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Super-Angebote für Spax Torx hier im Preisvergleich bei Preis.de! Spax Torx zum kleinen Preis. In geprüften Shops bestellen Günstige Preise & Mega Auswahl für Spax De 5000+ SPAX 2020 CATALOGUE AND PRICELIST We've built up huge experience over the years and our catalogue contains over 5000 high-quality suspension components. These dampers, suspension and spring kits are all well developed parts, built in a TüV certified factory The latest SPAX catalogues and brochures can be found here. The latest SPAX catalogues and brochures can be found here. Products. Find the right product for your project with just a few clicks. SPAX Product Catalogue Compact 2021. PDF Download (63 MB) SPAX Retail Catalogue 2020. PDF Download (16 MB) Pricelist. SPAX Pricelist 2021. PDF.

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performance suspension kits Golf 4 (1E)-05/98--Hatch, Estate-1.8,1.8T,2.0,2.3 V5,1.9TDi;2.8 V6-4-Motion, Syncro-Lowering:25-55 / 25-55mm- Performance Kit; Ride & Height Adjustable Fr&Rr More Detail SPAX SUSPENSION - Quality Guaranteed Performance dampers, manufactured to the most stringent standards. Spax supply premium on-car adjustable shock absorbers and matched suspension kits, supplying OEM clients, Motorsport Teams, Enthusiasts, Garages, Restoration Shops and Dealers - on time and at a consistent price / quality threshold which has cemented many long term relationships Spax CSX / KSX and TrakSpax shocks are option-based, customer-specified dampers, built to order, providing upgraded, adjustable damping to ensure the best possible suspension set-up and tuning to driving style and prevailing conditions Unlike many of our competitors, Spax catalogued product is single adjustable as standard (provides 28 stages of on-car rebound/bump adjustment) and many privateers and teams use Gas Pressurised Spax G and TA adjustables out of the box to improve their racecar suspension Whether it's a damper designed specifically from our TrakSpax range, or supplied off the shelf from our catalogue, Spax dampers are all on-car adjustable to provide tuned suspension set-up. It doesn't matter if you use Spax on the road or the track, the quality, performance, roadholding and driver confidence will all be upgraded from original.

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SPAX Product Catalogue Compact 2021. PDF Download (63 MB) Pricelist. SPAX Pricelist 2021. PDF Download (60 MB) Product brochures. SPAX Outdoor Wooden Decking. PDF Download (2 MB) SPAX Outdoor Decking and Facade. PDF Download (33 MB) SPAX slate screw. PDF Download (1 MB) Flyer - SPAX Adjusting screw SPAX, the specialist for modern fastening technology, always relies on the highest quality in its product range. As a specialist for wood, we would like to introduce you to the special properties of SPAX screws. Catalogues/Brochures. Here you will find our extensive range of brochures, flyers and catalogues This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you

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KONI is the premier manufacturer of adjustable shocks in the world. Our shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the tightest tolerances. Each shock absorber, no matter which specific feature it has, is tailor made for your car One particular brand, Spax, specialise in high performance suspension parts including coilovers, lowering springs, shock absorbers and a whole host of different suspension kits to help you adjust the way your car rides, giving you the ability to upgrade to the very best suspension parts around Maybe it is unfair on Bilstein shocks to compare them to Spax. But, the price of the two products is similar and both products are targeted at the same custo.. GAZ produce a wide range of performance shock absorbers with adjustable damper rates. Shock absorbers are available with or without coilover springs and ride height adjustable versions also feature in the range. Complete spring and shock absorber suspension kits are available in GAZ GHA and GAZ GOLD versions

For SACHS spare parts various catalogs are available as PDF for download free of charge, e.g. the SACHS shock absorber or the SACHS clutch catalog. Download PDF catalog. ZF Online Catalogs. ZF Aftermarket provides different online catalogs for SACHS spare parts to help you to find the right SACHS product. ZF online catalogs Screw finder: find the right screw with just a few clicks. For all areas and applications: SPAX Universal. Special. Timber construction. Stainless steel Front Shock Set, Spax Adjustable, TR4A-TR6 SKU: 2582 $ 320.00 Shock Link Set, Rod End, Rear, TR4A-TR6 SKU: 261 Drag Racing Shocks and Replacement Parts. The 8212 SPA1 series of dampers is an aluminum bodied coilover that features externally adjustable rebound and compression damping. Due to its unique valving and wide range of adjustment, this drag racing damper satisfies a wide range of suspension configurations and spring rates Spax shocks is that they can be adjusted to personal preference! Bespoke Spax replacement shock absorbers for the RV8 The replacement Spax shock absorbers available from Clive Wheatley are a bespoke set of front and back units developed specifically for the RV8. They are the result of the skilful development work an

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In the late 1970s, SPAX was the market leader in road car suspension in the U.K. By the mid 1980s, SPAX moved its engineering, sales, warehouse and administration to Bicester in Oxfordshire, the heart of Formula 1 country. At this point, the company was a market leader in suspension for racing, rallying and road cars Note: GAZ shocks offer a 30-point on-the-car rotary adjustment, two PISTON seals and a zinc-plated body for maximum corrosion resistance. Every GAZ shock is built to ISO 9001 standards and is fully tested and supplied with a dynamometer report Developed as Original Equipment replacements, SACHS state-of-the-art shocks provide performance and dynamics, while ensuring road grip and cornering behavior. Distinguishing themselves through innovative technology, SACHS uses aluminum and a thin design for lightweight effects. The strut tube's.. SuSPenSIOn KItS & SPrIngS damPerS racIng & cuStOm See Pages 16 - 19 See Pages 04 - 15 See Pages 20 - 28 3. www.spaxperformance.com all prices Include sales Tax w.spax all prices Include sales Tax w.spa dampers Front Rear TA/G £ EACH G £ EACH GINETTA G11 65-66 G458 89.99 G458 89.9

SACHS, the traditional German brand, offers high-quality, state-of-the-art clutches, shocks and dampers 34-1022 SPAX Assembled Rear Shock and Spring Kit|If your E-Type's shocks are tired, most likely your coil springs aren't far behind. We've taken the hassle out of replacing springs and shocks by doing the work for you. All you do is unbolt the old spring Spax shock absobers adjustment. Reply Reply Author. Discussion. alan snowling. Original Poster. 60 posts. 184 months. Saturday 29th July 2006. I want to drive my M for the rest of the summer and.

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  1. Your single source supplier - featuring a complete line of ride control products for today's medium, heavy-duty, and industrial markets
  2. The shock absorber mounting (suspension strut support bearing) is the upper attachment/pivotal point between the shock absorber and chassis. This has to face many challenges, such as adverse weather conditions, which is why it is classed as a 'wear and tear' part
  3. Classic Shocks The KONI Classic line makes modern shock absorber technology available for classic cars and cars from the '40s, '50s and '60s. They have the same superior qualities which the KONI products offer to modern cars. Classic shocks are finished with the traditional red or black paint and feature the KONI Classic Wing logo
  4. Spax 2020 Retail Price List. Spax 2020 Retail Price List. Powered by. For a more accessible version of this content, we recommended using the 'Download PDF' menu option. Zoom in. Increase Zoom level. Decrease Zoom level. Page overview. Full screen Exit full screen. Download as PDF.
  5. KONI is the premier manufacturer of performance and adjustable shocks in the world. KONI shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the tightest tolerances. KONI has taken shock absorber performance and comfort to the next level with patented Frequency Selective Damping) technology
  6. The Monroe® Magnum™ shock absorber is the first gas-charged, large bore shock specifically designed for air spring and taper leaf suspensions. Its nitrogen gas charge provides the fast response essential for today's heavy truck suspension systems. Its extra-large piston bore is engineered to handle the demands of high mileage and severe use
  7. Find out in the GAZ catalogue. Check out the whole range. Shock absorbers and suspension kits listed by car make, year and model. Download PDF version of catalogue. View E-Catalogue. Race Reports. GAZ Shocks sponsor the following race series: Lotus Elise Trophy; BMW Compact Cup Series

Suspension Parts Morgan 4/4 including rear, spring, bushing, bolt, u bolt, tube shock conversion, koni adjustable shock, and spax adjustable shock Please refer to our new online catalogue. Search by vehicle make, model and year Select your make, model and year from the menus below to see which products in our range are suitable for your vehicle Finding the right Monroe® shock absorber for any commercial vehicle application just got easier. Use the Product Interchange to find the matching Monroe® replacement shock for any OE or competitive part number Our shocks are designed and rebuilt by a best-in-the-business suspension shop authorized & certified to sell and service Ohlins, Bilsteins, Penske, Koni, Moton, JRZ, Hyperco, Eibach, and more. HethelSport reached out to Öhlins in Sweden for a recommendation and the result confirmed that our suspension partner is one of the best in the country

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Tube Shock Absorbers (Stock, Koni, Spax Brands) 20. Rebushing Kits and Hardware. 21. Addco Sway Bar Kits—Front and Rear. 22. REAR SUSPENSION DETAILS, GT6 MK.1. This Zenscript catalog conversion was performed by zeni.net internet services. If you have questions about this interface,. Front Suspension Click thumbnail for pop-up. Rear Suspension Click thumbnail for pop-up. Must order shocks separately 100-535 Rear Tube Shock Kit 2 and 4 Seater. 100-536A Spax Adjustable Shock 100-536 Koni Adjustable Shock 100-536B AVO Rear Adjustable Shock Automotive Racing Shocks. Penske Racing Shocks is the world leader in suspension technology. Penske Racing Shocks strives to supply the latest technology to all forms of auto racing. We are major suppliers in the world's largest markets. From asphalt road racing at its highest level in F1, NASCAR, or IndyCar, to the dirt tracks across the USA.

Vintage 1964 Spax adustable for a Lotus (I found but have since lost a scan of a 1965 parts catalog with Spax Jaguar shocks with the same adjuster/eyelet design. If anyone has a photo/scan of a vintage 1960's E-type Spax adjustable, please post it.) Spax Krypton Shock GAZ Shock Longer damper for van,estate and pick-up.Adjustable gas shocks by Spax. All shock absorbers are not created equal; the Spax brand is often considered the top of the heap! Spax shocks are Krypton gas pressurised for much longer life, and unlike standard oil filled shocks, they are consistent in light to heavy use Hotchkis Sport Suspension 79020003 - Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1.5 Street Performance Series Shock Kits Shocks/Struts, 1.5 Street Performance Series, Monotube, Gas Charged, Chevy, Pontiac, Set of 4 Part Number: HSS-7902000 SPAX has been making suspension for the past 50 years, we are one of the best known manufacturers in the world. Named after a Somerset village called Spaxton and was the first company to produce on-car adjustable dampers

If I cannot get my Grady shocks rebuilt for a reasonable price from the company who built them, I will be on the market for new shocks in the near or next Spring future (provided this rainy Spring ever comes to a frick'n end). I want to hear about experience and opinions on the 4 options listed below. Manufacturer's comments also welcome SPAX engineers have developed these 28 stage adjustable dampers to produce maximum control and handling. SPAX adjustable dampers are uprated , shortened and pressurised with Krypton gas. This produces not only superior low speed ride quality, but also high speed performance that is ultra stable, fade free and therefore significantly improved SPAX #10 x 3 in. T-Star Plus Flat Head Interior / Exterior HCR-X Screw (335 per Box Stock grade shocks are listed along with high-performance shocks from Koni and Spax. Note that. Spax shocks may be adjusted on the car. Koni shocks must be removed for adjusting. This Zenscript catalog conversion was performed by zeni.net internet services PDF-Catalog (German) Print Item; Item / Part-No. Availability Price * SPAX Shock Absorber front 413 033 1787 Suggested qty: 2 each: available from stock. 169,00 EUR / each: SPAX Shock Absorber front for adjustable Front Beam 413 033 2275 Suggested qty: 2 each: available from stock. 169,00 EUR / each: SPAX Shock Absorber rear for Swing Axle 513.

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This read-only message was archived from a public mail list. Mail From: Regie L Bryant <(email redacted)> List, I recently recommended Spax shocks as an alternative to a poster (from the Phillipines, IIRC) asking about suspensio Details SPANGM1-KITY - Set of 4 Spax yellow adjustable Mini front and rear shock absorbers. SPAX engineers have developed these kits to produce maximum comfort, control and handling. Gas dampers are pressurised with Krypton gas REAR SPAX ADJUSTABLE LOWERED SHOCK ABSORBER. C-STR305 £55.50 (inc VAT) £66.60. FRONT SPAX ADJUSTABLE LOWERED SHOCK ABSORBER. C-STR304 £55.50 (inc VAT) £66.60. DAMPER SPAX ADJUSTABLE VAN/ESTATE REAR SINGLE. C-STR308 Your Mini Spares Catalogue 2011; Engine plate identifier Shop for the best Shocks/Struts for your vehicle, and you can place your order online and pick up for free at your local O'Reilly Auto Parts 58 xsur175 spax telescopic rear suspension kit mk1-mk2 spax adjustable shocks £249.95 58 XSUR176 SPAX TELESCOPIC REAR SUSPENSION KIT MK3-MK4 SPAX ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS £239.50 Units 7 & 8 Westfield Road, Kineton Road Industrial Estate, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 0JH, Englan

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  1. PDF-Catalog (German) Print Item; Item / Part-No. Availability Price * SPAX Shock Absorber front and/or rear 513 033 1350 Suggested qty: 4 each: available from stock. 169,00 EUR / each: SPAX Shock Absorber front and/or rear 513 033 1350 Suggested qty: 4 each.
  2. 0800 mount me. east tamaki | manukau | west | north shore | penrose | hamilton | rotorua | napier | new plymouth. tauranga | palmerston north | hutt | nelson.
  3. 2 PER CAR Spax gas shocks are made in the UK and features external adjustablity with a simple turn of the knob. 28 point adjustment. Each unit is made to the highest standards of construction and are stout enough for competition use or general street application. Non-corrosive plastic boots top the SPAX shocks
  4. Spax - Performance Engine & Car Tuning Parts JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser
  5. KYB front shock: $46.00/each: GSA272HD: Spax shock - front - external rate adjustment: $309.95/set: #G479: KYB rear tube shock conversion: $165: #KYBRTSC: Rear tube shock conversion mounting brackets: $109.95: #RTSBRKT: Rebuilt heavy duty rear lever shock: $99.95 ea exchange: #RHDLSTR6: Rebuilt rear lever shock: $84.95 ea exchange: #RLSTR6.

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Koni Shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the tightest tolerances, ensuring they perform to their best in 4x4 and performance conditions. Fulcrum Suspensions supply's the largest range of Koni Shocks in Brisbane. Koni has a large range of adjustable shock absorbers for both 4x4 and performance vehicles SPAX engineers have developed these 28 stage adjustable dampers to produce maximum control and handling. SPAX adjustable dampers are uprated, shortened and pressurised with Krypton gas. This produces not only superior low speed ride quality, but also high speed performance that is ultra stable, fade free and therefore significantly improved Most shock absorbers will continue to operate well for 100,000 miles or more depending on the manufacturer. If you need to replace or want to upgrade them, then these are the best brands to consider using. The following are what we believe to be the best shock absorber brands on the market today Suspension Kits, Springs, Coilovers, Shock Absorbers & Polyurethane Bushes From simple upgrades to complete replacement systems we offer the complete range. Dont forget to replace your bushes & add a strut bar for the BEST results! Take your car to the next level in performance with suspension, brakes, shock absorbers, springs, power steering and more from Pedders Suspension. As Australia's number one chain of under car specialist stores, we offer an extensive range of products and services for all vehicles including passenger vehicles, 4WDS, light commercials, trucks.

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SPAX Rear Shock Absorber & Spring Assembly E-Type 6 Cylinder £127.75: 47 C37271 Shock Absorber Lower Seating Ring for E-Type / XKE £4.80: 48 8687 Rear Shock Absorber Lower Collar / Damper Split Collet £5.37: 49 C19027 Aluminium Shock Absorber Upper Spacer / Top Ring for E-Type £9.45: 50 C17013# LOWER SHOCK / DAMPER MOUNTING SHAFT £10.82: 50. This new Shock Absorber Tool Kit is designed to overcome these problems and make the job quick and easy. The go-through design of the sockets and ratchet design allows the strut lock extensions to go right through the middle of the ratchet and socket Bushing, front A-arm upside Hard type Renault Sport: TT. New rubber bushing for Spax and original Girling shock absorbers. Used twice on all Spax and Girling rear shocks, and also twice on all Spax and Girling front shocks if used in conjunction with our 109089 washers

How to measure shocks - KYB Americas Bilstein Shocks.co.uk is the number one supplier for Bilstein shock absorbers and suspension kits. Our online shop has thousands of suspension car parts listed Check the OE (Original Equipment) number of a shock absorber to find the matching KONI Aftermarket part number. Please note: You can enter the OE number both with or without the dots, dashes or spaces in the number. For example, you can enter: xxxxx.x.xx.xxx or xxxxxxxxxxx and click on the black SEARCH button to find the alternative KONI produc

COMPONENTS,SUSPENSION,SU_SHOCKS for MG Midget Austin Healy Sprite. tel. 800-946-2642. Search. Search. Ask Question 0. 800-946-2642 View Catalog. View Catalog. Sprite and Midget Front Lowered Suspension Knob Adjustable Spax Gas Shock. Internet Price $137.95 Sprite and Midget Kyb Standard Front Shock Absorber COMPONENTS,SUSPENSION,SU_SHOCKS for Morris Minor. tel. 800-946-2642. Search. Search. Ask Question 0. 800-946-2642 View Catalog. View Catalog. View Catalog. Morris Minor Kyb Standard Front Shock Absorber. Spax Shocks Front(1 Pr) Internet Price $140.95 Shock Rear Tubular For Minor Pick Up & Van Only About GAZ Shocks Gazzmatic International Limited (a.k.a. - GAZ Shocks) manufacture a very extensive range of adjustable dampers and suspension kits for the road and motorsport market. The units are hand built to the highest standards in our factory in the south east of England close to the M25 London orbital motorway

What Role Shocks Play . How Shocks Are Made . Shocks VS. Struts . Safety Triangle . 50,000 Mile / 80,000 Km Recommendation . How they wear. KYB Shocks and Struts. Original Equipment research and manufacturing, engineered and calibrated for vehicles with miles. View our products, tips, and more

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The Pedders catalogue includes shock absorbers, coilovers, steering fluid, torsion bars and many other essential components that increase drive comfort and manoeuvrability, as well as Holden aftermarket parts to get your car performing at its best! Pedders Parts for The conversion kit comprising Side Brackets (undrilled for ultimate positive location), lower brackets fitting to U Bolts and cross bar (2 seater only). Includes all fitting Bolts. Can be used with a number of different makes of Shock absorber including Koni, Spax or AVO Head Office/Accounts: (09)973-4468 Email: accounts@sasgroup.co.nz PO BOX 97421, Manukau, 224

All fitted lengths from the old TT catalogue. Of course, we don't know the source of the springs. But finding original spec springs for the early cars is tricky. having decided at an early stage to fit new front Spax TT3301 shocks and then at a later date decided to fit slightly larger tyres, Yokohama 175/70/R13 which are now fitted Spax brand, all Spitfire, 2. 224.94. 179.95. ADD. all GT6. REAR TUBE SHOCK ABSORBERS, REAR TUB SHOCK ABSORBERS, GT6+ and GT6 mk.3 with wishbone rear. suspension and rotoflex couplings, 1968-72. This Zenscript catalog conversion was performed by zeni.net internet services Alongside each custom length Spax shock absorber, we show the size of the shock absorber when totally compressed, to it's shortest length. Once the shock absorber is fitted to the vehicle, if the vehicle moves downwards, hence the shock absorber closes / gets shorter, this is called 'Compression'. You should aim to fit a shock absorber that. Considerations When Lowering Your Car: QA1 Coil-Over Shocks vs. Drop Spindles Four Ways To Make Your 65-70 Impala Feel Like A New Car Cruiser, Cornering, Drag Car: How To Improve Your Impala's Suspensio

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Tube Shocks—Stock, Koni, and Spax Brands, TR2-TR6. 3. Woodhead Brand Tube Shocks. 12. Stock Coil Springs—Rear Suspension, TR4A, TR250, TR6. 4. Uprated Coil Springs and Adjustable Trailing Arm Mounting Brackets, 5. This Zenscript catalog conversion was performed by zeni.net internet services Over 1 million KYB shock absorbers are manufactured every week from our factories across the world, including our Japanese Gifu plant- the largest shock absorber factory in the world. KYB also has 3 shock absorber factories in Europe producing for both the aftermarket and for vehicle manufacturers, as well as a state of the art coil spring factory

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  1. Our trained experts have years of suspension fitment experience and are available to answer questions. Call 888-541-1777 Important Notes While suspension products shipped will match your vehicle's specifications, photos shown only represent typical components
  2. My publications - KITS2020 - Page 1 - Created with kits202
  3. 1-5/8 in. x 8 in. Stainless Steel Deck Screw Grip-Rite Prime Guard Max fasteners to stand Grip-Rite Prime Guard Max fasteners to stand the test of time. Certified 100% stainless steel all the way through, for maximum corrosion resistance
  4. Top Rated SPAX #9 x 2-1/2 in. T-Star Plus Drive Flat-Head Partial Thread Yellow Zinc Coated Multi-Material Screw (116 per Box) Model# 4191020450606 (129
  5. Spax Suspension, Springs & Shocks Demon Tweek
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