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Silicone sealant und ähnliche Produkte aktuell günstig im Preisvergleich. Einfach ordentlich sparen dank Top-Preisen auf Auspreiser.de Wheel Sealant Protect your wheels from brake dust and grime with Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant. It's a long lasting, easy to apply formula for protection against brake dust and the environment. Wheel Sealant does not allow brake dust to stick and bond to the wheel so cleaning them is much easier

At Poorboy's World we create high quality car detailing products that are easy to use. Our car care range creates fast results & an amazing shine. We have some of the best car shampoos, polishes, waxes and sealants on the market. Poorboy's products are available from our stockists at affordable prices. Find out more about our story here At Halfords, it's easy to put together your complete car cleaning kit. You can buy online and have everything delivered to your door. Spend over £40 and you'll get free delivery and returns. Use our Click and Collect service and we can have everything ready for you at your local Halfords store . If you prefer the easy life, choose one of. Protect your wheels with Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant. It's a long lasting, easy to apply formula for protection against brake dust and the environment.Wheel Sealant does not allow brake dust to stick and bond to the wheel so cleaning them is much easier. In fact you may only need soap and water for wheel cleaning Wheels, Tyres & Exterior Trim Wheels, Tyres & Exterior Trim Sponsored by ValetPRO - ValetPRO was founded in 2005. We are a UK based company and manufacture our products from ValetPRO HQ in Newhaven, East Sussex. Our vision at ValetPRO is to produce the highest quality car care products and to be the trusted brand of choice for retailers, professional detailers and car care enthusiasts everywhere

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http://carvaleting101.co.uk http://cardetailing101.co.uk In this video we are showing you how quick and easy it is to apply the Poorboys Wheel Sealant to the.. Poor boys wheel sealant then a couple of coats of RimWax is the best I've come up with. The Jag is really hard on brake pads so it dumps tons of dust on the black wheels and it sticks like glue, so I use Bilberry every time I wash the car and the sealant/wax combo has stood up to it very well Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant Poorboy's Wheel Sealant is a long-lasting protective coating for wheels. Once applied it creates a barrier which protects your wheels from contaminants. Dirt, brake dust, tar, bugs, road salt, ice and more are unable to penetrate this barrier Poorboys World Wheel Sealant tested on wheels and after photographs. Excellent beading and protection from this product. We have found this lasts around 3 mo.. Chraňte svoje kola. Poorboy's Wheel Sealant je dlouhodobá ochrana kol tam, kde je problém s usazováním brzdového prachu, což je defacto u všech aut. Můžete p..

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At Halfords, we have a fantastic collection of car cleaning kits and products, including car wax , shampoo and car polish . Basically, if it makes your car look better, we have it. You can see our entire range of products perfect for DIY car detailing. You can create your ideal car cleaning kit online, or pop in to your local Halfords store. Autoglym Wheel Protector 300ml Keep your wheels gleaming with Autoglym Wheel Protector 300ml. Autoglym joined forces with their motorsport partners to develop the ultimate solution to the problem of brake dust. This wheel protector is a hydrophobic, durable barrier which minimises brake dust adhesion so your wheels remain cleaner for longer At Halfords, it's easy to put together your complete car cleaning kit. You can buy online and have everything delivered to your door. Spend over €40 and you'll get free delivery and returns. Use our Click and Collect service and we can have everything ready for you at your local Halfords store Halfords Wheel Trim Security Kit 4.7 / 5 (9) £5.00 Compare. View details 159 views today. Meridian Wheel Trims 13 - Set of 4 4.0 / 5 (7) Wheel Size 1 : 13 £21.00 or. we Fit for £26.00. Compare

Can pick it up in Halfords too so no waiting for delivery. better than their normal wheel cleaner, but harder to find in some stores (my local Halfords almost never have it). I highly recommend.. Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant - 3 stars Halfords Alloy Wheel Protector - 2 stars Turtle Wax Extreme Wax for Wheels - 3 stars Wonder Wheels Wheel Seal - 2 stars Spautopia PureX Wheels - 2 stars If you don't already use a wheel wax or wheel sealant I would heartedly recommend you consider applying one to your alloy wheels. Not. Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant. 9. SmartWax RimWax. 10. Turtle Wax Nano-Tech Wax for Wheels. 11. Halfords Alloy Wheel Protector. 12. Spautopia PureX Wheels. 13. Wonder Wheels Wheel Seal

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poor boys wheel sealant. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. jcw147 · Registered. Joined Apr 24, 2008 · 882 Posts. Poorboy's World has all of the exterior car care products that you need to clean, restore and maintain a like new appearance. Plus, our waxes and sealants produce show winning gloss and shine while providing excellent protection from the elements Poorboys Wheel Sealant is a protective sealant that improves and maintains the appearance of your wheels. It applies a clear barrier against dirt, brake dust, tar, bugs, water, and anything else that impacts your wheels Poorboys EX-P Sealant 473ml at the lowest UK prices from Euro Car Parts UK's No.1 for Car Accessories, Car Styling & Car Care. Buy today Online, In store or by Phone + Branches Nationwide - Next Day UK Free Delivery Auto Finesse Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit The Auto Finesse Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit is the ultimate kit for long lasting protection and gloss for your vehicles paintwork, and will let you bring professional quality protection to your car. The Caramics ceramic resin technology will bond to your paintwork, giving you flawless protection, beading and easy clean properties that not.

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So I went for a simple sealant. There are so many of these availabe and, being impatient to get the wheels finished, I dashed down to Halfords to see what they had in stock. They didn't have Poorboys on the shelf but I read some reviews first and Autoexpress had given Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant the top rating so I took that I have used Poorboys wheel sealant or Finish Kare 1000P high temp sealant on wheels (also a good, cheap alternative to wax and lasts ages on paintwork) and most of the time the wheels just need.

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  1. The brand is packaged in the special package of the Poorboy's storage box. This box can be used to store the machine efficiently. Pros. It has a long 5m cable, which makes the polishing more convenient; It produces amazing-quality results; You can efficiently apply the waxes, sealants, glazes, removers, and polishe
  2. The Poorboys Wheel Sealant does the same as the EGP but is easier to apply to you can throw a quick coat after a wash etc. Apply it with a foam pad, remove with a microfiber cloth. Tyres - Blackfire Gel
  3. If you simply have to use a wheel cleaner then use it carefully one wheel at a time, rinse well afterwards and use a really good sealant (Car-lack/Klasse) or special wheel wax (Poorboys Wheel Sealant or Smartwax Rimwax). Wash them separately everytime you wash your car with car shampoo and a microfibre cloth
  4. t rims, rimwax, poorboys wheel sealant. I still apply it as it definatley helps when cleaning your wheels but i still find the need use a wheel cleaner product on my R
  5. Be careful with acid based stuff like Wonder Wheels because they will eat the surface. Dragons Breath or Iron-X is what I use. They both stink but there is a chemical reaction with the iron fallout and the wheels will turn purple. Neither product is cheap but they do an amazing job whithout affecting the wheel

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  1. g wheels and can damage them if ignored. We joined forces with our motorsport partners to develop the ultimate solution to this irritating problem. Recommended in the 2015 Auto Express wheel sealant test group. Commended in the 2016 Auto Express wheel sealant test group
  2. Many people compliment me on the appearance of me black Saab 9-3 convertible but I can't help noticing that many (previous owner) five quid or bob-a-job week washes have left swirl marks
  3. I've recently bought Poorboys Black Hole (glaze) + Poorboys EX Sealant which are really easy to use and work well on my car (Satellite Blue R-Ltd). Both £13.95 for 500ml. Black Hole acts as a decent filler as well (covers up very light surface scratches) - so does Auto Glym SRP (Silicon Resin Polish) as recommended above
  4. Poorboys wheel sealant is the stuff you need. One application lasts months! Although it's a lot more money than this. SteHuz90. You can but not this easy, plus it leaves a sparkling 'brand new looking' alloy underneath. dgpf
  5. Paint Sealants. Synthetic Paint Sealants are a synthetic, polymer based alternative to a traditional car wax. Paint Sealants protect your paintwork, but rather than being made from natural carnauba based car wax a paint sealant is made up from man made synthetic polymers. Generally because these can be engineered a paint sealant can offer more durability than a traditional paste wax

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In order to help solve this problem a wide range for wheel waxes and wheel sealants have sprung onto the market in recent years. Their choice was the Halfords Large Alloy Wheel Brush Poorboys Bold n Bright Tyre Gel and Pinnacle Black Onyx Tyre Gel. Read more Halfords Car Polish, £3.50 from Halfords - buy here; This liquid-wax-sealant-cum-polish isn't the easiest to apply, but if you have the time or need an excuse to meditate, the results go. Used Poorboys Wheel Sealant on my alloys. Seems to have reduced amount of dust sticking to the wheels and protects the wheels against chemical damage. I wash my wheels (and bodywork) once per week to keep them looking smart Poorboys Black HoleGlaze For Darker Colours Poorboys Black Hole is an easy on / easy off glaze for dark coloured vehicles. Black Hole helps bring out the most from dark colours and helps to hide light swirls, scratches and paint imperfections. Black Hole is designed for detailers, enthusiasts and show car owners who w Normally I pop to Halfords to fulfil my detailing needs, as they have a fairly respectable selection, but since ordering from ultimatefinish, Halfords just lost a customer, they make Halfords look like a corner shop selling penny sweets. guards and also poorboys alloy wheel sealant/wax to keep my freshly powdercoated white compomotive.

Poorboy's Wheel Sealant I think if you have some decent products, do all the necessary steps, and take time, you're going to get good results. over the wax to seal it in... then washed wheel just using normal car wash shampoo and halfords wheel cleaner spray to loosen dirt...rinsed and dried wheels and dressed with 'wet n black' from. Poorboy's World EX is an Amino-functional resin sealant. A long lasting final sealant. Apply in sun or shade. Especially good on dark coloured vehicles. EXtra Shine, EXtra Protection, EXtra Long Lasting. Auto Express Best Buy Award Winner Mitt 1 x Poorboys Polishing Pad & 1 x Kent Microfiber Noodle Wash Mit Poorboys Black Hole glaze cleans and fills light swirl marks to leave a brilliant, glossy, slick show car shine. It can be applied any time to hide minor imperfections and to enhance gloss on black, red, and all dark vehicles. Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze for Dark Vehicles makes it easy to maintain a show car shine, even on daily drivers Poorboys EX-P Pure Sealant For Extra Shine Protection & Long Lasting 473mL 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - Poorboys EX-P Pure Sealant For Extra Shine Protection & Long Lasting 473m

Once clean I would recomend that the calipers are coated with preferably a ceramic or a wheel wax such as Poorboys wheel wax. June 19, 2019 at 11:48 AM #122753 white-rs Will not strip wax or wheel sealant; Dilutions up to 1:10; 500ml, 1L or 5L Obtaining a decent finish on the alloys has always eluded me so I decided to use this and then finish off with the Poorboys wheel sealer. Had only ever used wheel cleaners available at Halfords and with very poor results. My BMW 193m alloys had previously taken. Cost: £15.00 approx Date of Review: 22/7/2018 The Sales Pitch from Poorboy's World: Poorboy's Spray and Rinse is a powerful, citrus wheel cleaner that is strong enough to remove brake dust and road grime without any agitation.. Simply spray all four wheels thoroughly and then rinse it off with water for completely clean wheels Using AG clean wheels + a brush, tried a couple of sealants, but yea, none of them seem to make the next wash easier as they claim. Will be having all 4 wheels off in a few weeks time as im getting my discs / brakes replaced and having the calipers touched up, so at this time im willing to go a little crazy and go for whatever is going to. Hi, You have done a decent job on the wheel by the look of it. You might want to try and use a compound like Autoglym Super Resin Polish and then Protect when Poorboys Wheel Sealant. Re: Kerbed Rotor - DIY repair in progres

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  1. I also use a wheel cleaner on the wheels to remove brake dust and then put a wheel sealant on the wheels, as well as treating the plastics. The whole process takes about 10 hours but keeps the car looking good and easier to clean the rest of the year (and makes bird dropping etching less of a problem)
  2. Lambs wool cleaning mitt - posted in Detailing and Car Care Discussion: Bought a genuine one of these from halfords and used it for the first time today using the two bucket method the results were really good. After the wash i dried it with a chamois and it looks amazing. Well pleased with the results and i will never use a sponge ever again
  3. Cleaned our lisa's smart which hadn't been done for a year we'd worked out. IMG_20141116_125111 by tomwh1te, on Flickr Covered in tar, wheels were black, panels fading.. Came out well. WW got the wheels spotless, AF triple brought the panels back and sealed with gtechniq c2v3. Really getting..

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AG Clean Wheels is quite good and Halfrauds had a 3 for 2 offer recently.. That said, prevention is better than cure.. Get those wheels off the car, get them clean and then apply 3 coats of PoorBoys Wheel Sealant front and back..:biggrin: it's smells lovely, you'll enjoy it don't worry. However, they were washed religiously every week and covered many coats of Poorboys wheel sealant. On the other end of the scale, our 2007 IS Wheels have been refurbished multiple times by Bristol and they always begin to flake again within a year despite being cared for in a similar fashion Auto-Wheel is a powerful pH adjusted reactive wheel cleaner safe for usage on alloy, aluminium and steel wheel finishes. In over 90% of cases no agitation is required, let Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel do the work for you. Our wheels are under constant bombardment from hot particles such as brake dust and filings from the road Valet Pro Bilberry Safe Wheel Cleaner 5 litre. Valet Pro Bilberry Safe Wheel Cleaner 5 litre is an outstanding safe wheel cleaner, easy to use, effortlessly and safely cleans your wheels. Safe on most types of wheel (except bare alloy and anodized). Completely acid free. Also effective on baked on brake dust. It smells nice too! I also use bilbery wheel cleaner.Very safe to use on wheels and you can dilute it with water so lasts ages!agitate it with a brush ( i use valet pro inch round wheel brush, its ace!) and seal them with a few coats of poorboys wheel sealant.This keeps most the dirt away a little longer

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usually use meguiars gold available from any halfords, always use, micro fibre cloths to buff . MH Administrator. Staff member. Administrator. Joined Jul 10, 2001 Messages 19,577 Reaction score 3,654 Thinking of poorboys, the wheel sealant is good also . Joe1989 Inactive User. Joined Jan 26, 2007 Messages 1,285 Reaction score 101 Location. Angelwax PERFECT POLISH PRE-WAX PAINT CLEANSER has been designed to beautifully prepare your vehicle paintwork for your chosen sealant or protective wax. Applied by hand, Angelwax PERFECT POLISH safely and effectively removes light swirls, scratches and oxidation from the surface of the paint. Micro-abrasives in the polish physically cleanse the paintwork to ensure a glossy, [ 3) let wheels sit for a few minutes 4) wet a wheel woolie and hit the entire wheel and brake caliper -- note if you use a good woolie you can get the inside of the wheel at the same time and the cleaner will make it look new again. 5) spray the living daylights out of the wheel and tire to remove ALL the cleaner Bilberry safe wheel cleaner. Nothing else comes close. It's non acidic and when used often, is effective at low concentration. For an easy finish, Supagard alloy wheel polish is easy to apply regularly. For something more substantial, Poorboys wheel sealant lasts well Poorboys Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner 473ml Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Colour Changing Alloy Wheel Cleaner 1 Litre. wax Mothers Mothers car care Ireland polish Polish Compounds Ireland polishing Ireland Poorboys Poorboys World prewash Race Glaze Sealant snowfoam solvent swirl remover tar remover Towel Valet Pro wax wheel cleaner Wheels.

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As requested, here is my review of the Chemical Guy's Wheel Guard. I bought it for £12.95 from Shop 'n' Shine and was pleased with the size and amount you get. Really didn't use much per application so can see this lasting me a long time. You can see how bad my alloys get after a couple of.. A clear sealant is applied to protect the wheels from corrosion. A clear-coat finish could be applied for added protection. Cleaning concerns: A mild/soap mixture or a quality water-based wheel cleaner works best for this type of wheel. Clean regularly to remove damaging brake dust. Do not use acidic wheel cleaner or metal polish on machine. Description. Greased Lightning Showroom Shine Waterless Wash 1 Litre. With Showroom Shine you can clean, shine and protect your vehicle all in one go, without the need for water

four bottles of autoglym products four cans of dash & tyre shine 1.5 litres coolant additive rain .x rain repellent poorboy's world wheel sealant chemical guys ultra shine finish, all-in-one polish sonus glyde sonus ultra-fine detailing clay 3 + litres of 10w/40 oi A sealant will allow you to wash the wheels with normal bucket and sponge/mitt. The stuff in halfords is not normally the best value. Yes they sell a lot of stuff but often expensive and not always the BEST choice Both cars took about 20 hours not including the drying time for wheel sealant - carpro dlux. Anyway, good effort on the porker. I need a new wash mitt as my lambswool on fell apart, and clay bar - any recommendations? I use the farecla claymitts from halfords, buy them on 3for2 when they have their offers on, but no good for wheels/tight spaces Started with a quick zymol shampoo > meguiars clay > rinse > MF cloth dry > poorboys black hole glaze > buff > poorboys ex-p seal > buff > cream crackered Even got the wife to wash the wheels > poorboys wheel seal & clean the windows and door sills and meguiars nxt metal polish the exhaus If you want to, you can clay the alloys wheels, polish them and apply a wheel sealant such as poorboy's wheel sealant. Once this has cured, dirt should simply just wash off and you won't need to use a cleaner for a while. and simple and the items above minus the Collinite and Megs hyper wash are either available on here or from halfords

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The wheels were coated with some nice Poorboys wheel sealant (the nice pink stuff) and buffed to a lovely shine I went round the trims with Black-in-a-flash and buffed for a nice glossy finish. I also gave the tyres a coat to look shiny This alloy wheel cleaner by Extreme Car Care is a very powerful wheel cleaner that reacts with tough iron contamination.. This alloy wheel cleaner indicates when the reaction occurs by turning purple/red after 1-2 minutes. The chemical can be rinsed off with a jet wash or hose pipe, producing a clean results Welcome on board. Any of my search term words; All of my search term word Avoid using a jet wash, this could dislodge sealant between joints. A decent hose pipe with a variable spray nozzle will do the trick. Autoglym also do Fast Glass which will clean the windows and you may see from my link that Halfords currently have a 3 for 2 offer on cleaning products which might save you a couple of quid

It was in 1909 that Henry Ford famously declared that his customers could have their cars in any color they wanted - so long as it was black. More than 100 years later, the black car remains as popular as it ever was. Some people buy a black car because they assume it can be less maintenance to keep it looking good - but that's not the reality. . Anyone who has had a black car knows they. Will definitely be keeping this one as a pre-sealant treatment! Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by Jay on 24/10/2013 - rated 5 stars Heard and read great reviews about 'Blackhole' and managed to use for the first time at the weekend

Poorboy's Black Hole Black Hole is an easy on, easy off dark color paint glaze that cleans and fills swirl marks to leave a brilliant glossy, and slick show car shine. Black Hole is designed for detailers, enthusiasts or people with new or well maintained cars looking for an easy way to hide light swirls and the normal wear and tear of every. Autosmart's most versatile dressing. Leaves a weather resistant finish for all tyres, vinyl and plastics, inside and out. Unbeatable gloss and lustre It's a Vikan long reach wheel brush I have. After doing some late night reading, this is what I have come up with. Spray wheels with G101 In a 5:1 concentration. Agitate with the Vikan. Jet wash off. Wash with car shampoo using a wash mitt. Rinse. Dry with a micro fibre cloth. Apply some SRP and then seal with 2 coats of Poorboys wheel sealant. It's easy to apply and buff off. About £40 in Halfords or £27 on Ebay - go figure Also use Menzerna Intensive Polish which is a cutting polish over a filler polish like SRP. Have used Nattys paste wax previously on my red Scoob - smelt like bubblegum and is very cheap. Made by Poorboys which (dare I say it) detailers over the land recommend

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Bilt-Hamber is a British manufacturer of car care products that has its roots in the marine and aeronautic industries. As a result, their emphasis is on products that not only work but also add protective elements. Many Bilt-Hamber products contain anti-corrosive properties to guard against the oxidation of exposed metal areas such as stone chip damage and deep scratches TBH, the easiest way to do the wheels is to take them off the car. Do one at a time if you have to (ie no axle stands or spare wheels). You can thoroughly clean the alloys back and front and add adequate protection. With the right sort of sealant, you really only need to do this twice a year. I used to do mine when I polished the car twice a. What do people recommend to get and how to clean your car properly? Do you advise getting a pressure washer as well? Thank you in advanc

Description. New from Invisible Glass, Anti-Fog prevents fogging inside your car before it starts. Anti-fog Windscreen Treatment helps you see the road better by preventing fogging on the inside of windscreens, windows and mirrors Spray & Rinse Wheel Cleaner. Can be used on clear coated, painted, chrome and plastic wheels. DO NOT use on uncoated (polished or machined aluminium) rims or hot wheels. Pleasant but strong scent so use in well-ventilated area. £22 for 946ml bottl I also repainted the brake calipers as the were chipped & faded & replaced the wheel centre caps with new ones. So then it was onto the paintwork. As there were plenty of light scratches & swirl marks I decided to machine compound the paintwork with G3. I then used Poorboys black hole & then Poorboys exp sealant over the top As well as helping to keep your wheels clean, wheel cleaner helps to protect your alloys from issues such as rust - something that's especially useful during the winter months as corrosive ice, snow and grit are commonplace. Here at Euro Car Parts you'll find the best wheel cleaner from some of the best names in the business

Sealant: Poorboys Ex-P sealant Poorboys Glazes DJ Red Mist Tropical Quick Detailer/spray sealant Poorboys Wheel Sealant Polishing: Poorboys SSR polishes, SSR1, SSR2, 2.5 etc DoDo Juice Lime Prime Chemical Guys Hex Logic pads Dual Action polisher Pre wax cleanser: Lime prime lite Clay: Bilt Hamber DoDo Juice clay DJ Born Slippy clay lub The ZX1 is the new lightweight directional alloy wheel design from 1AV wheels and is available in 18, 19 and 20 with a wide choice of finishes including black polished, silver polished, satin black and grey. Unlike other directional alloy wheels the 1AV ZX1 is specifically sided to ensure that once fitted all alloy wheels face the same. First job was to carefully remove the bumper trims and plates before cleaning with APC, the door shuts, window seals, sunroof, and sills were also treated and cleaned By popular demand, we now import Nextzett Gummi Pflege straight from Germany! Nextzett Rubber Care Stick Gummi Pflege conditions rubber weather seals on car doors, windows and trunks, protects and keeps the rubber elastic, restores color to dried out rubber, protects against extreme temperature and UV rays 1. Wash (2 buckets - wheels first) 2. Snow foam (maybe) 3. Wash again (maybe) 4. Decontaminate (clay, tar, iron whatever you have) 5. Clean all glass 6. Polish (I'm planning DA and Meguirs compound polish) 7. Wheel wax (Poorboys Wheel Sealant - this really helps keep them cleaner for longer btw) 8. Wax (Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Wax) 9

› Poorboys World › RAC › RGM › Rain • Sealants/Adhesives KOM Space saver spare wheel and tyre kit for RENAULT KADJAR 2015 > 2019 with 18 inch alloy wheels. £245.00. Buy View Add to wishlist. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist Whether your car is black, white or a bright metallic, bringing its paintwork back to a pride-inducing showroom finish is a satisfaction that all true car lovers can appreciate. Finding the right polish and wax for the job will give your vehicle an unrivalled shine, shedding years off its appearance in the same precise wipe. Meguiar's and Autoglym are leading the way in quality polishes.

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Purchased some Megs, Tyre shine and also some Poorboys wheel sealant for the Alloys. Treated myself and the car to a couple of new tool kits which were both on sale at Halfords. I have been after a set of there ratchet spanners for a while and also had an eye on there fancy 1/2 Vortex socket set Here is a big old review with some pictures towards the bottom. Thanks for looking. My Skoda Octavia 2.0 CR vRS Hatchback - Candy White Previous car: Audi A3 2.0 TDi 170 PD Sportback Sport in Black 7-1000 Miles in just eight days. (It's been a bitch of a week) Exterior Firstly I know all I need i.. › Poorboys World › RAC › RGM › Rain • Sealants/Adhesives KOM Space saver spare wheel and tyre kit for NISSAN X-TRAIL 2017 > 2019 with 18 inch alloy wheels. £260.00. Buy View Add to wishlist. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist Description. This Dual Action 500watt Polisher will give you a perfect finish on your cars paintwork. This polisher is modeled on the worlds best selling DAS-6 machine, this machine has a more powerful 600w motor, it has variable 6 speed settings and a soft start feature and a long cable for ease of movement, and comes complete with a comfortable multi position D grip handle and a 6″ backing. Angelwax PERFECT POLISH PRE-WAX PAINT CLEANSER has been designed to beautifully prepare your vehicle paintwork for your chosen sealant or protective wax.. Applied by hand, Angelwax PERFECT POLISH safely and effectively removes light swirls, scratches and oxidation from the surface of the paint. Micro-abrasives in the polish physically cleanse the paintwork to ensure a glossy, smooth surface

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Service Update 20/04/21 - We are currently experiencing extremely high order volumes and are unable to guarantee next day delivery. If you are chasing an order, please allow at least 3-5 working days to pass before getting in touch for an update Fozzie Hair Microfibre Wash Mitt by Dodo Juice £11.50 Born Slippy Clay Lube by Dodo Juice £5.56 Born To Be Mild by Dodo Juice from £7.16 Fantastic Fur Microfibre Buffing Cloth by Dodo Juice £4.76 Ferrous Dueller Iron Fallout Remover by Dodo Juice from £7.96 Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner by Dodo Juice from £8.75 Mellow Yellow Wheel Cleaner by Dodo Juice £7.96 Fin Cut Finishing Pad (Black. The Butter Wet Wax is a carnauba based liquid wax that gives a deep wet shine to any color car. A synthetic wax or sealant is certainly going to last longer, however this wax was made to shine. I use this wax the most in my shop by far and it is a people pleaser that is easy to use, while providing excellent results Snow Foam Lance - 11.6mm Quick Release Using this foam lance combined with a suitable shampoo and ideally snow foam it is possible to produce a very thick layer of foam which clings to the surface of the vehicle encapsulating, softening and removing dir Alloy Wheel Sealant/ Cleaner. Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum. I have been using Poorboys world sealant for almost a year now, it certainly stops brake dust from getting embedded. the wheels are easier to clean, but I find cleaning them creates a black greasy mess. can anybody recommend a better protection for the alloys that still prevents the.

For optimum results, you need quality backing plates on your dual-action polisher. The backing plates are more important than you might think. Not only do they hold your pad in place, a good backing plate will also be flexible enough to conform to the curves of your vehicle and will evenly distribute the weight and pressure of the machine. It should also absorb some of the vibration JimC64 is right about PoorBoys blackhole, it really does a great job. I am a Zaino fan and use their range of show car polishes but you will be fine with AutoGlym or poor boys or anything similar. Finish it with a wax or sealant, R222 wax is amazing, lasts twice as long as Autoglym HD wax in my experience Polish + Seal:-Poorboy's Polish with Sealant - All In One Wax:-Collinite No. 476s Wheels + Exhuast:-Premium Blue Rim & Wheel Cleaner-Wheel Sealent (can be used on exhaust)-Tyre Shine Clothes + Applicators:-Polish + Wax applicator pads-Microfibres for buffing off polish, wax, wheel sealent etc.-Exhaust + alloys Sure it's not cheap, but detailing. Personally my routine for a thorough clean is, wash, clay using quick detailer, polish, sealant, wax and then wipe down with quick detailer and it always seems to bring out good results. LiamT4 Monday 20th June 2011, 23:2 We are here until Sunday with our huge range of Poorboys, Chemical Guys and Valet Pro plus much more. Check out the Glazed Donut Scent Air Freshener! #vwfestival #poorboys #chemicalguys Car Air-Con recharge kits in stock, DIY version, no need to visit a garage. £62.99 for the Air Con Gas and Application Trigger Somebody on here recommended turtle Wax hybrid sealant hydrophobic wax. I got some from euro car parts with their bank holiday discount and it is amazing stuff. Once you've got your can detailed it's so easy to apply after washing and it gives a brilliant finish. It's so easy I've used it after each wash so far on van and 2 cars

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