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  1. After assigning the IP we will now put your broadband user id and password in the modem. P.S : - You can assign any IP to your PC/Laptop ranging from to 192.168.254. But please do remember the fact that you can not assign the same IP to two devices. If I put it in simple, assign one unique IP to each connected PC/Laptop
  2. BSNL is the largest provider of broadband connections in India. With a large network of optical fibre cable spanning across the country, BSNL now have footprint in every nook and corner of India. BSNL is also famous for providing flexible and quality plans for masses at cheapest rates. Types of Modem's provided by BSNL depends largely on the plans they offer
  3. (IP address will be normally written on the back side of ONT/ONU). ONT IP can be or 192.168..1 or or How to check your BSNL Broadband and Bharat Fiber (FTTH) data usage online? BSNL FTTH Internet Configuration After , we have to set username, password and VLAN number shared by BSNL Officials at.
  4. Although the default gateway IP is for BSNL provided modem only, there are plenty of modem and router out there which opens with this same IP. For example, most of the D-link and TP-link modem router opens with
  5. . DSL router configuration window opens. Click on DNS in Advanced Setup menu on left hand side.You get DNS Server Configuration window. There are Primary and Secondary DNS Servers configured
  6. Hello I have a BSNL broad band connectin....i want to connect Cisco IP Phone 7960 series to use as VOIP.....but it is not connecting through BSNL broadband...The modem BSNL has provided is UT300R2U But i am able connect this CISCO IP phone through AirTel and TATA Indicom broadband can some pls help me to set up my Cisco iPhone with this bSNL braodband connection ethernet cable is connected to.

I am a BSNL bb user and since last 2 weeks i am facing issues with the default gateway IP. It always says pinging defualt gateway IP failed. In between it worked for 4/5 days then since yesterday it started failing again. I do not know how to fix this. Raised a complain with BSNL. but nobody seems to bother about that. Currently it is 10.239..1 This is a common problem faced by BSNL broadband users. The DNS server they use is not that active to respond. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. When you type www.google.com, the DNS server converts the name into an IP address of Google. Then it follows the IP address to fetch you the webpage Steps to configure BSNL Teracom Wireless settings are: 1. Login to BSNL Teracom Wireless Modem The default modem IP address is and type this number on the address bar of your browser and press enter T he BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is government owned internet and cellular service provider. It is believed that BSNL has 60% market share and considered as the largest provider of fixed telephony and broadband services across the pan India. BSNL ISP use the following dns server IP address for FTTH users:; 218.248.245. This post will explain how to configure wifi & LAN on BSNL AN1020-21 Type 2 ADSL Broadband Modem. Configuring the router will enhance wifi and LAN usage both at the same time. BSNL AN1020-21 Type 2 ADSL Broadband Modem comes with 4 LAN connections & can be used as a router too. Before re-configuring the [

How to Change BSNL WiFi Password (in BSNL Broadband Modem

  1. Password - ad
  2. If your ip address is of type 117.xx.xx.xx, download the tool from BSNL Broadband Usage 2.5.2.zip. Firefox add-in to check BSNL Usage There is even a firefox add-on to check bsnl broadband usage
  3. By default Password provided by BSNL is password.link for BSNL web self care portal is: http://selfcare.wdc.bsnl.co.in/irj/porta
  4. By default, your router IP address is This is used to access the router. Before starting the BSNL Wi-Fi modem configuration, we have to log in the router. Find the steps below for disabling your wireless LAN in the modem/router (DNA-A211-1) provided by BSNL
  5. How to change BSNL WIFI Password First, log in to It is the default IP address for most of the WIFI modems. If you have bought a new modem or this IP doesn't work

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By default, the router IP address is It is used to access the router. Before starting the BSNL Wi-Fi modem configuration, we need to log in the router. Find below the steps for disabling Wireless LAN in Modem/router (DNA-A211-1) provided by BSNL. Bsnl USSD CODE Setup PPPoE Connection in Bsnl Broadband ADSL Modem If you are a BSNL broadband subscriber, then you probably have a dial up internet connection configured on you computer. Every time you want to connect to internet, you double click on the dial up connection and enter the username and password to connect Welcome to the new selfcare portal. If you are an existing selfcare portal user, Please re-register with your email id in the new portal And for the BSNL broadband connection you need to choose an ADSL router. Three critical features of BSNL routers All the BSNL routers varies on following three critical features. in that wizard set IP Address to and Default Gateway to then click on Ok button at bottom of the wizard.. > A Man in the Middle Attack by cloning MAC IDs to represent your Modem can be done in intra-OLT networks. This could lead to unauthorized usage of your connection. The first step to prevent this is to change your PPPoE password immediately. Th..

Most of the BSNL and some other modem has a default IP address of, but not all. If you have some other IP address of your modem and you know it then put it on any browser's address bar and hit enter. But if you do not know what your modem's IP address is, then I strongly suggest you read this post: what is my router's ip guys i need help in enabling DHCP on my router. im using bsnl broadband.. router is wa3002g4 and recently when i connected it to my ethernet card. it was saying accquiring network address and showing connection with lil or no connectivity.. now i hav mannually assigned ip to my pc. and data is routed through the gateway.. and now i m able to open web management router page. but <b>i.

Configuring TCP/IP Properties on your Windows PC with BSNL

BSNL is still a great option to go with if you are looking for Broadband service. Probably you might be using the BSNL Broadband service and BSNL WiFi modem. Especially, if you are having a Wifi Router then it is a must to have it Password protected. To restrict Unauthorized usage of your Wifi, you can anytime add a Password to it and Lock it up Your IP Address: Date of Test: April 24, 7:09 pm, 2021 IST Bandwidth Test Please wait... All Rights Reserve Now, access the Graphical user interface of modem with IP 192.168..1 in your browser. It will ask for details. By default, details for BSNL modem is the same for all users. Username & Password are set to admin. In the left pane, click on Internet Connection under Configuration Tab. Once done, click on Add button as below The entry will be of type nameserver, where the IP will be the one provided in your BSNL broadband instruction manual. Access the router's management interface via a browser by typing the address The admin username/password is admin/admin Set the connection type to for PVC0 connection as 'PPPoE'

In my knowledge it just resolves a domain name to IP address e.g.: www.openw3.com is the domain name and it is hosted IP address is So faster you get IP address it will improve the browsing experience Your network card should be in the same subnet but different IP Address ( . is factory default IP address for modem/router.To make sure - find the factory default setting button and keep it pressed for 3-4 seconds while powered ON (i) Set the ip address of PC in range between to 254 (any one ip) with subnet mask of 255.255.255. with the gateway address of (modem as gateway to access internet) (ii) Next set DNS IP address to BSNL DNS IP address or if you dont know BSNL dns server IPs you can use opendns dns servers lPs of and 208. Recently I got BSNL DataOne Broadband home plan but I cannot get connected using the modem (ADSL siemens C2110) they supplied. I have configured the LAN settings with the IP address, gateway and DNS server numbers they gave me and also tried to access the modem configuration through the browser..

BSNL Bharat Fiber 499 100GB Broadband Plan at lowest price; BSNL Cheapest 50GB Unlimited Broadband Plan with 20Mbps at 299; BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem; BSNL Bharat Fiber plans Vs Jio Fiber plans Comparision Detailed Chart; BSNL Amazon Prime Membership Offers Unlimited Videos Download for free; BSNL FTTH Broadband on. BSNL Porta BSNL AnyCast DNS works with all major websites BSNL has implemented a AnyCast Domain Name System (DNS) for broadband and Fiber-to-the-Home users that should improve the speed of Internet.. by default BSNL modems have username : admin and password : admin After , you will get the router configuration. Here, click on the Wireless Tab. In Wireless section, give some name in the SSID (Serivce Set Identifiers), this SSID is also know as wireless network name. Then click on the Security tab below the Wireless Tab About us. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. was incorporated on 15th september 2000 . It took over the business of providing of telecom services and network management from the erstwhile Central Government Departments of Telecom Services (DTS) and Telecom Operations (DTO), with effect from 1st October' 2000 on going concern basis.It is one of the largest & leading public sector units providing.

BSNL Bharat Fiber Troubleshooting Guide : BSNL FTTH Common

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited d/b/a BSNL is an Indian government enterprise and a telecommunications service provider headquartered in New Delhi, India.It is under the ownership of Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.It was incorporated on 1st October 2000 by the Government of India.Its top official is designated as Chairman and Managing Director. Get inquiry about or contact BSNL official for reasonable and affordable bsnl ftth ont modem price. How to configure BSNL FTTH ONT Huawei Modem with FTTH Broadband Connection 1. Open your browser and browse the url using IP address 2. Login to ONT using default username (telecom-admin) and password as admin-telecom 3 Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), click on Properties, click on Use the following IP address put the IP address as, Subnet mask as 255.255.255. and Default gateway as and Preferred DNS as Click OK and then click Close, Reboot your computer to effect the settings BSNL Broadband Speed Test using BSNL Official Websites. The first and the foremost thing that you must do is to change the IP address of your default BSNL DNS servers to good public DNS servers like Google DNS or OpenDNS. Here select the option Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the following IP addresses in Primary DNS.

Here is a step by step tutorial to configure D-Link DSL 2730U N150 Wireless Router with BSNL Broadband. let us configure D-Link DSL 2730U N150 Wireless Router with BSNL broadband connection. Always keep in mind, this tutorial works only on BSNL connections and it won't work on other vendors. Pre-requirements before entering into Tutoria Open your browser and go to http://192.168..254 (This ip address may changing depending on the model of the WiMax device you are using. To find the correct ip address, connect your laptop directly to the WiMax connection, without using a router. Then open command prompt and type ipconfig. Look for the ip address of your default gateway This 2 Mbit/s broadband service was provided by BSNL at a cost of just US$ 11.7 per month (as of 21 July 2008 and at a limit of 2.5GB monthly limit with 0200-0800 hrs as no charge period). Further, BSNL is rolling out new broadband services such as triple play. BSNL planned to increase its customer base to 108 million customers by 2010 Bsnl broadband connection - http://goo.gl/FUfPkUse the Adsl splitter to split the single main line of telephone into two , the first output from the splitter..

Select the WAN Service Type - PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) then keep the rest settings default and click the Next button. See the screenshot of next page. This is the important step where you have to enter the broadband userid and password supplied by your ISP (BSNL/MTNL etc). PPP Username - Username supplied by IS Click on Interface Setup For Virtual Circuit, you can choose either the default PVC0 or PVC2. If you choose PVC0, then you need to set VPI = 0 and VCI = 35 (This is specific to BNSL). If you choose PVC2, the default values are 0 and 35 I can connect my Desktop computer with wireless 802.11b network adapter and Lenovo Laptop N100 Series to BSNL Broadband through Wireless ADSL Router. But, for this, I have to fill Username and password for browsing internet from my computer. And I have special IP Address too for Bowering Internet from BSNL Wireless ADSL Router Another method to increase BSNL Broadband Speed hack in unlimited plan speed is by customizing Local Computer Policy. This is a very normal and Genuine trick to increase the download speed using BSNL Broadband speed hack safely. Next Click on the TCP/IP and then the DNS server addresses where you need to replace the by default DNS Server.

Change BSNL Broadband Password Online for DSL / FTTH InternetTCP/IP settings for Win XP/ 2000 | Bsnl Broadband Hacks

The default Line Profile of a broadband connection (DSLAM port) is generally 2 Mbps (2048kbps). But sometimes speed problem comes in case of a 4 Mbps or higher plan & the speed does not cross. Your Request is in progress.... I have a BSNL DSL Broadband connection with dynamic IPv4 address with NAT. netmask 64 endpoint local ttl 255 mtu 1280 up ip -6 route add default dev he-ipv6 down ip -6 route del default dev he-ipv6 Add this configuration to /etc/network. I just got a BSNL Broadband connection (UL 750 Plan) and spent all day trying to setup the connection on my laptop and desktop. The setup on Windows 7 via wired connection was a cake walk, but the wireless on the Windows gave me hell. After a lot of googling and some hit & trial Now Bsnl engineers are also useless !!! according to you. Does this condition apply to you ? condition 1: Internet connection is working. type this link. myIPaddress.com: What is my IP address? How do I find my IP address? You will get your present Dynamic Ip address. Retype it in address bar. ( example 117.xx.xx.xx

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TCP/IP are one of the factors which play an important role in a stable and good network connection. You can manually assign IP address but using this tool is more easy and effective. So use TCPOptimizer to boost BSNL Broadband Speed without changing settings. 5. Update Network Drivers to Increase BSNL Broadband Spee Optimize TCP/IP Protocol Optimizing TCP/IP can also improve your BSNL Broadband speed. There is no default application for windows to do so. so you'll need to download external software to Optimize it. You can download anyone you like but here we have given the download link of speedguide website to the TCP Optimizer BSNL Broadband - 0 and 35; MTNL Broadband - 0 and 32; Airtel Broadband - 1 and 32; Reliance Broadband - 0 and 35; Second: Select PPPoE from the drop down menu as WAN Connection Type under WAN service Type section. Third :Enter the user id and password supplied by your ISP (BSNL, MTNL ). The field is case sensitive One unhappy BSNL broadband customers Sushubh Mittal filed an RTI application asking BSNL about the ads injection [].Guess what BSNL wrote back? The operator fully rejected the request by invoking Section 8(d) of the RTI Act, which states that information including commercial confidence, trade secrets or intellectual property, the disclosure of which would harm the competitive position of a.

Ending unsolicited messaging via BSNL BROADBAND Services is unlawful. e. Probing for means of gaining unauthorized access to computers or networks is not permitted. f. Forgery of any identification or obscuring of hostnames, usernames, IP addresses, or any message header information in any data, is not permitted. g How to Configure D-Link N DSL Wireless Router with BSNL Broadband. Default E ncapsulation Mode: HI I have wifi modem but my connection airwire is given by static ip address in computer i need to add wifi router to that thanks. Admin URL may be different for some models. Now the first page of Modem Configuration page will be displayed BSNL is providing ADSL broadband with a nominal maximum speed of 2 Mbps for their DSL connection unless they are opting for higher speed plans. For broadband users of up to 2 Mbps speed plans, the maximum speed setting in their ADSL broadband connection will be 2 Mbps and further reduction of speed will be performing at the ISP servers. In Windows XP, there is only a Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) checkbox. Make sure to check it and access its properties and do the necessary things as stated above. Save all the settings and you are done configuring your LAN. #3: Connecting to the BSNL Broadband: Bsnl Modem An1020 21 User Manual 201

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This is the step by step procedure on how to configure BSNL Type IV (MT841) modem for autodial and wireless setup. First do not insert the WLAN card in to your modem. Connect it with supplied LAN cable or via USB. Go to your computer Ethernet connection setup and change the IP of your Ethernet card to the following. IP Address: 192.168.1. IP Common Options Address Interlace Setup Advanced Setup LAN Access Management SRO ell S/second ells/second Maintenance Apps about:blank e Olli Other bookmarks BSNL BROADBAND Status rovided to you ATM OOS Mss P V.rsicn Servic ename Username Pass word Enc Bridge Interfece Connection TCP Mss option Default Route Dynamic IP Address Static IP Addres admin 1 Comment on BSNL Broadband ADSL Routers default User Name and Password BSNL Broadband ADSL Routers default User Name and password Bsnl Adsl routers default configuration details are mentioned below > Autoconfiguration IP Address : 169.something.something.something > Subnet mask : 255.255.. > Default Gateway : -- Blank Try the same thing in your desktop. If your desktop IP address is, try giving the laptop and check. If your Modem is DHCP enabled, then take out all the IP, DNS etc. and then try browsing # Override default 5 second timeout because BSNL DNS servers often out of service timeout:1 <== EDIT: this syntax is wrong! Should be options timeout:1 # Only 3 nameservers are used (see man page). nameserver nameserver nameserver

How do I connect BSNL Broadband with my Cisco IP Phone

I have a BSNL DSL Broadband connection with dynamic IPv4 address with NAT. netmask 64 endpoint local ttl 255 mtu 1280 up ip -6 route add default dev he-ipv6 down ip -6 route del default dev he-ipv6 Add this configuration to /etc/network. Configure BSNL Broadband ADSL Wifi Router Modem by Amit Saxena / September 26, 2015 / In Hindi , Windows Tips and Tricks , Windows Troubleshoot / No Comments / Configure BSNL Broadband, Step by Step Configure BSNL ADSL Wifi Router Modem - Bridge mode connection, Teracom and Syrma Make Type2 Modem

Turn Default Route to 'Yes' so that the connection is routed via your modem itself. 2. LAN. You may change your router IP address in the LAN section. Now setting the DNS can be done in several ways. You may choose auto discoverable, Open DNS*, DNS provided by BSNL or maybe DNS of any other Internet provider. I have used the first option Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), click on Properties, click on Use the following. IP address put the IP address as, subnet mask as. 255.255.255. and default gateway as and Preferred DNS as Click OK and then again OK and close every thing, reboot your. machine to the take the settings. One can use the. Here we are going to share some of the best BSNL DNS servers. Before going to check out the list of best BSNL DNS servers, it is important for you to know more about the DNS server and how it is going to use. Based on the speed of IP address you get, it will highly improve the browsing speed experience instantly

BSNL is one of the largest broadband service provider in the country. By seeing the growing demand for high-speed internet, BSNL has introduced FTTH Technology. So, if you are planning to have a BSNL FTTH connection or want to know about the BSNL FTTH modem, then you are in the right place Many BSNL Broadband users AIRTEL WIFI users, ACT Fibernet users reporting they are not able to open many website in BSNL broadband connection.I too had the same problem and finally solved the issue and would like to share the issue of some websites not opening in BSNL Broad band connection. Before fixing the problem I had issues accessing website like yahoo,Google,Facebook site opening problem. Bsnl broadband is a good service,but sometimes it can be very sluggish and slow like hell.If you need to achieve the maximum potential of your broadband connection follow these simple steps. 2.Select 'Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)' and click on Properties. Default gatway, Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS as. Hello members, I am in Pune & my BSNL Broadband keeps disconnecting & re connecting after every few minutes. This causes great problems if I am chatting or downloading. I have complained since months & BSNL always send someone over to check but the problem has yet not been rectified. Can someone..

The great news for all the BSNL BroadBand Customers is that its going to offer high speed internet broadband connectivity to its subscribers. According to The Hindu Report, BSNL Telecom Service which is offering a maximum of 256 kbps internet connectivity to its subscribers will offer upto 2mbps connectivity.. Mr.Maran has announced this at the India Telecom 2006 conference BSNL Broadband is one of the most used Internet broadband services in India. However, number of users complain a lot about the download speed of their Internet. Although, BSNL claims that the users get a minimum of 2MBPS speed, the speed will drop to 512 KBPS as soon as your FUP limit is exceeded

BSNL is offering broadband consumers 5GB daily data free

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If you don't remeber the password, Look at your Broadband Bill issued by ISP. In case of BSNL, Username is printed at the top-right corner. It is of the form yourname STD-CODE PHONENUMBER AREA. Eg : xy1142125227_ncdl . For password Contact your ISP. In case BSNL, they keep it as password only. Keep rest settings as default This command scans all Bsnl broadband IPs to see which are alive and have port 80 open. Micro_httpd is most likely a SemIndia router with a BusyBox shell. The Embedded Allegro RomPager are Airtel, Binatone, and Beetel modems being used by Bsnl broadband users

BSNL Broadband Wireless Configuration - Page 2 - Team-BHPBSNL Voice Configuration | BSNL Bharat Fiber BroadbandBSNL Broadband Solutions: Modem Configuration for ITI DNAHigh Speed DNS Server List for Bsnl BroadbandDSL Broadband Modem Configuration : Teracom T2-B-Gawv1

Get a router and set up a community like that (i.e. Plug the modem into the router, then plug the two desktops by potential of LAN playing cards to the router). the probabilities are high which you're plan won't paintings, the modems are pointed out on the device by potential of unique IDs pronounced as MAC Addresses and your connection will only consult from a modem with the ideal MAC handle. This guide will help you to configure the modem for using DataOne Broadband in PPPoE mode, so that you dont have to wait for the lazy BSNL fellows. The guide uses Windows XP as the OS and IE (v8 RC1) as browser. Configuring in PPPoE Mode(Always On): This is the mode set by BSNL fellows The broadband revolution is here, and thus the bit of hardware we call the router is gaining in popularity. The word conjures up images of people with computer science degrees attempting to solve.

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