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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Whenever a baby won't latch, the first thing a mom ought to look at is the position in which she's trying to have her baby latch. No baby will want to feed in some awkward, unnatural, or downright uncomfortable position. Make sure his neck and the head are properly supported while you still have a firm grip on the rest of his body I have to tell you that there is no one exact reason why your baby won't stay latched on and cries. But there are a bunch of them. Much like troubleshooting your devices, you'll have to do a little troubleshooting to find out why your baby is pulling away Where to start when your baby won't latch on Take a break and a deep breath - Pass your baby to someone else for a couple minutes or put baby in a safe place and step away for a few minutes. Gather yourself and take some deep breaths. You CAN do this Skin-to-skin Even if you have not been able to latch your baby on, skin-to-skin is the more important thing you can do. This give unrestricted access to the breast and many babies who just all of a sudden latch on because the breast is right there! This is the best way to encourage your baby to latch

Some reasons your baby might be refusing to latch on: She hasn't yet figured out how to breastfeed. While making milk is natural, breastfeeding is a skill that mothers and babies must learn. She may be uncomfortable in the position you've chosen A good latch means less pain when breastfeeding, and also that baby is getting enough milk and emptying the breasts. Ineffective latching can lead to sore nipples, and baby may not be emptying the milk that is in the breasts meaning they aren't getting the milk they need in an effective way which could also hurt your supply over the long term My baby won't latch anymore! D. DaLza. So my 6 week old latched beautifully from day 1, never had an issue. now for the last 3 days it seems she doesn't want to be breastfed. She literally has my nipple in her mouth and she fusses and pulls away and is kicking and screaming out of frustration cause she doesn't suck. and then of course I get. Home Forums Baby Forums Breastfeeding. baby won't latch on properly anymore :(Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by mrsrof, May 28, 2012. mrsrof Mum to one :) Joined: May 5, 2011 Messages: 4,172 Likes Received: 0. My LO is 12 days old and I just don't know what to do!

A baby refusing to breastfeed can be very distressing for a mother. It's can be hard not to take it personally when your baby doesn't want your breastmilk. The good news is that most cases of breast refusal are temporary. There is usually a good reason why your baby is refusing your breast, and finding out 'why' is the key Despite this, babies have a strong instinct to latch for many weeks or months and most challenges can be overcome in time. Even if a mother has left the maternity hospital formula feeding her baby, and her baby is a few days old; there is still plenty of time to get breastfeeding established. Possible reasons for not latching include If the baby is still not latching after a few days, Glover will sometimes suggest a nipple shield. The latch An effective latch means that the baby is able to get the milk he needs and the mother is comfortable

baby wont latch anymore? My 1 week old wont latch. Things were fine the 1st 3 days then my breast became engorged and she hasnt latched on more than 1 minute since. ive been pumping and giving. Switch to a slower-flow nipple and make sure your baby takes frequent breaks so that he adjusts to the slow pace of suckling at a breast vs. the relative fast food style of sucking on a bottle If your baby is still not able to latch by the time your mature milk comes in around the third or fourth day (this is when there is a greater volume of milk produced), then look to use a hospital-grade double pump. A high-quality pump will help to tell your body to keep on making milk as if your baby is putting in that demand If baby does not latch or does not suck effectively (or won't sustain a suck for more than 3 sucks even with breast compressions), then either try supplementing at the breast (see below) or stop and offer baby a little supplement (1/2 ounce or so of expressed milk or formula), and then have another try at nursing If baby goes to the breast but won't stay there, ask a helper to drip expressed milk on the breast or in the corner of baby's mouth with a spoon. Swallowing your milk will trigger suckling, which triggers swallowing. If baby comes off the breast, offer more expressed milk and try again. Try breast shaping and breastfeeding in motion

Cuddle your baby. Skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby might renew your baby's interest in breast-feeding. See if your baby will latch on while taking a warm bath together If your newborn is not latching on well, then her suck will not be effective, and she won't be able to remove the milk from your breast. As your baby gets hungrier and more frustrated, it becomes more and more difficult to breastfeed, and your baby may begin to refuse the breast altogether My 4 day old baby won't latch on anymore.. help? I am a first time mom - my daughter latched on immediately and fed in the hospital very well. When we got home, my milk started coming in and now she won't latch anymore. She tries, but seems to not like it. When she does get a latch, she spits it out Care Plan: What to do if Your Baby Won't Latch Although breastfeeding is a natural action, it's also a learned behavior for both you and your baby. While it's true that some newborns and their moms click right from the start, it often takes a few days to get a good, deep latch where your baby is breastfeeding effectively and you're not. Baby will not latch anymore! I would love some advice, baby girl just turned 3 months a few days ago and for the past week or so has completely stopped even attempting to latch, even with a shield she will not go for the boob

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  1. All of a sudden since a day she does not want to latch on and cries when I take her to my breast. what could be the reason. Please help me. She is a very good latcher since the day one. She knows to latch on but suddenly since yesterday she is not liking. Please advise me. Archi
  2. Tons of milk but baby won't latch anymore!: just moments after being born our little girl was rooting and then latched! She was doing great and then day 3 my milk came in all at once. My breasts were SO engorged. Like I had burning bowling balls on my chest lol. Well, since then she will not latch! Breastfeeding is what I've always wanted to do, so I've been trying each.
  3. g down too quickly for him to handle. If that's the case, you might want to express some milk before feeding him so he won't have to contend with such a strong initial milk ejection reflex (MER) or letdown. Also, consider what changes you've made in his feeding lately
  4. THE BABY WHO DOESN'T NURSE. Some babies don't latch on as newborns. Some may have started out nursing and then stopped. Or maybe they never started. We'll look at possible causes and solutions for each of these situations. If your baby is past the newborn stage, please skip to the section on Getting an Older Baby Back to the Breast below
  5. My Baby Won't Breastfeed Breastfeeding is normal and natural but some babies don't get the hang of it straight away. They may struggle and cry, find it difficult to latch on, or simply nurse ineffectively at the breast

What to Do When Your Baby Won't Stay Latched On and Crie

If your baby continues not to latch after the first 24 hours: Try massage and hand expression before attempting at the breast. A drop of milk on your nipple can entice baby to latch. Even if baby won't latch, continue with practice sessions 3-day-old baby won't latch on anymore!!! Please help! t. todd's girl. Posted 12/10/09. I brought home my son today. He was born on Sunday and started out bfing like a pro When a baby is too fussy or crying, they may not latch on to breastfeed. There are many reasons a baby is fussy. If your infant is hungry, overtired, or overstimulated, breastfeeding can be more difficult. 1  Try to breastfeed when your baby is awake, calm, and before they get too hungry

Restarting Breastfeeding but Baby won't LATCH!: When i had my child via c-section, he was small at full term. He couldn't latch on, as I had flat nipples at that point. I had to use one of those nipple shields for the first four weeks of his life. Once he was able to latch on, there wasn't enough milk for him, and he had to be supplemented with formula my newborn is 10 days old and won't latch to my boob. I have done everything from rent a more powerful pump (production is not the issue) to seeing a lactation specialist and getting a shield & special bottle which makes the baby work for her food. Sucking is not an issue either for the baby, just sucking on my boob is the issue In the relaxing warm water, with your breasts readily available, your baby may just latch on again. Or go outside ― sometimes the sun and fresh air can put baby in a nursing mood. 7. Movement can help, so try putting your baby in your sling or wrap and offering to nurse while you walk around the room

BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming.With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with. Common Reasons Babies Won't Latch 1 The birth- Too long, too short, c-cection, head being tilted funny, vacuum extraction, on and on. Being born is hard on mother and baby, but boy is it hard on that baby head Newborn not latching scenario #1: They're sleepy - they just won't wake up or open their mouth enough to eat. The first 24 hours of a baby's life are usually pretty snoozy ones. They're tired from birth, they may still have amniotic fluid in their tummy making them feel full, and they're not really feeling a strong need to eat yet Dd won't latch on even when starving will not open her mouth. The minute I give her a bottle or paci she opens her mouth. Pediatrician said paci rules don't apply anymore & that shouldn't be hurting it

Without a proper latch, your baby will not get the milk she needs and your breasts won't be stimulated to produce more, initiating a vicious cycle of poor milk demand and poor milk supply. What's more, your breastfeeding nipples may become cracked and mighty painful when the latch isn't right. What is a proper breastfeeding latch Consider yourself a warrior, fighting the good fight for your baby! No, seriously - just keep trying and eventually your baby will latch correctly and you'll know because it won't hurt anymore. Once your baby latches, he'll start the milk flowing into his mouth, and steady, rhythmic sucking will commence. Congratulations! Your baby may or may not latch productively. A simple intervention is to let your baby use all of their natural reflexes to do it themselves, from start to finish. We may think it's helpful when the nurse at the hospital grabs your baby and your breast and then pushes the breast into the open mouth Maybe your baby won't latch on one side because he/she is more comfortable on the other side. Most babies show a side preference and will nurse more efficiently from that side. A mother may also consciously or unintentionally nurse from one side more often because she feels more comfy on that side

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Baby Helpline: Tricks When 9-Month-Old Baby Won't Sleep At Night. I can imagine how tired you must be. If her waking up more often started at around 7 months, it is likely to be due to separation anxiety - that happens to many babies as their mind develops and they start realizing that they are a separate person from their mom.. This anxiety is why they wake up so often and won't settle. If your baby won't latch or suckle then you will be married to the pump for a time until your supply starts to regulate. How to Breastfeed Again After Stopping. Sometimes babies refuse to latch after breastfeeding has stopped. This is usually the case with older babies, so if your baby is less than 3 months old, don't worry

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  1. Baby is 2 weeks old and i have been using nipple shields for my cracked and bleeding nipples. I don't use them constantly and the last few days I have been going without, but baby seems to have a problem with my right nipple and won't latch on without the shield! I really want to wean her off them as it is a pain using them in public - any tips to help wean her off
  2. My baby won't latch, I've tried every day for the past 358 days to establish nursing. I'm an exclusive pumping mom. My daughter has dysmorphic jaw anomaly and weakened oral muscles with an overactive gag reflex. I have tried most of these tips, shield and SNS hasn't helped at all unfortunately
  3. Baby won't latch unless I get up and walk around with her In: Breastfeeding Support My 4.5 month old was exclusively breastfed until I went back to work at 12 weeks post partum
  4. Help - baby won't latch on one side Hi all, this is a new issue over the last few days. We've had issues with breastfeeding since the beginning and right now on the right side he won't latch and will only suck on the nipple
  5. utes before those wake up times and wake your baby to feed. This helps break the association between crying and getting milk

A baby with clampdown wants to breastfeed, but probably isn't getting a proper or comfortable latch and may even refuse later down the road. As explained in the post, a baby with the reflex can be. For some, it started out fine but then, the baby won't latch anymore. There are also cases where the babies find it hard to latch at all, worrying parents because they couldn't get the nourishment they need from breast milk

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Squeeze your breasts! If your fussy baby will latch on, but then starts to cry, give your breasts a gentle squeeze just as your baby latches on. This will give your baby an instant shot of milk, and might remind her of what the whole nursing thing is all about. Preempt the fussiness I Can't Breastfeed, As My Baby Won't Latch On. Here's What I Did So She Got Breast Milk . Posted: July 24, 2018. Every single episode of expressing would make me feel like I can't do this anymore but to see how fortunate my baby was to be getting breastmilk kept me going. I started feeling more relaxed as time went and this helped. i've had the nessasary support and was told i'd got the latch right but as soon as i got home, it all went dowhill. she now won't open her mouth wide enough to latch and when she does latch i'm in screaming agony and shes usually gone to sleep withing split seconds and won't re start whatsoever. i ended up only getting a few drops of colostrum into her mouth but was taking me ages to even get. Gently pull on the pacifier as your baby sucks it. Make sure to do this at least 3 to 5 times a day, including when your baby is using the pacifier to prep for a bottle feeding. These slight tugs will help your baby learn how to resist releasing the seal they've formed on the pacifier's nipple Some basics Breast milk supply is a demand dependent system. So a woman with twins will be able to nurse both babies since the double sucking will double the supply. Any thing that interferes with the demand/supply system (especially early post..

If a breastfeeding baby either won't take the bottle from their mom, or mom can't be around, the scent of their mother may help to encourage suckling. A bottle can be wrapped in the mother's shirt or even a burp cloth or washcloth that the mother has slept with. 5. Trying different positions if your baby is refusing the bottl Baby doesn't want to nurse anymore - @alis1242018 - Breastfeeding Support - 20190213. alis1242018. February 13, 2019 at 2:24 pm I'm going to link to some information below that you can review that provides great insight for when baby won't latch or becomes frustrated at the breast. Slow weight gain but won't take a bottle to supplement. Sometimes a baby won't take formula like Similac, but they will drink pumped breastmilk. Try pumping and feeding her breastmilk in a bottle. It can be challenging to get a baby to take a bottle, the distract and feed method in this article has worked for numerous people

If baby seems to want a faster flow from the less preferred side, then try doing breast compressions to speed the flow. See the suggestions in Help — My Baby Won't Nurse! Patience and persistence are key. Keep trying, and praise baby when she nurses well. Most of the time a baby will take the less-preferred breast with time What if my baby won't take a bottle? Avoid nipples that offer only a half-inch nubbin to latch-on to. • A milk flow of one drop per second is easy for most babies to handle. To judge how fast the milk flows, turn a full bottle upside down and watch the milk drip. A faster flow may overwhelm the baby who is used to the breast The way your baby takes your nipple into his mouth while breastfeeding is called 'latch'. The better the latch, the easier it becomes for your baby to suck milk. The 'deep latch' technique can help your baby breastfeed easily. It can also help you get the proper position for breastfeeding and prevent sore or cracked nipples If baby won't latch; If baby is very fussy; We'll assess a feeding together, paying close attention to your baby's latch and how much milk he's getting; If you decide that breastfeeding isn't right for your family anymore, I'll help you make the switch in a way that's gentle and safe. This is a judgement-free zone

hi i BF my 1st for 12months after loads of problems many to grusome to mention,but was looking forward to my 2nd as didnt expect to have same problems as thought id ironed them out,silly me,with 2nd baby was discharged from delivery suite but became sore in the first day used lan cream[you can get on precription if sore]i was feeding every 2. rigid latch will prevent forward movement of the seat from teh seat bight, but it will still rotate downward during a frontal crash because of vehicle seat cushion compression, and then rebound back to it's normal position (but not much farther, because of the anti-rebound bar). it doesn't have a front foot like euro seats do, or an RF tether like the companion, to prevent downward rotation. If your breastfed baby won't take a bottle, going back to work, getting out for a few hours, or just getting some feeding help can seem like an impossibility. Here are 29 solutions from real parents and parenting experts to help you transition your baby successfully from breast to bottle Latch your newborn correctly. A good latch ensures the baby doesn't struggle to breastfeed, which can make him ingest a lot of air. For bottle-fed babies. He may recommend gas drops or gripe water after feedings or suggest a position that works perfectly for a baby that won't burp Reasons Your Baby Won't Nap, and How You Can Help Them Fall Asleep Medically reviewed by Karen Gill, M.D. — Written by Kimberly Zapata on July 22, 2020 Causes and solution

Then tube at the next feeding if calf won't drink. I have penned a calf in the corner using my body to keep it alongside a wall and just tried to keep the bottle in the calf's mouth. Sometimes they decide that maybe they are to suck on it and get something. I tend the calves on our dairy farm (over 100 calves a year) and know that there are. If your baby doesn't want to stop breastfeeding, you could let him carry on for a little longer. It's recommended that you breastfeed your baby for at least his first six months, and breastfeeding for longer will only do him good. Letting your baby set the pace when you're stopping breastfeeding is called a baby-led or child-led approach Sometimes pups mouths can have a cleft palette and it makes it near impossible to latch on and they can't drink from a bottle either. If this is the case the humane thing to do would be to put it down so it doesn't starve to death

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She won't suck from a bottle, just clamps her jaws. So we pulled out a 10 CC syringe and just worked some into her mouth. She'll swallow occasionally, sometimes works her mouth, but not much at all. I got about three syringes of solution into her. Any suggestions on what we can do to stimulate the sucking reflex so we can get this baby nursing The second and smaller doeling (~ 8 lbs.) ate somewhat well at first, but now won't even suck when we put the bottle in her mouth. We've tried all of the 'tricks' that we have read about, and nothing has worked so far. This is our first time with baby goats and ANY advice or tips would be greatly appreciated

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• Think about your baby while you pump. Imagine your baby at your breast, filling his tummy with your warm, sweet milk. Call the caregiver for a report on what baby is doing before you pump so that you feel more in touch. • Visualize fountains of milk while you pump, or imagine yourself beside a flowing stream or on a warm beach I have been pumping since February when my baby was born at 26 weeks. I have had her home for 3 months and she spent a little over 3 months in the hospital. I cannot get her to latch on so I am still pumping and exhausted. She drinks from a bottle good. I have even tried special bottles like the breast and she does not like that

I got there in the end with the latch but 10 weeks on still have a few issues but won't go into that. Anyway, my daughter had a tongue tie that wasn't diagnosed till 4 weeks despite being checked by hospital staff and a breastfeeding counsellor. It wasn't visible to my eye but after a third opinion it was spotted immediately The 15 Month Sleep Regression — What to Expect. Just when you thought you'd tackled the 12 month sleep regression and could count on some quiet nights of good sleep, your 15 month old is up in the night and upset!Time for the 15 month sleep regression!While not all babies will experience every single sleep regression, others hit every single one and it can be grueling 1: Your 2 year old's awake time is longer. As your toddler grows, she needs progressively less sleep than she did as an infant. Most 2 year olds need approximately 12 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, on average; compare that to a newborn's need for about 16 hours of sleep!And of course, most of your toddler's sleep is happening at night now By 2 to 3 months, your baby isn't making frequent eye contact. By 3 months, he isn't smiling at you and the sound of your voice. By 6 months, he doesn't laugh or make other joyful expressions. Around 8 months, he isn't following your gaze when you look away from him towards something else When your baby squirms, appears uncomfortable during feed, fusses, cries or refuses to eat, it can be challenge to figure out the cause. The timing and type of behavior she exhibits provides vital clues. This article discusses potential reasons for troubled feeding behavior. Signs Does your baby display troubled beha

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This is also a good time to try putting the babies on her to see if they can latch on and get things going. If that doesn't work, she can get a special shot from a vet that is supposed to help her milk production start. (This must be given by the third day, or it won't work. Their proprietary no-spill technology lets you pump smarter, with a continuous suction that mimics a baby's latch, as opposed to the tug and release methods of traditional breast pumps. Users have also reported yielding 20% more milk! 5. The Ollie Swaddle. When it comes to a happy, healthy, SLEEPING baby, the secret lies in the swaddle Why won't my baby breastfeed anymore? Sometimes, older babies seem to refuse to breastfeed when they'd been breastfeeding just fine until then. How confusing is that. They might refuse to breastfeed for several days, or possibly even up to 10 days (Mohrbacher, 2013)

Dysphagia in Children What is dysphagia in children? Dysphagia means trouble swallowing. This condition happens when food or liquids can't pass easily from your child's mouth, into the throat, down the esophagus, and into the stomach when swallowing If your baby resists taking the pacifier, try offering it when she relaxes, towards the end of a feed. But if that fails, try reverse psychology—a simple trick to get a baby to take a pacifier. But first, some information and answers to frequently asked questions about newborn babies and pacifier use

#3: Your Baby Won't Eat Because She's in Pain. Teething is a common culprit for a baby not eating. His mouth hurts. But there are other reasons for pain that may be contributing to why your baby won't eat. An illness involving a sore throat or ear pain may cause short-term food refusal The one which will bear the hinges, and another one, where the lock or latch will be. The latch post doesn't need to be as strong or sturdy, but if you are concreting in one post, you might as well do both. Buy some gate hinges. Home depot sells a wide variety of hinges as well as a few shrink-wrapped sets of gate hardware, including hinges and. Fast fix: Read the car seat's instruction manual and the portion of your vehicle's owner manual on car seat installation.Every car seat needs to be installed using either the LATCH system or a. Latching baby onto the shield: Utilize the same techniques to achieve a deep latch as you would without the shield, but align the baby's mouth with the shield rather than placing the nipple on the baby's nose. Wait for baby to open wide and then push him on quickly and assertively from the shoulder blades. Baby should start sucking right away Wrap the kitten in a small baby blanket if need be to help her feel focused and swaddled; just make sure she is still in a proper belly-down position. Rubbing the face with a cloth or toothbrush can simulate a mother's tongue and help them feel prepared to eat. 5. Complete the Routine

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So, ignoring the fact that my cupboards need a little TLC, let's talk about babyproofing. A few weeks ago I posted a list of 10 often missed babyproofing tasks. Today we are going to go through how to install safety latches on cupboards - an important babyproofing task, but one that I have never done before. In our old house, our master bathroom had a single sink with two cupboards underneath it Help! My Baby Won't Take a Bottle. It can be very stressful for parents when their baby has a hard time taking a bottle. Here are some tips that have been helpful for some families, and hopefully will be helpful for yours, too. Try having someone other than mom offer the bottle. It makes sense that babies associate feeding with the comfort of.

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Contact your pediatrician with your concerns about your baby not eating. Teething Basics. By the time your infant is 6 or 7 months old, you have probably established a feeding schedule. It is worrisome if your infant suddenly stops eating, though this is what can happen when a new tooth is erupting, causing gum pain. A child gets a total of 20. My Baby Won't Drink Milk. If your baby isn't drinking enough milk, it can be upsetting. Just as upsetting as when your baby is still hungry after breastfeeding. You may even think you've done something wrong. Don't worry. Babies not drinking enough milk is a common occurrence, and it can easily be fixed. Babies refuse milk for many reasons Baby Yoda comes with an information plaque with details on his height and age, plus a LEGO Minifigure to complete the display. The building set is available now LEGO.com and at Toys R Us $119.99. Read more stories from The Latch and follow us on Facebook Baby head shaking because of the congested nose by: mompro. My baby boy is 6 months old. When he started doing the side to side shaking, it scared me, but after researching, I am not so scared anymore. Many babies do this to explore what they can do as their milestones. For my baby, the shaking had to do with a congested cold Nutribullet locking problem. If your Nutribullet (model 600 or the latest model 900) causes trouble by not letting the container jar press in and latch, there is a simple solution you can try to fix the Nutribullet jamming problem before calling the Nutribullet customer service number. Locate the three plastic activators on the side of the main unit and try to push them down to see if they can.

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I've been exclusively breastfeeding for four months now. It hasn't been easy. There are days when I want to give up. He won't take a bottle anymore, so I'm the only one who can feed him. Sometimes when he is very hungry and nurses more intensely, I have to close my eyes and remember that he is my baby, not an abuser While using them isn't wrong, it can interfere with a proper breastfeeding latch. So try to avoid introducing pacifiers until well after your baby learns a proper latch . In addition, if your baby is always sucking on a pacifier, you may miss early hunger cues that could get in a few more feedings each day that will boost your supply After about 6-8 weeks (and sometimes as long as after 10-12 weeks), your body will adjust to your schedule and your baby's needs, and you won't feel as full between feedings

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Freestanding baby gates. These are handy if you want to move the gate around, and can be quite sturdy on their own. However, this type of gate won't work for stairs or once your baby is strong enough and clever enough to move it out of the way. Retractable baby gates. Roll-out mesh baby safety gates can be a good option. Extra-wide baby gates When you're more relaxed, baby tends to be more relaxed and nursing sessions will run smoother (your breasts won't want to letdown if you're high stress). No matter what methods you employ to cope with the demands of cluster feeding, keep in mind that this too shall pass—it's a common phase in the development of your child It was so positive and easy I never wanted to tell anyone about it because I knew that wasn't everyone's story. Fast forward to now, my second baby is just shy of 9 months. From day one we had a lot more struggles but overall we hung in there because I really do enjoy breastfeeding. But he won't stop biting me and I think I am just done

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