and sweeteners and other foods for people. Uses of Corn explores the huge economic impact that corn has in our country. Corn Uses 1 covers corn grain types and kernel composition. Corn Uses - Part

The finest grade of ground corn is corn flour, used for pancakes, donuts, breading, and baby food. Another type of cornmeal is called masa flour, which is made by treating corn with lime (alkalai)... Corn, and more specifically cornstarch, is a common ingredient used in the production of matchsticks. Additionally, matchsticks that are formed on paper or cardstock may include corn products in the paper itself to increase the rigidity. Additionally, you can also purchase pellet stoves that burn corn-based pellets to heat your home If you are wondering about alternative uses of corn, first consider different types of corn-based recipes. Corn tortillas and corn chips are familiar foods made from corn that you can prepare yourself at home. Other delicious recipes to try include corn bread, corn cob jelly, corn fritters, corn casserole, and corn salsa Sweet corn is more commonly consumed, and field corn is usually grounded and used in the production of flour. You can pick sweet corn for most of the culinary purposes. While buying fresh corn make sure the husks are not dried out. It is easily available in supermarkets and farmer's markets. It's always good to consume fresh corn Reserve the cobs, and use the corn kernels for everything from salsa and pasta to corn pudding and cornbread. If you don't need the kernels separated, you can also simply cook the corn cobs whole. Just drop the ears into a large pot of seasoned boiling water. Some cooks add sugar or a little milk to heighten the sweetness of the kernels

19 Household Uses for Cornstarch Cornstarch is a common ingredient made from the starchy portion of corn kernels known as the endosperm. It's used as a thickening agent for gravies, marinades,.. The fat content of corn ranges from 5-6%, making it a low-fat food (1, 5). However, corn germ, an abundant side-product of corn milling, is rich in fat and used to make corn oil, which is a common.. Field corn has dozens of uses, but it is most commonly fed to animals or used to make renewable fuels like ethanol to power our cars and trucks. But only part of the kernel is used for ethanol (the starch), the rest of the kernel, including the protein and fat, are then used to make another popular animal feed known as distillers grains

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Corn is used as livestock feed, as human food, as biofuel, and as raw material in industry. In the United States the colourful variegated strains known as Indian corn are traditionally used in autumn harvest decorations Uses of Corn (from Texas Farm Bureau site) Dextrose (Food, Drug Uses Widely used in skin care products and cosmetic products. Corn contains many minerals, vitamins and ingredients that protect skin health. Contains vitamin A and beta carotene, vital for skin health. It protects skin from harmful sun rays with help of vitamin C Corn has hundreds of uses. It is used to make breakfast cereal, tortilla chips, grits, canned beer, soda, cooking oil, and bio-degradable packing materials. It's the key ingredient in the growing medium for life-saving medicines including penicillin. Corn gluten meal is used on flower beds to prevent weeds Alongside feed, the USDA also cites ethanol production as the other primary use of the corn grown in the United States. Ethanol is a type of alternative biofuel made from corn. Today, gasoline gets blended with 10, 15 or up to 85 percent of ethanol. Most gas-powered engines on the road can operate with up to 10 percent ethanol (E10)

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Corn flour is a type of flour made by grinding corn kernels, whereas cornstarch is a food ingredient made by extracting pure starch from corn. Cornstarch is produced by soaking whole corn kernels then milling the softened germ and endosperm separately Many Uses for Corn Corn was an important part of the diet of many Indian groups. They also used all parts of the corn plant. The husks could be braided and woven to make masks, moccasins, sleeping mats, baskets or cornhusk dolls Corn has food, seed, and industrial (FSI) uses. It is a major component of livestock feed. Feed use, a derived demand, is closely related to the number of animals (cattle, hogs, and poultry) that are fed corn Corn can be used for food as corn flour, cornmeal, hominy, grits or sweet corn. It can be used as animal feed to help fatten our hogs, chickens and cattle. And it can be turned into ethanol,..

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Sherry Holetzky Date: February 03, 2021 An ear of the corn, including the husk.. There are many and varied uses for corn husks. One of the most common is in cooking, where they are often used for wrapping tamales, a Mexican dish made of cornmeal batter and shredded meat.Corn husks are also a favorite for wrapping fish and other types of seafood so they can be grilled Did you know there are over 4,000 products made with corn? It's feed. It's fuel. It's food. It's everything Main culinary uses of corn: Fresh corn - is frequently eaten as a vegetable (sweetcorn), which is steamed or boiled after dehusking. It is also available to eat frozen and canned, either whole or as single corn kernels. Corn starch - is used in packaged foods or hydrolysed to dextrose, corn syrup solids or glucose

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  1. Corn silk tea consumption helps soothe the inflamed bladder and the urinary tract. It makes you urinate, and thus reduces the risk of bacteria build-up in the urinary tract. It is also used to soothe the irritated prostate gland. 2. Works As A Diuretic Agent. For ages, corn silk tea has been used as a natural potent diuretic agent
  2. But it isn't all just obvious corn recipes. Don't forget all of the recipes with corn products in them like my Grandma's Buttermilk Cornbread made with cornmeal, homemade marshmallows made with corn syrup, and Cheater Sesame Chicken made with cornstarch.. Think tortilla chips, Fritos, corn flakes, polenta, corn oil, things with maltodextrin, treacle (for my UK friends), and so much more
  3. Corn is one of the most adaptable and varied members of the grass family. Sweet corn and popcorn are grown for human consumption but what is dent corn? What are some of the uses for dent corn? Read on to find out about planting dent corn and other pertinent dent corn information
  4. Corn Belt: This is a region in the Midwest, especially Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois that is excellent in producing a large amount of corn. Bushel: A unit of measurement usually equal to 35 liters or 9.5 gallons! Dent Corn: This type of corn is used for animal feed, for making corn syrup, and for everything from fuel to biodegradable plastics
  5. Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about corn. Corn is sacred to the Diné and was a staple used in most meals. There were many different ways to prepare.
  6. Finding new uses for corn. The checkoff funds invested by the Iowa Corn Promotion Board are finding new ways to use corn. This research will result in higher blends of renewable fuel, better livestock feed, new bioplastics and better understanding of the impact of corn production on land area, commonly referred to as international indirect land.

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Most dent corn grown in the U.S. winds up as animal feed, though because of its soft starch, dent corn is used as a grain in products like chips and masa (a corn flour used to make corn tortillas). Dent corn is also used to make moonshine and bourbon. The majority of corn grown in the U.S. is yellow dent corn, though you may also find dent corn. Corn meal could then be used for cornbread, corn syrup, or corn pudding. Often corn meal was mixed with beans to make succotash or to thicken other foods. The husks from the corn cob were also used. Braided, the husks would become masks, sleeping mats, baskets and even cornhusk dolls. Shoes were sometimes made of corn husks Used as a sweetener in a number of foods and drinks, high-fructose corn syrup has been shown in studies to cause more weight gain in human beings than sugar when total calorie consumption is otherwise equal, and many nutritionists are beginning to link the explosion of obesity in this country to rampant use of this cheap sugar alternative. In. 8. Use Corn Husks to wrap up food: It would be much more economical and sustainable than using Tupperware. 9. Use Corn Husks to start a fire: Corn husks after they have been dried make great fire starters. 10. Use them to wrap fish or seafood in to grill them: Corn husks are cheaper than aluminum foil and biodegradable Not to be confused with corn flour, which is made from whole kernels, cornstarch is made from the endosperm found at the center of the corn kernel. The starches inside the endosperm are removed, rinsed, dried, and milled into a fine powder. This leaves us with cornstarch — a white, chalky powder that has a variety of uses in the kitchen

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  1. These vegetarian enchiladas use a lot of garden favorites in a quick weeknight meal. Feel free to substitute whatever vegetables you have from your garden—yellow summer squash, eggplant and corn all taste great here, too. —Elisabeth Larsen, Pleasant Grv, Uta
  2. utes. Bonus: It's a great way to use up any leftover Thanksgiving turkey
  3. Corn leaves are typically known as the blades sprouting from either side of the cornstalk, while the husks are what covers the ear of corn. However, husks are just corn leaves that have grown over the ears of corn to protect them. For most purposes, you can use corn husks and corn leaves interchangeably. Uses for Green Corn Leave
  4. Uses. In general, most of the world's harvest is made up of field corns. These can be used for livestock feed, for making alternative fuel, alcohol, solvents, and even fibers. One variety, pod corn, is used almost exclusively for decoration, since each kernel is encased in a hard covering that makes it difficult to use for other purposes
  5. Corn Belt because these sections have less cloudy weather. The result of intensive corn breeding efforts over the past four decades has been better adaptation to the many environments under which corn is grown. TYPES OF CORN Corn variation may be artifi cially defi ned accord-ing to kernel type as follows: dent, fl int, fl our, sweet
  6. If you choose to use high fructose corn syrup, it will have less glucose and much more fructose- up to 55% of it can be fructose. Another type, fructose glucose syrup, will have between 20% and 40% fructose. When exported overseas, this type is labeled as American high fructose corn syrup. To get a firm idea of exactly what it will taste like.

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  1. White corn contains higher levels of starch, which make it perfect to be used in corn chips, tortillas, and other popular food products. Other types of specialty corn include: high-starch corn, high-oil corn, waxy corn, and high-lysine corn - all of which are designed for certain uses
  2. Flour corn is used in baked goods because it has a soft, starch-filled, kernal that is easy to grind. Flour corn is primarily white, although it can be grown in other colors, for example, blue corn. One of the oldest types of corn, flour corn was a chief type grown by Native Americans
  3. Many people know that maize, known more commonly as corn, is one of the most culturally important crops in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico, but the true diversity of corn as well as its many culinary uses are unknown to many. At Native Seeds/SEARCH we steward 1,900 different accessions of seed, which includes over 500 different accessions of corn, making Zea mays the most represented species.
  4. Today, there is a renewed initiative to find creative new markets and industrial uses for soybeans as well as corn. Spurred by bumper crops and funded, in part, by checkoff programs, research is under way to develop ways for these crops to replace oil as a raw material and help chew through large supplies
  5. What are the best ways to get the most out of the entire corn plant — instead of just the kernel? Rather than viewing the residue as a hindrance, corn residue can be helpful in making sure next year leads to a good harvest. Farmers have proven to be creative when it comes to utilizing the entirety of everything that they harvest

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Maize also known as 'Indian corn' or simply as 'corn', is a food crop of considerable importance in many parts of the world, especially in the U.S.A., which produces nearly 57 per cent or the total maize grown in the world as compared to about 1.4 per cent produced in India Uses of Corn Protein C. Bradford Crosion^ Cyril D. Evans The bulk of our corn crop is used directly as feed for farm animals. About 120 million bushels is processed each year by the wet-milling indus- tries, however, to provide starch and oil for human food and for many in- dustrial applications. Corn gluten, The Importance of Corn. Corn is the second most plentiful cereal grown for human consumption, and many cultures around the world have lived on this grain. Corn is a versatile crop, and everything on a corn plant is useable. No part of the corn is wasted. The husk of the corn is traditionally used in making tamales. The kernels are ground into food Corn commonly is used as a feed grain in beef cattle diets throughout the U.S. However, until recently in many parts of North Dakota and other northern-tier states, feeding corn was less common. With the availability and improvement of shorter-season corn varieties, corn plantings in North Dakota increased nearly 40 percent from 2008 to 2017

NCGA is pleased to announce a special session of the Corn Utilization and Technology Conference(CUTC)focused on funding for research, development, and commercialization of new uses for corn. This special session will bring together a panel of experts from both the public and private sectors to discuss funding across the RD&C spectrum from bench level to financing new capital at existing. The total production of corn in the US for the year 2019 is reported to be 13.016 billion bushels, of which the major use is for manufacture of ethanol and its co-product (Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles), accounting for 37% (27% + 10%), or 4,845 million bushels (3,552 + 1,293) Uses. Corn oil is used in home remedies for hair and skin care and it offers many health benefits. However, it has some applications in industries as well. Deep frying - Corn oil is a preferred oil for cooking, especially deep frying. Its smoke point is 450 ° F, which is second only to soybean oil. That makes corn oil one of the best oils. Corn starch, sometimes referred to as Corn flour, cornstarch, maize starch and maizena, is a carbohydrate extracted from the endosperm of corn.It is ground from the endosperm or white heart, of the corn kernel. Since corn starch is made from corn and only contains carbohydrates (no protein), it is a gluten-free product Soaking corn in an alkali solution makes its B vitamins and amino acids more bioavailable, and (if lime-water is used as the alkali) adds calcium. The resulting corn is known as hominy, or nixtamal. Hominy can be eaten as is, coarsely ground into grits, or mashed to make masa, the dough used for tortillas

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  1. Corn accounts for more than 95% of feed grain production in the United States. Ethanol: Corn is the main feedstock used to produce ethanol, which is an important ingredient in gasoline. High-Fructose Corn Syrup: This product made from corn starch is used to sweeten many products including ketchup, candies and soft drinks. Corn Starc
  2. Interesting fact: one hectare of corn produces around 4 times more oxygen than a hectare of forest. The time of harvest depends on the intended use of the corn. Grain corn is harvested when its water content is between 25% and 35%. It is used for polenta and corn crisps, for example. For sweet corn, the water content varies between 70% and 72%
  3. Mexican street corn—covered with mayonnaise and Cotija cheese—is excellent, but messy. This quick dip version uses canned corn and packs a huge punch of flavor thanks to cilantro, red onion, jalapeño, and lime juice. Plus, this version uses Greek yogurt to lighten up the dish

Maize (Zea mays), also called corn, is believed to have originated in central Mexico 7000 years ago from a wild grass, and Native Americans transformed maize into a better source of food. Maize contains approximately 72% starch, 10% protein, and 4% fat, supplying an energy density of 365 Kcal/100 g hased were yellow corn used mainly for the manufacture of animal feeds and dry milling, and 29.3 percent were white corn used for wet and dry milling. Prices paid for yellow corn were higher, average daily stock position was lower, and stocking period was longer than for white corn. Corn traders were the main source of yellow and white corn Corn for grain and forage crops (hay, haylage, grass silage, and greenchop) account for the largest share (49 percent together) of all harvested irrigated crop acres in the West. Wheat, soybeans, orchards, and vegetables are the second largest group of irrigated crops in the West, with crop acreage shares ranging from 7.0 percent to 9.8 percent

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  1. The Corn and Soybean Processing and Utilization Posters depict how corn and soybeans are fractionated and converted into food ingredients, biofuels, and biobased products. The posters are 11 inches high by 17 inches wide
  2. Moreover, with the use of corn to generate fuel, supply of this crop will be consumed to produce ethanol instead of providing food to consumers. The controversy about corn ethanol still continues with opposing groups pushing their views to each other. It is best that people behind its production should ensure its pros outweigh its cons
  3. Use cornstarch to make a homemade spray starch that will keep your shirts and slacks looking crisp! It's not only incredibly easy to make, but it works every bit as good as the store-bought kind too. 11. Polish Silver. Use cornstarch to polish your silver! Mix cornstarch with water to form a paste, then dip a damp cloth into the paste and.
  4. Corn, alfalfa, and sugar beet are the major GM crops grown in Colorado, but smaller areas of soybeans and canola are also planted. The corn, alfalfa, and soybean crops are nearly all used as livestock feed. Sugar beet is used to extract and purify sugar, and canola is used mostly for edible oil
  5. istration provides weekly estimates of ethanol production (with corn as the predo
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The Corn Utilization and Technology Conference(CUTC)is taking advantage of the virtual circumstances presented during COVID-19 by bringing a special session on Funding for Research, Development and Commercialization. This is a FREE event on Thursday, May 13, starting at 10 a.m. CDT. This is a special session of CUTC, designed to keep interest high for next year's in-person event that. Here are 10 Ways to Use Corn: One of the most popular ways to use corn is in salads. Here's a simple, colourful Corn Salad with Tomatoes and Basil. Three great summer flavours in one dish! This recipe for Grilled Corn Salad calls for unshucked corn to be cooked on a grill. But, if you would rather skip buying and grilling fresh corn entirely.

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This is a wonderful side dish to make when garden vegetables are plentiful, and if you have fresh corn, use that instead of frozen. —Terry Maly, Olathe, Kansas. Get Recipe. 14 / 40. Taste of Home. Fiesta Turkey Tortilla Soup I'm always thankful when I can pull such a delicious soup together in under 30 minutes. —Amy McFadden, Chelsea, Alabam Corn is very versatile since the entire corn plant can be used. You can use the husks for making tamales, the silk to create a medicinal tea, the kernels for food and the stalks for livestock feed. You can find corn in products like tortillas, tortilla chips, cornmeal and corn oil. Miniature ears of corn, known as baby corn, can be used in. I include corn in black bean dip / refried beans. Puree together 2 cups cooked black beans, a tomato, an onion, juice of one lime, corn, chili powder, cumin, hot peppers, and a bit of salt if. 12 Surprising Products That Contain Corn You think your life would be unchanged if corn crops were hit hard? Think again: you'll find corn is in everything from diapers to toothpaste

This soup is another version that alway receives rave reviews and will use up that handful of corn tortillas you've got! It's a quick cooking soup that uses rotisserie chicken and has tons of flavor, probably a little on the spicy side! Oh, and it looks pretty too Corn is increasingly utilized in the production of industrial ethanol. In 2018/2019, almost 38 percent of all corn was used for this purpose in the United States. This text provides general. The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications confirms that biotech corn is the second-most common GM crop (after soybean), with 12.4 million hectares planted in 2002. GM corn starch and soybean lecithin are just two of the ingredients already found in 70% of the processed food supply Hominy corn can be used to make grits. If you live in a warmer temperate climate zone, glass gem corn could be the perfect way to expand your heritage growing and grow something beautiful and useful on your homestead. Read Next: >> (opens in a new tab)>18 Perennial Veggies You Can Plant Once & Harvest For Years >>> Uses for Corn Relish and/or Chili Sauce? oldfangled | Aug 15, 2012 07:00 PM 13. Hi everyone! Well, my job situation hasn't improved, and I'm struggling to keep my family (just me and my husband) fed while he struggles to keep a roof over our heads. Everyone's conversations on frugal recipes are such an inspiration, and I re-read them all the.

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Uses of Corn During the mid 1960s, about 75 percent of the corn was fed to livestock, 13 percent was exported, and the remainder went into human food and industrial products. By 2000, the relative amount of corn fed to livestock had decreased to 60 percent, 22 percent was exported, 6 percent was used for High-Fructose Corn Sweetener, 6 percent. Until the 1800s, corn was eaten mostly by the poor. It was a cheap and prolific crop, consumed by farmers and fed to prisoners. And it was also used as a commodity Nevertheless, the use of corn should be halted immediately when high blood pressure or swelling is recorded. To get the best results, pregnant women should ask doctors for suggestion before using anything. 10. Memory. Corn contains a considerable amount of thymine that makes a great contribution to the function of your brain cells. Specifically.

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It is used in penicillin. Corn is an integridient in the whiskey. Oils; Glue; By today, our only limitation to the use of corn is our own imagination. Work Cited: Source 1: The Story of Corn - History Detective - Many Uses for Corn. The Story of Corn - History Detective - Many Uses for Corn. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Jan. 2016 A combine harvester is a machine used to harvest grains like wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, flax and soybeans. Instead of using separate machines for reaping, threshing and winnowing the grain, the harvester combines all these functions into one machine To use corn caps, start by washing and drying the area surrounding the corn. Then, peel the backing off of the corn cap like you would with a Band-Aid, and firmly press the circle on the cap onto the corn. Reapply the corn cap every 2 days or per the manufacturer's instructions

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Have you ever thought about the many uses of cornmeal? Cornmeal is a course flour made from dried corn. It is a common staple food, but most of us forget all about it. However, cornmeal makes for amazing recipes. It adds texture and gives you a better taste all around. Here are 5 Uses for Cornmeal in and out of the kitchen. 5 Uses for Cornmeal 1 Corn grain is used in beef cattle production because of its advantages in improving the efficiency of growth 1.However, corn grain typically does not make up a large portion of cattle diets until the end of their life cycle in a period called finishing, when cattle are often housed in a feedlot (Figure 1) Corn is also one of the most grown crops globally, with thousands of acres being dedicated around the world to the high intensity production of corn crops. Corn is also used in everything imaginable. In addition to being eaten straight off the cob or popped, corn is used to manufacture corn syrup, a wildly successful artificial sweetener To harvest your corn silk: Simply pull the golden-green strands off of the ears, when shucking your corn, and spread them out on a plate or paper towel to dry. Corn silk is best used fresh, or as a second best option - freshly dried. Make sure you use homegrown or organic corn

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When planting corn no-till or into a sod field, a planter box seed treatment should be used to control wire worms, seed corn maggots, and other corn insects. Care should be given to the types and amounts of herbicide used when planting grazing corn. Since this corn is to be grazed, there is usually no need for applications of post-emergent. Corn flour could be blended with wheat flour to lower gluten for cookies, cakes, crackers and pastries. Corn flour is used as binder, filler and thickener in pastry, cookie and meat industries. It is gluten-free and processed corn product in which an endosperm is separated from germ and bran and grounded into white powder One serving of guinea corn meets 11 to 16 percent of your daily value for fiber. Guinea corn is a low-fat food product, containing 1.7 grams of total fat, 0.3 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams monounsaturated fat and 0.8 grams of polyunsaturated fat per 1/4 cup serving Use the corn stock right away or freeze until you need it. Corn stock is the perfect ingredient to use if you want to add even more corn flavor to a dish. Try using the liquid in corn chowder, creamed corn, corn pudding, and more. 2. Make corn cob jelly. Daily Dish Recipes

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Plan to use pumice stone for doing away with calluses. It is best if you could combine the use of pumice stone with hydrogen peroxide solution. After soaking your feet in the solution for 15 minutes, rub the rough patches gently with wet pumice stone for some time and then wash your feet with plain water. This will make your feet feel smooth Growers use Bt corn as an alternative to spraying insecticides for control of European and southwestern corn borer. Bt Delta Endotoxin. The Bt delta endotoxin was selected because it is highly effective at controlling Lepidoptera larvae, caterpillars. It is during the larval stage when most of the damage by European corn borer occurs A homemade paste of 1 part cornstarch to 2 parts water can be used to polish silver. Rub the paste all over the silver with a gentle cloth and then rinse it off. Be sure to test this in some hidden areas before you use it on all of your silver, but it's an inexpensive way to remove tarnish Corn (Zea Mays) is a popular feedstock for ethanol production in the United States due to its abundance and relative ease of conversion to ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Corn and other high starch grains have been converted into ethanol for thousands of years, yet only in the past century has its use as fuel greatly expanded

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