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  2. Open the Apple Music app or iTunes. Play a song, album, or playlist. At the top of the window, you can: Click the Shuffle button to turn shuffle on or off
  3. Music plays the songs in the order they appear in the album or in the grouping, and then chooses another album or grouping at random. Shuffle the songs in an album: Move the pointer over any album in your library, click the More button, then choose Shuffle [ album name ]
  4. The way I shuffle through ALL music is indeed by selecting the all artists option at the top of the artists column and then click on any song to start shuffle. You can then switch to the album view

To shuffle songs in iTunes 11 for Windows and Mac, click the Shuffle icon on the iTunes LCD at the top of the screen. The Shuffle icon resembles a pair of crossed arrows and is located next to the time remaining on the current track. Video of the Day Volume 0 First up, shuffling all songs. Tap the My Music tab. From the Library view (as opposed to Playlists), choose Songs from the header below the Recently Added belt. You will now have a list of songs.. To quickly shuffle all of your songs at any time, simply open Control Center, then swipe over to the music control page on the right. From here, just press the Play button, and your entire music library will played on shuffle mode

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  1. Shuffle All Songs. To shuffle all the songs in your Music app library, which will give you the greatest variety and a roughly random order of songs, follow these easy steps: Open the Music app. Tap My Music. Make sure the menu just below Apple Music is set to Songs. Find a song you'd like to listen to and tap it to begin it playin
  2. Right click with your mouse and select Get Info. Click on the Options tab. Look down and you will see a tick box and a drop down menu next to the heading Skip when shuffling. Click the box and then change the drop down menu to Yes
  3. Black=repeat one song Blue=repeat all songs Blue with black head=set to repeat current song Black and white=not set to repeat songs On the right side is the shuffle incon (it looks like two crossed lines with arrows to the right). Tap it to make a selection. Black=play songs in order Blue=shuffle Black and white=set to play songs in orde
  4. Set iPod shuffle to play all songs at the same volume In the iTunes app on your PC, choose Edit > Preferences, click Playback, then make sure Sound Check is selected. Connect your device to your computer. Click the Device button near the top left of the iTunes window
  5. A playlist on shuffle wouldn't actually shuffle through every song on the list - most of the tracks, but not all of them. Last weekend, I fixed it. And after nearly a week's use, it seems to be.
  6. In a playlist or album, you can shuffle songs (play them in random order) and repeat individual songs. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose Music from the pop-up menu at the top left, then click Library. Play a song, album, or playlist in your iTunes library by double-clicking it, or selecting it and clicking the Play button
  7. g that's where you turned on Shuffle)

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How to Shuffle All Your Songs in Apple Music If you've updated your iPhone recently, you may have noticed the iTunes logo was replaced by the brand spanking new Apple Music icon Open the Apple Music app or iTunes. Play a song, album or playlist. At the top of the window, you can: Click the Shuffle button to turn shuffle on or off I know Shuffle is random, and that true mathematical randomness means it's just as likely that you'd hear the same song 10 times in a row as that you'd hear 10 different songs, but isn't there some way to force iTunes to play all the songs in a playlist when it's on Shuffle? I'm currently running iTunes 10.4 on a Mac (Snow Leopard), but this is. Factors that Affect iTunes Shuffle Order . The shuffle order can also be affected by your individual settings. In iTunes Up Next mode, you can tell iTunes to play songs that are highly rated more often, which skews the randomness. Songs can also be marked Skip When Shuffling so that they're excluded from the shuffle mode

Click on your iPod shuffle icon under 'devices.' Click 'edit playlist' and, on the right, a panel will appear. From there, drag and drop songs into that panel in the order that you want the songs to be in. Once you have all the songs that you want, just click the blue 'done' button at the bottom right of the screen You'll now have a playlist with 5 songs in it. Select that playlist and make sure that the shuffle button is unlit and that the track numbers are showing in the window. iTunes will show you the tracks in order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Now hit the shuffle button. iTunes will show you the tracks out of order When iTunes shuffles through a playlist, library, or other list, it only will shuffle among items for which the checkbox column is checked. By default, this would include all the items in your library; only if you uncheck the box for a song would that remove it from the list of songs to shuffle Hello, all. I am trying to shuffle all songs amongst all albums for a particular artist. In iTunes it is pretty easy. I choose the artist and there is a little shuffle button. If I use my iPhone and go to my library and choose the artist, I cannot figure out where to shuffle all songs. For example, I am a Triumph fan and have 13 albums in my library

How Do I Shuffle Songs In iTunes So They Play Randomly

Simply select all the songs in your Party Shuffle window using CMD-A (Mac) or CTRL-A (PC) and drag them into the Source column to create a static playlist from them. Add the Crossfade effect (iTunes—>Preferences—>Audio—>Crossfading) for a more DJ-like sound With the previous version of iTunes (and if using grid view of albums), the library could be shuffled simply by enabling the shuffle button and pressing play. But with iTunes 11 I can't find a shuffle button unless an album is playing. How do I get around this? Thanks Itunes is really annoying on this point, the workaround is fairly easy though, shuffle the tracks until they look like an order you are happy with, then click on a track and select all (cmd A). Right click and click play next, iTunes will then play every track in the order shown on your screen

tell application System Events tell process iTunes to if exists then click menu item Albums of menu Shuffle of menu item Shuffle of menu Controls of menu bar 1 end if end tell Change Albums to Songs, Groupings, On and Off accordingly When I start iTunes (with Match enabled) and select a song, or tap 'Shuffle', iTunes only scrolls through the songs, flipping through each song (title, album art, etc.) without actually playing any music. It just started happening today. Has anyone else had this issue When you are viewing the song, at the top right just below the total song length is where the shuffle icon appears. It shows in blue when shuffle is active and white when it is not. On the top left, just below the current time for the song is an icon with two arrows chasing each other

Select the music you want to put on your iPod Shuffle. Click Entire Music Library if you want to put all the music in your iCloud Music Library on your Shuffle. If your iPod doesn't have enough storage for your entire library, iTunes will start from the beginning of the list and fill your Shuffle with as many songs as it can hold For some strange reason, Apple continues to change a few minor details in the Music app for seemingly no reason. One such detail is how users can choose to either repeat or shuffle songs from within the Music app.. Between iOS 11 and iOS 12, the feature stayed the same, but with the release of iOS 13, this has changed yet again Open Music.; Find the song you wish to exclude. Right click on the three dots to the right of the download or plus icon. Click Get Info.; Click the tab that says Options. Find the box that says Skip when shuffling and click it so you see a check mark.; Click OK.; Now you can hit Shuffle in your Apple music song library in peace, without worrying about Deck the Halls interrupting your summer.

After selecting the genre, at the top of the next page appears All Albums. Choose that, then All Songs, then Shuffle If you've been trying to figure out how to shuffle your music on your iPad, well, you're not alone. Apple could hardly have made it more confusing. First, you can't shuffle your music on your iPad in iTunes, because iTunes isn't even where your music is on the iPad! Your music is in the iPod app on your iPad, and you can shuffle your music on the iPod on the iPad, but you have to know the secret To sync music from iPod shuffle to iTunes, select the Music tab. Then select the music you would like to transfer from iPod shuffle to iTunes. Click Export to iTunes. It will transfer songs from iPod to your iTunes library If you want to shuffle all songs,then in the songs category press the album cover of any song and all music will be shuffled. If you want to shuffle only a certain artist then go to artists category press the album cover of the desired artist and it will shuffle all that artist songs I was just noticing an odd behaviour with iTunes (on Windows). The shuffle feature (the regular song-based one - yes, i double-ckecked) seems to be a bit broken: Every once in a while i get long stretches of songs that play in the same order as they are listed in the playlist, sometimes one whole album at a time

How to shuffle all songs or a genre in Apple Music - CNE

When iTunes shuffles through a playlist, library, or other list, it only will shuffle among items for which the checkbox column is checked. By default, this would include all the items in your library; only if you uncheck the box for a song would that remove it from the list of songs to shuffle On my classic iPod years ago, shuffle all would make a playlist of all my songs, in random order, and then work through them. Now, my iPhone makes a playlist of 25 songs, so as one is played, another is added at the end. Problem is, the song that's added has the same chance as any to be picked. So I keep hearing the same damn songs In iOS 8.4, users had to find a song from their Library, play that song, and only then could they shuffle all their songs. Most likely a design flaw, but one that proved to be a really annoying issue for people who had been using iTunes and the Music app for years. Now, for iOS 9, those unnecessary steps have been eliminated After the clicking, all the songs you have put into your iPod will be listed on the right side. Click the add button and there are two options for you: #1. Add File(s) If you want to select some songs from your music collection, then Add File(s) is suitable for you because you are able to choose whatever you like to your iPod from computer. #2 Tap Shuffle to play all selected tracks in a random order. If your current selection is a playlist, artist or album, the tracks within your selection are shuffled. If you selected Songs, all songs in your library are shuffled. 5 Choose Songs Using the Genius Algorith

How to Shuffle All Songs in Apple's Music App in iOS 10

As you can see, except deleting one or all songs from iPod/iPod touch, AnyTrans also can be used to transfer music from iPod touch to computer, iTunes library, even other iDevices. Absolutely, you can also add songs from computer to iPod with rating, playlists and play counts, and you won't lose any previous music on your device To sync songs automatically, just connect your iPod Shuffle to your PC using a cable > launch iTunes > select your device (iPod Shuffle) > click on the music icon > select Sync Music > select Entire Music Library to sync your entire iTunes playlist with iPod > click apply Shuffle within iTunes is a feature that enables music to shuffle between songs in a library. By turning this feature on, you are going to play back music files in a shuffle mode. If you turn this feature off, songs within iTunes won't be played in a shuffle mode, but in order or other modes Instead, if your shuffle has anything on it, select it, select all its contents, and press your computer's Delete key. Then drag just the music you want from your iTunes Library onto the shuffle's icon. To see the order in which songs will play if the shuffle is set to play from beginning to end, click the Number heading in iTunes' main window

If iTunes did the encoding though it would play those fine and songs at a lower rate like 128k or 192k seemeed to all play fine to. I have a new one now and it did the same thing, but not as bad so it may be a Shuffle firmware limitation on high bitrate MP3s not enocoded by iTunes All of my playlists and music were gone and I was not able to access the unit via Itunes. I reloaded the Ipod software and was able to use the iPod. Matt Fusfield adds I've had the same problem. iTunes will play all of your songs without repeats until you have heard them all as-is. A user would simply go to their music collection, select the shuffle action, and then begin playing a song. No song will be repeated until all of them have been played, which you should have been able to take away if you read the OP or the comment thread

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Firstly, if your iPod has songs that are not in iTunes library, these songs will be erased when syncing with iTunes. To avoid the 'Erase and Sync' message, please jump to Part 6 . Secondly, before plugging iPod to computer, please check Prevent iPods, iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically from Edit > Preference > Devices ITunes song shuffle... first 10 songs in your shuffle... GO! - AC/DC - It's a long way to the top Aerosmith - Dream on Bad Company - Shooting Star Beatl This needs addressing, shuffle programming is very well established code - and its not hard to apply a do not repeat until all songs played code rule. Let me know if you want to know more. is there anything else I can do on this forum to assist getting this fixed iTunes (/ ˈ aɪ tj uː n z /) is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, mobile device management utility, and the client app for iTunes Store, developed by Apple Inc. It is used to purchase, play, download, and organize digital multimedia, on personal computers running the macOS and Windows operating systems, and can be used to rip songs from CDs, as well as play content.

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Owing to mistakenly deletion or factory setting, songs in iPod can be missing. And other reasons like iTunes upgrading or the iPod synced with iTunes on a new computer can also make the music disappear. That was a disaster to users listening to music with iPod Touch/Shuffle/Nano especially when these songs have unique meanings to them ITunes song shuffle... first 10 songs in your shuffle... GO! - Sebadoh - Mind Reader Arcade Fire - Sprawl I (Flatland) Fu Manchu - Let Me Out Failure - I have a 1 GB Shuffle and whenever I use the autofill option or just try and transfer a group of songs to the Shuffle, iTunes hangs up and the Shuffle becomes unresponsive and I'm not able to even force quit out of iTunes. What the heck is going on here? I use the software restore in the ipod updater Shuffle music by an artist on iOS. Add an artist's music to the Up Next queue by tapping Play Next or Add to Up Next. Q: I wanted to use my iPhone to play an artist and shuffle all their songs

Q: Before iTunes 11, I used to be able to shuffle playlists by clicking the double-arrow icon. This would change the order of tracks, and when I synced my iPod, the new order would get synced - Work well with various iDevices, including iPod touch 5/4/3/2, iPod shuffle 4/3/2/1, iPod classic 3/2, iPod nano 6/5/4/3/2, as well as all models of iPhone and iPad, with iOS 4 and up. Guidance on how to transfer music from iPod to computer without iTunes using MobiKin Assistant for iOS I believe the Shuffle can only interact with one machine at a time, if you plug it into another machine to load songs it will erase all the songs from the first machine. Or it will simply not show up in iTunes. (If you tell iTunes to ignore that shuffle you can't load new songs from the 2nd machine, but you can at least charge the battery.

Why iPhone shuffle always play the same song!? MacRumors

In that same location you can choose to shuffle by song, album or group. If you are viewing a playlist or an album or an artist you get a shuffle button right next to the play button in the main window area. So it is just when you view your entire collection at once (all albums, all songs, etc) that you don't have an obvious shuffle button Using Shift and/or Command, select all the tracks you wish to play as one. Press Comamnd-I to open a combined Info window for the selected tracks. On the Details tab, click in the Grouping input field, and enter the name of the last song in the group. Click OK to close the Info window To set your iPod shuffle to play all songs at the same volume: Choose Edit > Preferences, click Playback, and make sure Sound Check is selected. Note: This setting makes all iTunes music and video play at the same volume level In addition to having a ton of music on my Apple iPod, I also have a copy of it all on my laptop, which is great. Any time I want I can plug in my headphones and listen to it while working. Except there are some songs that I just don't want to show up when I'm in shuffle mode in iTunes Press Shuffle Again. First of all, many consumers have complained about the issue that occurs with iTunes—and now with streaming services—where the songs they listen to on shuffle play in the same order every time. This can be frustrating for those who chose the shuffle option to get a new order of songs each time they listen to their playlist

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iTunes plays one specific album under the 'songs' shuffle type - when the shuffle type is set to 'grouping', the issue no longer persists. I have 4/13 songs from the album (none sequential), however each time the shuffle hits one of the songs, all from that album in the playlist play in order (though none that are not in the playlist) Go to the main display for the song (with the album cover) and slide that UP. You will see a shuffle button and a repeat button. Both may be highlighted or only the repeat may be highlighted. In any event, click on the buttons until you see only the shuffle button highlighted iPod Shuffle (3rd generation or higher) iPod nano; When music is synced to your iOS device, any songs that iTunes finds that aren't on your computer will be deleted from the iOS device. How to Connect your iOS Device to iTunes . Before connecting the iPhone, iPad, iPod to your computer, make sure your iTunes software is up-to-date Essentially, when you turn on shuffle, iTunes creates a randomly generated shuffle order of your entire library (assuming that's where you turned on Shuffle)

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It could be 'shuffle mode' where the songs will be played in a random order. If you could sent me more information such as is it on an iPhone or a Mac, what version of Apple Music/iTunes, what screen it appears in, and whereabouts on the screen the icon appears, that would be helpful Select all songs. You can select all songs on a Mac by holding down ⌘ Cmd and clicking one box. On a PC, hold Ctrl and click one box. All boxes will now have check marks. Click again to deselect all songs. It is important to click inside the box here. Clicking on the song name will highlight only that song, inside of checking all song boxes Click on Library button and then tap Songs button. Step 3. You can see Shuffle All option at the upper-left corner of the screen, click on that option to start shuffling all music in the library. Option 3: Moreover, another easier method is to use Siri as Siri can operate all applications on your iPhone according to your instructions Shuffle or not. Q: I have a mix of songs, albums and audiobooks, all in playlists in my iTunes library. I would like to have the playlists that contain music shuffle all their songs, and the. Open iTunes and click File > Tap Add File to Library. View and select music from Windows Media Player > click Open. Next, connect your iPod to computer, and it will be detected by iTunes. Click Music icon on iTunes and it will show the list of songs

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How to shuffle or repeat songs in Apple Music on iPhone and iPad. Open the Music app and tap on the Now Playing card. Swipe down below the Now Playing information to gain access to more details. I had my iTunes library playing on shuffle today and, within 20 minutes, I heard three songs from the same artist. I have 20 of this artist's songs and 6,000 songs total. This happens to me all the time. Is iTunes' shuffle really random? If not, why do similar songs appear within close proximity There is a shuffle button right beside the playlist name (at the top), when you have a playlist selected. In the above, my sidebar is off, (so I get this bar). Songs Albums Artists Genres Playlists Radio Match iTunes Store. but this also works if a playlist is selected and the sidebar is on In this tutorial, we learn how to put music on an iPod shuffle using iTunes music. First, open up iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPod to your computer via the USB cable. From here, you will see the summary information about your iPod and other tabs at the top of the screen. From here, you will be able to manage your music that you already have on your computer I expect shuffle mode to randomly play all the songs in whatever playlist is currently active, one by one, and without repeating any songs until all the songs are played

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Party Shuffle is iTunes' equivalent of the iPod's Shuffle Songs feature, except that you get to see what's coming next (see Party Time). Party Shuffle chooses songs at random from your library,.. Download macOS Catalina for an all‑new entertainment experience. Your music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and audiobooks will transfer automatically to the Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books apps where you'll still have access to your favorite iTunes features, including purchases, rentals, and imports Okay, so I have some songs checked and some unchecked because my iPhone can't hold all my music. My iPhone is set to sync only checked songs. But when I go to Party Shuffle/iTunes DJ, it will only shuffle those checked songs. Is there any way I can tell it to include all songs (checked and unchecked) during shuffle Try downloading the most current version of iTunes. Also, when it is in shuffle mode, the songs might not appear to be shuffled, but when you hit next song, it jumps to a different part of the list. 1 Why does iTunes shuffle the same songs? Essentially, when you turn on Shuffle, iTunes creates a randomly generated Shuffle order of your entire library (assuming that's where you turned on Shuffle). Doing this causes iTunes to recreate the random traversal path through your playlist (or entire library). It re-seeds the random number generator

Why iTunes Shuffle Isn't Random (and How to Fix It

Smart Shuffle brings album shuffle back to you, randomly shuffling your music and playing it back one album at a time with songs selected in the order that the artist intended. If you love albums, Smart Shuffle is the only music player you need How to Shuffle Songs in Apple Music on iPhone and iPad Running in iOS 13. Step #1. Launch the Apple Music app on your iPhone. Step #2. Select any song from the album or playlist. Step #3. While the song is playing on your device, tap on now playing strip, which is near the bottom of the screen

Jack Ü - Where Are You Now featDrake & Lil Wayne - Money To Blow (Vodka & Milk RemixRatatat - CREAM ON CHROME :: Indie ShuffleThe Cranberries - Dreams (Passion Pit Cover) :: Indie ShuffleGotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Gang Colours Remix

Selecting Shuffle Songs is effectively the same as choosing a song from the Songs menu with shuffle mode enabled, although obviously with the Shuffle Songs feature begins with a random selection as well iPods Sync With iTunes, Not iCloud . The iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle don't have an internet connection of their own. When you want to put media on them, you use the iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer to download songs to the iPod, using a process called syncing, not iCloud When starting a shuffle from a list of songs, you will notice that tapping the shuffle button results in the of count at the top of the Music app interface to reset to one of however many songs you have in the queue. Disabling the shuffle mode will cause the of count to resort back to its natural order The first time you connect iPod shuffle to your computer, iTunes helps you set up iPod shuffle and sync it with your iTunes library. By default, iTunes automatically syncs songs on iPod shuffle when you connect it to your computer. You can sync songs while your battery is charging My downloaded songs on my iphone (itunes) will not shuffle(the shuffle feature will not highlight). When I How - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist I have an iPod Nano 6th generation and I want to shuffle all my songs without using the shake to shuffle feature and without having to physically advance the song

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