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  3. e Platform Insert Grip Handle - Fits 1 & 2 Inches Olympic Bars, T Bar Row for Weight Lifting, Weight Training, Bodybuilding (Size : B) $77.10 $ 77. 10. FREE Shipping
  4. Add to Wishlist The Rogue OLY Platform provides a dedicated space for Olympic lifting. The 6'x 8' platform has a 2x2 steel frame that bolts together with gusseted corners.The rubber surface is shock absorbing and will cause less wear and tear on your equipment. It also dampens the sound when dropping a fully loaded barbell
  5. Olympic Platforms. Please contact your local sales representative for pricing and compatability. Power Lift's Olympic Platforms are built with high-quality materials and made to withstand years of heavy drops. Optional rubber surfaces can be added to these customizable platforms, giving you the versatility you need in a power lifting platform

Olympic platforms: The standard Olympic platform pre-made will range from 6-8 feet tall and eight feet wide. Often times gym owners will prefer a little smaller size due to spacing issues, but for.. The benefits of using a lifting platform are numerous. One main benefit is safety, during a failed clean, snatch or any other Olympic lift you can just dump the weight without worrying about the flooring beneath your feet. This allows you to lift heavy and stay safe. Lifts like the dead lift can often damage even garage cement floors over time The platform is a pleasure to use, with a very noticeable reduction in sound volume when I return a deadlift to the floor. It also works very well as a stable base for squats and the dense rubber pads provide a firm support for feet in lifting shoes

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  1. The professional way to do olympic lifts is standing on a wood platform. In the Olympic Games, they have a high quality platform set up where the entire top surface is wood. That's rough on most wood. You won't likely get away with that yourself long-term
  2. Products Platforms Platforms. Power Lift carries a wide variety of Olympic platforms and inserts to protect your weight room flooring. Whether it be in a collegiate gym like UCLA or a pro sports team like the Philadelphia Eagles, our Olympic lifting platforms are made of the finest materials
  3. 8 FT Olympic Lifting Platform. Fitness 400369 null null $ 249 99 $249.99. Out of Stock. Short Metal Pulling Blocks. Fitness 412318 null null $ 344 99 $344.99. Out of Stock. Deadlift Platform quality, affordable deadlift platforms built to last a lifetime. CUSTOMER ALSO BOUGHT. WORKING DAYS/HOURS Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM CT.
  4. Rogue Multipurpose Rubber Tiles - Ideal for building a deadlift or Olympic lifting platform. Rogue sells 24″x24″ multipurpose rubber tiles that are 1½ thick for about $34 each. These are fairly expensive at about $7-$8 per square foot, but they are twice as thick as just about any other option
  5. Sierra Oak Platform for Half Rack latest line of strength racks, rigs, lifting platforms, and free weight and Olympic benches are customizable with attachments and colors to suit your training room needs. The Sierra Oak Platform for Half Rack is a rubber and wood integrated lifting platform created for the Sierra Half Rack
  6. This is a premium Olympic weightlifting platform meant for bodybuilders, athletes, and people who are into competitive sports. It has a large footprint, even larger than the standard Olympic platforms. The bamboo wood board in the middle is highly durable and can bear a good amount of weight and shock. Features: The dimensions are 81.5″ x 101″
Olympic Lifting Platform | 6' x 8'

A lifting platform absorbs some of that force, prolonging the use of your home gym equipment The raised, dedicated lifting platform is the ideal lifting surface if allowable in your gym. Its advantages are better force absorption for dropped weights, meaning less wear and tear on both the equipment and floor underneath, better noise reduction for your stupid neighbors, and it creates a clearly-defined lifting area for the athlete Olympic lifting training invariably involves dropping weights from overhead to the floor. Improper equipment will break, and no lifting platform means you'll also damage the floor. Because this equipment is specialized (and expensive), you probably won't find it anywhere apart from proper Olympic lifting gyms and some CrossFit boxes Each platform contains 2 1/4 wood base layer with your choice of all rubber or rubber with wood center as top layer. If you're interested in a platform with a logo it is best to email us the logo at sales@extremetrainingequipment.com to confirm sizing and compatibility with our graphics team

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  1. Complete with Olympic Lifting platforms, racks, bumper plates and chalk, the Olympic Lifting area is a monitored, controlled space where students who meet specific criteria may perform Olympic-style lifts. Olympic Lifting is a ground-based barbell sport in which one attempts to lift heavy weights for full body development
  2. What you need to build an Olympic weightlifting platform . Essentials: 3 boards of wood (4'x8′) Try to find wood that doesn't have too many chips or dents. The thickness of the wood is up to you, just be cautious that your rubber matting will have to match this thickness
  3. Build your very own Olympic Lifting Platform with this frame from Titan Fitness. Toss your stall mats away and perform your lifts in a dedicated spot
  4. A commercial quality Olympic weightlifting platform is engineered to combine rubber matting and a wood sub-structure that disperses the load shock and absorbs the energy of the plates and bar. New or replacement platforms for your weight room. We can also add your custom branded logo on the panel at your request (additional costs apply)
  5. Quick video showing the build of my olympic weightlifting platform. It was 5 pieces of 8 foot by 4 foot plywood and rubber horse stall mats for the sides. Th..
  6. The York platforms are made in York, Pennsylvania, as are the plyo boxes, insets and the optional platform ramp. The plyo boxes are stackable with heavy duty hardware to join the sections and are made from ¾ oak veneer plywood and topped with thick 1/2 rubber

high-quality Olympic weightlifting platforms. These platforms are perfect for CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting not only are they made from high-quality materials but come flat packed with easy assembly and band pegs Eleiko's newest IWF Weightlifting Competition Platform debuts a new construction with a reduced number of planks, a design that simplifies assembly and ensures the platform comes together seamlessly to create our best platform yet. Seven high-quality Scandinavian hardwood beams provide a more robust and stable lifting surface

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These were 6'x8′ platforms that could be used for squats, presses, deadlifts and the Olympic lifts. Squat stands could be moved on and off as needed. Having seen the platform set up in many weightlifting gyms, and observed what heavy use and time does to them, I wanted to make them better. Platforms are already built to take a beating By lifting the bar from the ground to overhead, the entire body is called into act. As one begins the slow process of adding weights to the Olympic Lifts, the entire body compensates by getting bigger and stronger EliteFit 8-Week Olympic Lifting Cycle This is an 8-week cycle using 3-position snatches and cleans, power snatches and power cleans, and plenty of pulls, squats and classic snatch and clean & jerk. Notes: Conditioning work conducted during scheduled Strangth & Conditioning WODs. Your 1RMs are likely not accurate, and you may have to adjust the prescribed [ Most commonly a lifting platform is on top of the rubber flooring that's everywhere else in the gym. The hardwood has just the right amount of traction if you're using olympic lifting shoes. If you have anything but a concrete subfloor, don't try a platform. This won't go well Olympic Lifting Platform Pro $ 1,450.00 - $ 2,195.00. Contact us for Shipping. Local Curbside pickup is Available Upon Checkout. size: Clear: Olympic Lifting Platform Pro quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Categories: Platforms, Specialty Items. Description; Additional information; USA MADE OLY.

HIGH QUALITY: Heavy-duty Olympic platform constructed of 16 individual 1.25 high-impact rubber floor mats and 4 bamboo lined boards built to withstand heavy lifts such as the deadlift and Olympic movements - Custom Olympic/Cross Fit Weight Lifting Platforms 8x6. $1,289.99. Free shipping. item 5 BMW 3 6 7 X3 Z4 Z8 Series JACK PAD LIFTING SUPPORT PLATFORM 8268885 - BMW 3 6 7 X3 Z4 Z8 Series JACK PAD LIFTING SUPPORT PLATFORM 8268885. $14.50. Free shipping Olympic lifting is a modern competitive sport involving two lifts - the snatch and the clean and jerk. There are hundreds of styles of strength training, each one with its own specific rules. As a full-on bro you'll have heard of drop sets, German volume training, and supersets. You probably use them regularly too The Metal Rhino Olympic Weightlifting Platform is 8ft x 6ft and perfect for Oly lifting. With removable 40mm rubber tiles and a powder coated strong steel frame, the platform can be easily moved and set aside until needed or left in it's own lifting section

Here is my preferred way to build an 8'x8′ olympic weightlifting platform! These plans can be modified to make a 6'x8′ platform by cutting wood from 8′ to 6′. These plans makes use of 1.5″ Rogue Squares which reduce noise, vibration and damage to underlying concrete which is especially important in your home vs. just [ York STS Power Rack with Olympic Lifting Platform 54241_54250_55006. More. Add to Compare. Troy Urethane Fixed Barbell Set 20-110lb with Rack COMMPAC-TSBU110. More. Add to Compare. York STS Half Rack with Olympic Lifting Platform 55009_54241_54252_54011. More. Add to Compare. Olympic weightlifting has flooded gyms and sports performance training centers across America. Lifting platforms and chalk stands are now being installed in the most basic of fitness facilities. No longer is this form of exercise being used exclusively by athletes and competitive weightlifters 10 Olympic Weight Lifting Platforms. Pre-Owned. $1,000.00. Free local pickup. Buy It Now. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Baseline 12-0407 Back Leg Chest and MMT Accessory Oversize Lifting Platform. Brand New. $83.73. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Free returns. Watch; R S N 3 6 W 8 X p o n s o 1 X M r e d. Baseline 12-0407 Back Leg Chest and MMT.

Olympic lifting on platforms is restricted to patrons who are UCSB Campus Recreation Olympic Lifting Authorized. The platforms may be reserved for Skills Test authorization appointments during scheduled times Catalyst Athletics is the world's largest source of Olympic weightlifting education material, including articles, vidoes, photos, workouts, training programs, books, a monthly journal and more. From Greg Everett The first step to knowing what you'll need for supplies is deciding if you want to build a smaller 4'x8' platform mainly for the big-3 powerlifting movements of squat, deadlift, bench, or if you want a full-size 8'x8' surface (or maybe even bigger) for doing any stationary lifts you need, including olympic lifting

Made here in the UK, this is the perfect platform for Olympic weight-training at any gym, hotel, school or sports club, with the ability to customise your platform to complement your gym's brand. Ideal for Garage Gyms, this design is easy to install, providing the protective flooring you need for your weightlifting routine olympic lifting and insert platforms The Keiser Platforms have a unique low profile and are trimmed in steel tubing with cast-rounded corners to reduce injury. They are constructed with quality materials to a 1½ thickness, topped with First Grade Maple(sanded, sealed and triple varnished) and feature impact-absorbing rubber to significantly. Weight lifts are more than just training to improve athletic power; they are part of the equation for improving discipline. While this article is a defense of the Olympic-style lifts, it's also a template for coaches to rethink everything they do and realize what is possible in all sports with just a few exercises

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How to Build an Olympic Weightlifting Platform: 10 Step

Olympic Weightlifting Platform You've fully committed to your garage gym when you are ready to get an Olympic Weightlifting Platform.they are getting the same type of exercise or training routine from laying down some carpet or, even worse, lifting off cement. here you wont worry about it you will have Olympic Weightlifting Platform Power Lift Olympic Lifting Platform in very good used condition. #1 PLATFORM IN COLLEGE AND PRO SPORTS. Only the platforms are included in this auction. The other weight equipment in the photos is not available. This platform is not available for removal until June 29. All items are sold as-is where-is. Buyer is responsible for removal Olympic lifting platforms provide a solid base for exercises like squats and deadlifts where a firm footing is essential, and power transfer efficiency is important. The centre of the platform is typically made from a wood material, with thick rubber tiles at either side to absorb the impact from falling weights UK Supreme Fitness specialise in supplying Olympic Barbells, Bumper Plates, Lock Jaw collars and general strength and conditioning equipment.We have been supplying full facilities throughout the UK, including CrossFit boxes and Olympic weightlifting studios. We pride our selves on high quality and affordable equipment The Weightlifting Platform. 949 likes · 2 talking about this. We are an Australia-based news site elevating Victoria's weightlifters. Every week, we highlight the best in lifting from around the state

Materials Needed for MY 12'x8' Lifting Platform and Power Rack. 4' was just for Mounting the Power Rack. The other 8' was for Olympic Lifting and general-purpose area. I wanted Wood there to secure the rack to the floor using Lag Screws through the base of the Rack into the 3 layers of wood beneath it 6 Variations of Olympic Lifts for Building Strength and Power It's time to do a little cleaning and start lifting like an Olympian. by Joe Wuebben. How To Do It: Stand behind a loaded barbell on a lifting platform (or the floor), with your feet hip- to shoulder-width apart and your shins up against the bar. Bend at the hips and knees, and.

Build a weight lifting platform For the more advanced lifter performing deadlifts and Olympic lifts, building a platform in your home gym is fairly necessary. Throwing down the heavy weights involved in these movements can easily crack concrete floors, even through rubber flooring, and the sound is deafening Free Shipping On eBa

Rogue 8' x 8' Oly Platform Rogue Fitnes

The Rogue Olympic Weightlifting Platform comes in a variety of pieces that are easy to put together in order to get your full lifting area. The platform body is 8'x4', which makes it a large enough area for you to have plenty of room to do your exercises The Whisperlink Rubber Olympic Platform is our premiere weightlifting platform made of extra thick, high density ballistic rubber, noise reducing tiles. The frame is designed to totally enclose rubber while having the ability to be disassembled if component replacement is needed at a later date from bar drop damage Information 6' x 8' Metal Olympic Lifting Platform Frame: The 6' x 8' Get RXd Platform is a 1.5 x 1.5 steel frame that bolts together with gusseted corners

American Barbell Olympic Weightlifting Platform. 6 foot by 8 foot stand alone platform with American Made rubber base. Specs: Outside dimensions: 6'4 x 8'4 Inside dimensions: 6' x 8' 2x2 11-gauge powder-coated steel; Bolt-together frame; Comes with 3/8 thick Rubber mats; Made in the US USA Weightlifting. Menu USA Weightlifting. Search Search Search. White Platform. Blue Platform. More. Stars Platform. Results. Event Page. ©2021 United States Olympic & Paralympic. The platform and the discs (plates) are both designed to accommodate the impact. Coach's Note: If you are training with others or doing a variety of different lifting or strength work, do your Olympic-style weightlifting on the platform (the clean and jerk and the snatch and a few training elements of them both) The Challenge The clean-and-jerk is one of the most classic lifts in the Summer Olympics, and the clean has emerged as one of the gold standards of training. It involves lifting a barbell from the..

Olympic Weightlifting (8) Olympic Weightlifting Platforms w i t h S q u a t R a c k s D e d i c at e d Jerk Bl o c k s P la t f o r m Eleiko, Werksan, Ivanko, York and Pendlay Elite Bumper Pla t e s 20 k g M e n 's E l e i ko, W e r k s a n, U e s a k a, an d P e n d l a y B a r b e l l s 15 kg W o m e n 's E le i ko, R og u e a nd P e n d l a. Use a platform. For those of you who will be power or Olympic lifting, you have another challenge. In fact, you have probably the biggest opportunity for noise complaints of all. That's because you spend a lot of your time in the gym dropping the weights once you get them up Where It All Began. Since 1932, York Barbell has revolutionized the design of gym equipment and fitness products. As the Strongest Name in Fitness, York Barbell has consistently set the standard in product design, styling, performance, and value.. Our Histor Primal Strength Olympic Lifting Platform with Steel Frame and Band Hooks £849.00 The Rebel Commercial Platform has been engineered with an extremely durable yet smooth 30mm bamboo wood centre The ESP Pro Lifting Platform has 25% greater energy reduction when a 60kg weight is dropped from a height of 1 metre when compared to 4 platforms from UK competitors. ESP's high energy dampening properties, both vibration and noise is reduced by up to 25% in comparison to the other lifting platforms on the market

Platforms Eleiko offers a range of platforms for weightlifting and powerlifting well suited for competitions and training facilities, and gym and fitness. Choose from sound and vibration reducing platforms, insert platforms and freestanding platforms to define the lifting space and protect floors and equipment Power-Lift Platforms are the toughest olympic platforms you can buy. They can withstand years of heavy drops. The finish is Basketball Court Grade with 5 layers of Polyurethane finish. Each platform includes a maintenance kit to help keep them looking great! These platforms are built to last under the most demanding conditions Stage & Platform All lifts must be executed on the competition platform. The platform must be square, level and measuring four (4) metres on each side. When the floor surrounding the platform has similar or same colouring, the top edge of the platform must have a different coloured line of at least 150 mm

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  1. Olympic Lifts are based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and have over 35 years experience providing lifts for customers in Northern Ireland. View our Platform Lifts. Goods Lifts. We offer a wide range of self-supporting Goods lifts for easy movement of goods carrying loads from 50kg to 2000kg
  2. 24 Hour Fitness Continues Expansion with Opening of 17th Club In New York Market training, core work, stretching, functional and sports-specific workouts * Multi-functional Olympic Training rig, used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for both high-intensity training and Olympic lifting * Indoor lap pool for swim workouts and aqua classes * Whirlpool, steam room and sauna fo
  3. Make your weight lifts with Olympic power rack, a weightlifting equipment built for Olympic athletes and designed on their needs. barbell storage, foldable footplates, corner reinforcements, external J-hook support, toast disc rack, lifting platform and technique boxes. Recommended use. Fine-tuned Settings
  4. York Barbell Oak 8' X 6' Modular Lifting Platform (For use with York Barbell STS Racks) If you want athletes to achieve maximum results then the York Oak Lifting Platform is where it begins.When combined with the appropriate (rack specific) insert, the platform can be seamlessly connected to the York Half Rack, York Double Half Rack, or York Power Rack.If you are looking for a stand alone.
  5. (getting it out of the box took the longest). This platform greatly reduces the amount of noise produced from dropping the weights
  6. Hoboken Barbell is a USA WEIGHTLIFTING registered CLUB and Hoboken's Premier Olympic Lifting Facility. Featuring 10 Platforms, ELEIKO, ROGUE and PENDLAY Bumpers and Elite Bearing Barbells. Our Lifters compete at Local, National and International Levels
  7. For starters, understand that the lifting platform is supposed to provide a solid, secure area for lifting - it is supposed to be capable of taking the pounding of heavy weights being dropped from arms' length overhead, day after day, and it needs to provide a sure-footed area for doing your lifts

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Olympic Lifting Platforms. Sort by. Olympic Lifting Platform Made to Order 6 Weeks Lead Time. From $799.00 - $1,379.00. QUICK VIEW. Showing items 1-1 of 1. Explore. Home; Policy Info; Shop; Recent posts. Best Selling. Olympic Plates and Dumbbells. Squat Racks. Adjustable Benches. Gym Flooring. Contact Us. The FuBarbell Olympic-Style Lifts Poster is a collaborative project between Diane Fu (FuBarbell) and PushPress.Diane uses PushPress to manage her seminars. The PushPress founders are CrossFit Gym owners who were looking for a better way to educate athletes about the differences in the Olympic-style lifts

Installing weightlifting platforms clearly shows where lifts should be performed, and keeps your training space safe and organised. POINTS TO CONSIDER. Following international competition standards, a male weightlifting bar has to be 2,2 meter long, the bar for women is 2,01 meter. A platform width of at least 3 meter ensures that the barbell. To begin, Olympic weightlifting athletes have incredible skill and incredible mobility. The elite lifters in the sport are capable of lifting double to three times their bodyweight overhead. In the 2012 Olympic Games in London, a 56 kilogram (123 pounds) lifter successfully lifted 168 kilograms (370 pounds) overhead

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  1. The Integrated Commercial Platform has been engineered with an extremely durable yet smooth 30mm hardwood centre. Our wood is engraved and varnished and is widely regarded as the perfect Olympic Lifting Platform Centre. The sides are made from 30mm shock-absorbing, odourless rubber using a blend of EPDM smooth top layer and SBR grain base layer t
  2. A lifting platform is a great way to make sure that no matter what, you don't cause damage to your floor from either acute impact (drops) or chronic stress (load over time). A lifting platform can also quiet your lifting. This is something that is important to most home gym owners. We often work out at hours when the rest of the household is.
  3. A jump box is a simple structure that lets you get a workout without leaving your home. Also known as a plyometric box, a jump box is used for lower-body exercises that are designed to increase your power, explosiveness, and speed
  4. The Bulldog Gear Olympic platform is the perfect training platform for all formats of weightlifting training. With an internal floor space of 3 Metres x 2 Metres, this platform offers a generous working area for all weightlifting movements to be conducted in
  5. Train Like a Pro With Iron Edge's Best In Class Strength Training Equipment. No BS Guarantee. Fast Shipping & Financing Availabl

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Beautifully crafted the platform comes with a sleek central wooden board (1m x 2m x 5cm) which keeps footing firm and stable allowing the user to lift comfortably and confidently. SPACIOUS Perfect for back squats, dead-lifts, power cleans or lunges the Bodymax Olympic Lifting Platform provides all the space necessary and will be a focal point. Olympic Lifting Platform. Approx. Length (mm): 2150; Approx. Width (mm): 2550; Approx. Height (mm): 50; Address: Shop 9/282-285 Windsor St, Richmond, NSW 2753( Enter Coles Car Park ) (271510-40) GST Note: GST will be added to the final bid price of this item. GST will be added to the buyers premium. Credit Card / PayPal surcharge fee may apply Olympic Weightlifting Platform Rules If you can clean it, you can clean it up. Keep bags, straps, belts, trash, water bottles, etc. off the platform at all times. Use only one-two drops of Liquid Grip. It's not hand lotion. Say no to the unhealthy rebound. Control the bar back to the platform unless a lift i

These lifts will, however, aid your mobility, make you a more powerful athlete, increase your lean muscle mass, and, believe it or not, tax your cardiovascular system. Now, before you run to the nearest platform to grip it and rip it, slow your roll. You can't throw plates on a barbell and hope you can get it over your head Our commercial-grade weight lifting racks include our own PB Extreme equipment: the Half Rack, Power Rack, and Victory Rack. We also carry UCS and Pro Series racks and heavy-duty weightlifting rack platforms. Also, check out our Kettlebell Training Zone and Strength Training Zone for great exercise videos and informative articles Platforms. Weight lifting platforms can help protect your floor while providing a specialized, safer surface for lifts to be performed on. Whether you are looking for a platform that is integrated into your cage, a standalone, a VibePlate platform, or one that sits flush with rubber tile flooring, Legend Fitness has what you need Training for Olympic weightlifting means finding a gym that allows you to weight lift with the appropriate equipment (barbells and plates,) platform materials, and finding an experienced weightlifting coach. Once you have the proper guidance and experience, you will be able to make sure that your weightlifting techniques will help you in the.

How to Make a Portable Deadlift Platform (DIY

Olympic Lifting Platform - Power System

There's still about a 10x10 open area where I can put an olympic lift station and I'm planning to order a new bar and a full set of bumper plates within the next month or so for that purpose. I'm curious what my options are for a lifting platform The Bulldog Gear Olympic platform is the perfect training platform for all formats of weightlifting training. With an internal floor space of 2.4 Metres x 1.8 Metres, this platform offers a generous working area for all weightlifting movements to be conducted in The Olympic lifts involve basically every muscle in the human body and this entails a great workout. Olympic weightlifting also forces stabilizer muscles to activate to secure the weight overhead in the lifts In recent years, Olympic-style weightlifting appears to be not just beneficial to athletes or weight lifters but to the everyday exerciser as well. Whether you are trying to improve your sports performance, better your body composition, or just wanting a new, dynamic, full body workout, Olympic lifts are something that almost anyone can include in their exercise program. Let's take a closer.

Best Readymade Deadlift Platforms - Home Gym Strengt

This sport is the only sport known to project explosive power, absolute insane strength, combined with precision lifting skills. Strongman & Powerlifting contest are the next step in overall intensity. For the rest of us, a powerful and robust bod.. Introducing the Sierra Strength Line - Industrial Strength, Refined Finish. Our latest line of strength racks, rigs, lifting platforms, and free weight and Olympic benches are customizable with attachments and colors to suit your training room needs. The Sierra Oak Platform for Power Rack is Ziva - XP Olympic Lifting Platform 2.45m x 3.1m. Rp 56.700.000. Features: • 50 mm x 25 mm (2 x 1) steel frame • Laser cut and precision bent gussets • Bolt together design • Rubber tiles • Bamboo wood center • Does not need to be bolted to the ground The Joinfit's classic Olympic Lifting Platform utilize 5 x 5 cm 11-gauge steel, the platform's frame bolts together easily with gusseted corners. A full 16-pack of our shock-absorbing rubber tiles + plywood sheets in the center makes it the best option for your weight lifting flooring solution. J0118V ME-

Rogue R3 Infinity Power Rack / Half-Rack ReviewRogue OLY Platform - Olympic Lifting - Steel Frame | RogueDIY Weightlifting Platform with Squat Stand AttachedHow to Build a Weightlifting Platform - Athletic Lab
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