Ideal weight for 166cm female in kg

Your ideal weight should be between 51.0 and 77.2 kilograms (kg). The average ideal weight should be 62.7 kilograms (kg). These values apply for a 25 years old 166 centimeters (cm) or 1.66 meter (m) heigh woman The ideal body weight for 166 cm height is between: 50.98 kg - 68.86 kg (metric) 112.39 lb - 151.82 lb (imperial). Reference: BMI classification Explanation. Your body weight is in the normal range if your BMI is between 18.50 and 24.99. Using these values and your height in the BMI formula, we can find the lower and upper range of body weight that is considered healthy

Find your healthy weight range. Find your healthy weight range for your height in cm below. If you need to get back into your healthy weight range, we can help. Our NEW myWW+ program is a holistic approach to wellness and weight loss Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 25.4 Kg/m 2.This means your weight is within the Overweight range.. Your current BMI is greater than the recommended range of 18.5 to 24.9. To be within the right range for your height, your ideal weight should be between 0 lbs and 0 lbs.Being overweight increases your risk of developing coronary heart disease, as well as other health conditions such as diabetes Body Mass Index calculation for size of 166 cm. Free BMI calculator and information about your ideal weight. bmi.center - Free BMI calculator DE. Enter your data to see your Body Mass Index. Size (cm) Weight (kg) Calculate. Your Body Mass Index. 21.77 kg/m 2. for a size of 166 cm and weight of 60 kg. Learn more Recalculate. Your BMI at. For example, if you are a 5'10 male estimating your ideal weight with the Devine formula, you would add (2.3 × 10) kg to 50 kg to get 73 kg, or ~161 lbs. The formulas differ in the values used based on the research of the scientists involved in their development, and their findings 18.5 to 24.9 - you are considered to be within a healthy weight range. 25.0 to 29.9 - you are considered to be overweight. Over 30 - you are considered to be obese. My BMI is too high, what can I do to lose weight? A good initial goal to aim for is losing 10% per cent of your body weight

Miley Cyrus is 5′5″ and 48 kg or 106 pounds. Selena Gomez is 5′5″ and 59 kg or 130 pounds. Probably some where in between the two. Selena Gomez Height Weight Body Statistics - Healthy Cele getcalc.com's Ideal Weight Calculator - what is the ideal weight of 166 centimeter height male? 137.38 lb or 62.32 kg is an ideal weight for 166 cm height male. The men of 166 centimeter height with weight of around 137.38 pounds or 62.32 kilograms considered to be healthy Compute your ideal weight for height in pounds, stones and pounds and also in kilograms. This calculator computes appropriately your ideal or healthy weight based on BMI information. It also shows results using other (outdated) methods. This calculator applies for people of more than 16 years old men or women

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Healthy weight 166 cm woman - BMI Calculato

Ideal weight for 166 cm male or female - bmisite

  1. Find out the ideal weight range for your height. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to help avoid the health risks associated with being underweight, overweight or obese. There are many formulas for calculating ideal weight - not all of them work equally well for men and women
  2. Ideal Weight Calculator Being a healthy weight has important benefits, so what's an ideal weight range for you? Learn More Understanding your results and recommended next steps. Learn More It's important to remember that your ethnicity, whether you have a light, medium or heavy-set body frame, and other factors can influence what would be an ideal weight for you
  3. Good job! Your body weight is normal. 50 kg is a perfect weight for a person 166 cm tall. Keeping your body fit and healthy, you should always remember about balanced diet and exercise. You cannot gain more than 21 kg, because your BMI would be over the normal range.. Check how many calories intake you need on your daily basis
  4. The ideal weight for men. Men have a higher muscle mass than women, which means that their energy needs are higher. However, these needs should ideally be adjusted as they get older and according to the amount of physical exercise each individual does. The average male needs around 2,500 calories per day to maintain his weight
  5. An ideal body fat percentage for men would be 10-14%, or 16-20% for women. See the body fat calculator for more. If you are looking to lose weight - please read our simple guide to weight loss , and then find out our best rated weight loss programs
  6. e their healthy body weight. BMI (in Kg/m2) = (Weight in Kilograms) / (Height in Meters) x (Height in.

Healthy Weight Range Chart for Women & Men by Age WW

Use our Body Mass Index chart (BMI) to calculates BMI based on your height in cms (or meters) and weight in kilograms. This chart is suitable for people who are normal weight, overweight and obese. The chart covers the BMI range 19 to 3 How do I know if my child or teenager is healthy weight? You can find out if a child or teenager is a healthy weight for their age using the healthy weight calculator. Who is the healthy weight calculator for? This calculator can be used for children and teenagers from 2 years through to 18 years of age Ideal Weight for Women. Ideal weight in kg for dressed women of average skeleton, aged 25 and above, as a function of height in cm with shoes (for a more personalized norm, please see body mass index) Discover the average weight for women in the United States and how they compare to others worldwide. Learn about body mass index (BMI) and how it differs for children and adults. Explore the. Weight Conversion Table This table can be used to convert stones and pounds to kilograms Stones (st) Pounds (lb) Kilograms (kg) 5 0 32 5 7 35 6 0 38 6 7 41 7 0 45 7 7 48 8 0 51 8 7 54 9 0 57 9 7 60 10 0 64 10 7 67 11 0 70 11 7 73 12 0 76 12 7 80 13 0 83 13 7 86 14 0 89 14 7 92 15 0 95 15 7 9

Men and women have different biological and physiological configuration, thereby widely differing in muscle composition and mass. Thus you are presented with separate height and weight charts for men and women to help you ascertain how close or far you are to the ideal weight. Interpretation of the char The ideal body weight for 159 cm height is between: 46.77 kg - 63.18 kg (metric) 103.11 lb - 139.28 lb (imperial). Reference: BMI classification Explanation. Your body weight is in the normal range if your BMI is between 18.50 and 24.99. Using these values and your height in the BMI formula, we can find the lower and upper range of body weight that is considered healthy Kaufen Sie Ideal bei Europas größtem Technik-Onlineshop

Understanding your Ideal Weight. Your ideal body weight varies based on gender, age, and current health. This ideal weight calculator is an approximation and based on the standard equations provided by Welltech Solutions. Calculators are appropriate for healthy, non-pregnant adults The ideal average weight for women is the one that is healthy for her. It varies amongst women as per their height. As per the CDC report, the average weight of American women in 2015-2016 was 77.4 kg (170.6 lb) in 2015-2016, up from 74.3 kg (163.8 lb) in 1999-2000 Men: Ideal Body Weight (in kilograms) = 48 kg + 2.7 kg for each inch over 5 feet. Women: Ideal Body Weight (in kilograms) = 45.5 kg + 2.2 kg for each inch over 5 feet. If the wrist is 7 inches, the IBW remains the way it is. However, if the wrist size is more or less than 7 inches, you add or subtract 10% of ideal body weight respectively

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men: 56.2 kg + 1.41 kg per inch over 5 feet; women: 53.1 kg + 1.36 kg per inch over 5 feet; Guide to the Ideal Body Weight: Calculating and Reaching It - Guide Authored by Corin B. Arenas, published on August 20, 2019. Having a healthy weight doesn't just make people look and feel good. It helps men and women live longer, disease-free lives Weight in kilograms (A) Find the square of height measured in meters; BMI = A/B; Thus, for a women who is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 70 kilograms, the BMI = 70/(1.70*1.70) = 70/2.89 = 24.22. Most health professionals believe that the ideal BMI range is from 18.5 to 25

BMI height: 166 cm weight: 70 Kg Femal

- Ideal body weight for women= 49 kg + 1.7 kg per inch over 5 feet. Example weight calculation: Let's take for instance the case of a 23 year old female with a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. The result that is given by the ideal weight calculator in this case is listed below Healthy Weight for Women: According to Height & Weight A table below is given to you for check your BMI according to your weight, and height measurement. If yours BMI fall in between of figure (18.5-24.9): that indicates a healthy body mass index 7 height and weight chart templates what is the perfect body weight ideal weight for height chart in kgs weight for european swiss boysMale And Female Height To Weight Ratio Chart Disabled WorldEasy Age Height And Weight Charts For Men Woman 2020Easy Age Height And Weight Charts For Men Woman 2020Ideal Weight For Height Chart

I'm 5'3 (162 cm I think) and range from 100-106 lbs (which is 45.36 kg-48.1 kg or 7.15 stone-7.6 stone if Google's weight converter is correct lol). While my weight is at/just under the ideal weight for someone of my height according to Korean standards, I find that Asians tend to strive to be at least 15 lbs (or more) under the. A 5-foot-3 woman with a healthy BMI should weigh 125-155 pounds. Click here to calculate your own BMI. This can also help learn more about your weight health besides the weight chart for women over 50. Weight Loss and Healthy Tips for Women Over 50. The following are a few tips for women to help maintain a healthy weight after turning 50. 1 For a target BMI of 20 the formula looks like so: Ideal weight (kg) = 44 + 70 x (Height (m) - 1.5 m), while for the value of 22 we use as default it becomes 48.4 + 77 x (Height (m) - 1.5 m) The formula for imperial metrics is not used in our calculator, but is given here for reference Ideal weight calculator is a highly accurate tool that helps to calculate an optimal weight for men and women taking into consideration age, gender, and height. The ideal body weight calculator calculates an ideal weight for height and age, and gender according to the formulas developed by authors: Broca, Lorentz, Hamwi, Devine, Robinson. For a quick determination of BMI (kg/m2), use a straightedge to help locate the point on the chart where height (in or cm) and weight (lb or kg) intersect. Read the number on the dashed line closest to this point. For example, an individual who weighs 69 kg and is 173 cm tall has a BMI of approximately 23

Your ideal weight is: lbs or kg Method 2 ( B ody M ass I ndex) This method (other denomination Quetelet-index) gives indication or your weight at your body length is appropriate.Your weight is shared your length in the square Ideal body weight is a target weight derived from your height and gender. The following is a chart that you can use to estimate your ideal body weight range. There are a variety of requirements to be eligible for bariatric surgery. One requirement is you would need to be about 100 pounds overweight

Even a small weight loss (just 10% of your current weight) may help lower the risk of disease. Talk with your healthcare provider to determine appropriate ways to lose weight. For information about the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity in reaching a healthy weight, visit Healthy Weight A healthy weight is a weight that helps you get the most out of life. It's a weight at which you can have a better quality of life. If you're a healthy weight, you are more likely to live longer, and less likely to die at a younger age from heart disease, type 2 diabetes or some cancers. 1. A healthy weight differs for different people

Use this Ideal Body Weight Calculator to calculate your ideal body weight (IBW) in pounds or kilograms, based on your height and your gender. The calculator employs the most well-known equations to calculate your IBW. To calculate your ideal body weight using our IBW calculator, complete the following simple steps: 1 Using this equation, a 5-foot, 7-inch female would have an ideal body weight of 135 pounds, plus or minus 13 pounds. Her ideal weight range would be between 122 and 148 pounds. A 6-foot, 3-inch male should have an ideal body weight of 196 pounds, plus or minus 20 pounds. His ideal weight range would be between 176 and 216 pounds You can also check whether your newborn's weight gain is healthy or not. Typical toddler weights and heights Between 12 and 24 months, most toddlers grow about 4 or 5 inches (10 to 12 cm) and gain about 5 pounds (2.27 kg) Normal weight for 13 year olds. The average weight for 13 year old teenage boys is 45.8 kg and 13 year old teenage girls average 46 kg 1 The tables below show the distribution of weight by percentile of the 13 year year old population. Current units = kilograms. View this page in pounds American women aged 20 years and above weigh an average of 170.6 pounds (lbs), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).Height-wise, the average adult female is 5 feet 3.7.

Ideal Weight for Men. Ideal weight in kg for dressed men of average skeleton, aged 25 and above, as a function of height in cm with shoes (for a more personalized norm, please see body mass index) The best way and the accepted way for weight loss is to lose weight over a long run, making slight intake reduction changes and slight increases in calorie burning. See our BMI (body mass index) calculator for general information. See these calculators for more information on the ideal body weight for males, or females. For the safest possible. However, there is not one ideal healthy weight for each person, because a number of different factors play a role. These include age, muscle-fat ratio, height, sex, and body fat distribution, or. Dr. What is the ideal weight for 5.3 height female. My weight is 65 kg. How to get ideal weight.-Hi For your height your weight should be 53 to 57 kgs I am s..

Ideal weight at 166 cm & Body Mass Index (BMI) for 60 kg

Women: 53.1 kg + 1.36 kg per inch over 5 feet Ideal Weight Calculator by Body Mass Index Another common approach for calculating ideal body weight is to assume a mid-range BMI value and then calculate weight for a given height A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered healthy. The BMI calculator can also be used to check if your child is a healthy weight. If you or your child are overweight. Weight gain occurs when you regularly eat and drink more calories than you burn through normal bodily functions and physical activity. Read about the hidden causes of weight gain

Ideal Weight Calculato

A lot of people need less than the government's recommended amount - 2500 calories a day for men and 2000 a day for women - to maintain a healthy weight. Depending on how much you weigh now and how active you are, you can follow any of our meal plans to keep you on your healthy weight journey Note: The Medical board permits +/- 10% of the candidate's weight (i.e. if a candidate is 21 year old with height 167 then boards will pass him if his weight in between 50.4 and 61.6

BMI Calculator for Women and Men in kg & cm WW Australi

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 25.5 Kg/m 2.This means your weight is within the Overweight range.. Your current BMI is greater than the recommended range of 18.5 to 24.9. To be within the right range for your height, your ideal weight should be between 0 lbs and 0 lbs.Being overweight increases your risk of developing coronary heart disease, as well as other health conditions such as diabetes Healthy weight for the height: 128.9 lbs - 174.2 lbs Ponderal Index: 12.9 kg/m 3 The Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator can be used to calculate BMI value and corresponding weight status while taking age into consideration There is no normal! Everyone is different. Instead of weight worry more about health. How cardio fit you are. How you feel. And how you look. If you are unhappy with any, find a gym that provides services that you actually enjoy. Learn a skill..

What's the ideal weight for 5'5/166cm? - Quor

A healthy weight for a female adolescents from 12 to 18 years of age is: 12 year old - 31 kg to 61 kg 13 year old - 34 kg to 67 kg 14 year old - 38 kg to 72 kg 15 year old - 41 kg to 75 kg 16 year old - 43 kg to 78 kg 17 year old - 44 kg to 79 kg 18 year old - 45 kg to 80 kg Body Mass Index (BMI) is simple your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. The accepted BMI Ranges are as follows: If less than 18.50, then the person is under weight. If between 18.50 and 25, it is ideal weight. If between 25 and 30, then person is over weight. If higher than 30, the person is obese hi,i'am47years old women(26oct1968)my height is170cm,my weight is 89,4 kg ,what is the ideal weight for my age,? Answered by a verified doctor: Ideal weight: Please go online and look for Body Mass Index (BMI)..

What is an ideal weight for 166 cm height male in kg & lb

Ideal Body Weight Calculation. Determining desirable body weight for height for men and women . If the tables are not available, a simple way to determine desirable body weight is as follows: Women: 100 pounds of body weight for the first 5 feet of height, 5 pounds for each additional inch Healthy weight. Keep up the good work! For tips on maintaining a healthy weight, check out the food and diet and fitness sections. Overweight. The best way to lose weight if you're overweight is through a combination of diet and exercise. The BMI calculator will give you a personal calorie allowance to help you achieve a healthy weight safely. These are 15 Images about What is an ideal weight for a 19-year-old female who is 5′5'? - Quora. Download . Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator - Calories Burned HQ Download . 163 Cm In Feet And Inches Weight Loss - dubaiinter Download . Am I Obese or Overweight? - 80 kg Weight & 159 cm Height Downloa Cat Weight Chart by Age in kg. Persian Cat Weight Chart by Age. All in all, with a little patience and veterinary input, you'll have your fluff ball back to a healthy weight in no time. You can now check the cat weight chart but keep in mind the Weight value in kg and cat weight by age. Wait! What

Ideal weight 168 cm woman - BMI Cal

Ideal Weight for Men By Age and Height. Which man would not want to have the perfect weight? The ideal weight for men is differs according to age, height and frame sizes. Hence, it is best to have the right number, so that a person is not overweight for his frame and height or is not underweight either According to NIN's 2010 report, the ideal weight of an Indian man was 60 kg, and for woman it was 50 kg. The 2020 report said the increase in ideal weight was a result of increase in nutritional food intake. The reference height for Indian men and women has also been increased

Ideal Body Weight based on BMI - Topend Sport

BMI: A BMI (Body Mass Index) of 18.5-24.9 is normal. For the 1.7m female the ideal weight would be between 54kg to 72kg. You would need the height of the male to calculate it. Use the following link from the CDC to see for yourself In the 1960s, the average man weighed 166.3 pounds. You may wonder how you stack up and what the average weight for men is today. Discover more here. Learn how age and height can affect weight 1st 13.6lb (12.5 kg) If a child is smaller than average, then the average healthy weight will of course deviate. Some deviation from these average healthy weights is of course normal. However, if you are very concerned with your child's weight, you can always get in contact with your general doctor..

Ideal Weight Calculator (kg) What is My Ideal Weight

Body Mass Index. Body mass index, BMI, is a number generated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared. Body mass index (BMI) = weight(kg) ÷ height(m) 2 Don't worry, you don't have to work it out for yourself, just put your height an weight into our BMI calculator.. Our ideal weight range charts are based on body mass index, modified to take into account whether. healthy-weight women (BMI 18.5-24.9) gain 11.5-16 kg; overweight women (BMI 25-29.9) gain 7-11.5 kg; very overweight or obese women (BMI over 30) gain 5-9 kg. For women whose BMI is very high (over 40), many doctors say they should gain less than 5 kg in pregnancy. Some overweight and obese women will lose weight in pregnancy too For children, the requirement is greater than 60 ml per kg body mass and for adolescent boys it ranges from 47-60 ml per kg body mass, while, for girls it is 39-49 ml per kg body mass Height and weight How tall is someone who is 162 cm., and weighs 54 kg - 7/20/2016 5:35:09 PM. chomba I am 511 and I am 42 years old . female and pregnant for 14 weeks what should be my weight - 7/16/2016 8:53:07 AM. David Ullmann I'm 6'7 tall. 51 years old. obese weight of 343.6 lbs. What is my ideal weight for myself. - 7/13/2016 1:46:35 P The weight chart below is the most common ideal weight chart used and is based on the body Met Life Tables and is based on information collected by the insururance company. This chart is best for average men seeking a healthy weight. After viewing the chart see other ideal weight charts for men that may suit your goals better

These are the World Health Organization guidelines for the body mass index for women: < 18 = underweight 18 - 18.4 = thin 18.5 - 24.9 = normal, healthy weight Therefore, a BMI or body mass index (a person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters) range may be better than other formulas used to calculate ideal body weight. ( 1 ) For instance, using the BMI range option for a 6-foot male will generate an ideal body weight range of between 136.408 lbs and 183.597 lbs Ideal Weight Calculator. Compute your ideal weight for height in pounds, stones and pounds and also in kilograms. This calculator computes appropriately your ideal or healthy weight based on BMI information. It also shows results using other (outdated) methods. This calculator applies for people of more than 16 years old men or women This calculator will work correctly for female heights between 4 feet and 6 feet 11 inches. Click on the Calculate button. The weight will be given in pounds. You may Clear Values for another entry. Obviously, if you are trying to lose weight, you must use more calories than you take in

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