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The surface of the input shaft acts as the inner race to these bearings. The Input Shaft Bearing Nut tightens down into the box and tightens these bearings to the input shaft. This loads the bearings so that they are tight and hold the worm section of the input shaft securely Part 1 - How to adjust a saginaw steering boxPart 2 - Completion of the Rebuild after receiving the new sector shaftTo see the initial rebuild video click h.. How to tighten up the Saginaw steering box on a GM classic, a 1971 Olds Cutlass. This shows the correct places to make adjustments that will make a differen..

On the Saginaw power steering gear boxes, this is the worm gear backlash adjustment. If you tighten this screw you can easily ruin your steering gear box. If an adjustment is needed, you will only turn this screw about 1/8 turn at a time and checking play. There should be about 1 play The recirculating ball mechanism in the Saginaw power steering box wears naturally with use. Centered between the 4 bolts that fasten the top plate to the steering box is an adjustment. If I remember right, it is an Allen screw with a lock nut around the screw. The adjustment is sometimes covered by the bottom of the radiator The adjustment is pretty easy, you can do it with wheels on the ground, just back off the locking nut and turn in the allen head screw, I would make a mark to reference where you begin, then turn about a 1/4 turn in at a time and check wheel play Get Centered With most Saginaw power steering boxes, the input shaft is connected to the steering column through a rag joint that allows for some flex in the connection between the two shafts. The..

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  1. SAGINAW FORD GEARBOXES This gearbox was used on limited Ford Mustang and Ford Cougar models from 1971-1973. It uses a 3-bolt triangle pattern very similar to the Saginaw GMT gearbox, but has 7/16-14 mounting bolt threads. Since this is a pre-1980 gearbox it will have 5/8 and 11/16 SAE inverted flare fittings and use a 13/16-36 input shaft
  2. Replace the input plate and tighten it until the marked thread position from earlier. Replace the retaining collar over the input plate. At this time, try turning the input assembly shaft with your hand. It should turn freely with some resistance
  3. While you can use the pitman/sector shaft adjustment as described in the attached information - and that info is for a 'power' unit, while yours is a manual unit but adjustment (s) are close to same except for the worm and sector pre-load values IIRC... You do need to be careful when adjusting not to bind box during travel if you over-adjust
  4. I have a 69 Camaro but I'm sure a Chevelle box is the same. I haven't gotten any help from the camaro guys so I'm trying Chevelle. My box leaks at the worm shaft the end the steering column attaches to. Can this seal be replaced by just going from that end without taking the entire box apart

Assuming you found it, you'll see the nut and adjusting Allen screw on the top of the box. Fit your 5/8 wrench on the nut and crack it loose. Loosen the nut a few turns to allow the adjusting screw to be tightened. Now slip your 3/16 Allen into the adjusting screw and tighten it until snug 4. To adjust worm bearings, loosen the worm shaft lock nut (it is at the opposite end of the steering box from the steering wheel shaft) and turn the worm bearing thrust screw until there is no perceptible end play in worm. Check pull on wheel rim, readjusting if necessary to obtain proper pull There are only two adjustments when rebuilding a steering box; Input Shaft Bearing Load and Gear Mesh Load. Input Shaft Bearing Load The Input Shaft sets in two caged ball bearings and acts as the inner races of these bearings. The bottom bearing is mounted in the steering box Housing and is stationary the steering gear in its center position use an 11/16 socket and torque wrench on the input shaft to check the torque required to turn the input shaft. (Torque reading #1) Tighten the pre-load adjuster until the torque required to turn the input shaft through center is 4-10 in.-lbs. higher than your initial torque reading

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To adjust the worm thrust bearing preload clamp the steering gear in a vise with the stub shaft pointing up. Loosen the Pitman shaft adjust-ing screw locknut. Using a proper sized Allen wrench loosen the adjusting screw 1 1/2 turns and retighten the locknut. Loosen the adjuster plug locknut 1 turn using a chain wrench Saginaw box or the German made one which they started using in 2003? They aren't the same. What year is your Jeep? Any play between your steering wheel and the input shaft on the steering box? How about the universal joint between the intermediate shaft and the lower shaft The sector shaft lash adjustment is made after the worm shaft bearing preload adjustment. Turn the adjustment screw in and out of the gearbox's top plate. Look down over the fender at the top of the steering gear to find the plate. The manufacturer's procedure will typically center the stub shaft before adjusting the sector shaft The basic procedure for later boxes, (525's, vegas, etc), involves dropping the pitman arm, loosining the adjuster screw at the top of the sector shaft, tightining the bearing housing/nut until the steering input shaft has all the play taken out, and there is a 2 to 4 inch pound drag on the bearings

Saginaw Steering Box Adjustment The nut and screw adjust Worm bearing Preload and Sector shaft mesh. NOTE! The steering gear must be out of the vehicle to adjust it on all 1974 and later Saginaw rotary gear units. The earlier models can be adjusted (sector shaft preload) on vehicle. Here is the manner that GM Saginaw Division recommends how to. Oh, for what its worth, the box I got out of a 79 cj7 (power steering saginaw) the parts listing here at work shows up to 2000 wrangler. termin8ed , Feb 24, 201 put the box end wrench on the locknut use allen wrench to hold the adjustment plug at the top of the box holding the allen wrench stationary, loosen the locknut with the box end wrench several turns turn the adjustment plug clockwise until snug to remove slack, then back it out 90 degrees As I mentioned, there is no side to side play in the shafts of the steering box... but the input shaft rotates with the steering wheel and allows the wheel to move from about 11:00 - 1:00 positions before it starts to turn the pitman arm. So it seems like there is a lot of play within the steering box The travel on the smaller-piston unit was three to 3.5 turns lock to lock. The mid-size gearboxes were rated at a 14.4:1 steering ratio. Both the 3.5-inch and the 3-inch-bore gearboxes have a .813-inch input shaft diameter, and most will have 31 splines on the input shaft. You can substitute between both of these units

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The backlash (adjuster screw) adjustment sounds about right, a wee bit higher than that on a Saginaw. Do they mean at the steering wheel or at the input shaft of the box? It's more customary to do this with steering gear alone, so as not to add any faults or inconsistencies in the column assembly to the reading Remove and cap the power steering hoses, remove the bolt securing the steering shaft to the input shaft, remove either the pitman arm from the output shaft or the drag link from the pitman arm. I recommend that the pitman arm be separated from the drag link rather than from the steering box. Remove the four bolts holding the box to the frame Saginaw Manual Steering Gear Rebuild DISASSEMBLY 1.Referring to Fig. 5, loosen adjusting screw lock nut and remove housing side cover by removing adjusting screw. 2.Loosen lock nut and back off worm bearing adjuster several turns, then remove housing end cover and gasket. 3.Remove lower thrust bearing, steering shaft and upper bearing from housing

Saginaw Power Steering Gear In-Chassis Troubleshooting If you encounter leaks, looseness or wander with a Saginaw Rotary Valve power steering gear, some quick diagnostic steps will prove useful. These troubleshooting techniques require nothing more than access to the steering gear and setting the steering wheel on center with the front wheels. Saginaw Steering gear input shaft seal. Thread starter 79f250guy; I was using a non specific pin spanner so I had to remove the steering box and do it on the bench. I see the kits on that big auction site all the time for between 25 and 50. Oct 14, 2016 #5 L. Lionel Member I'm not sure about the input. I did my sector shaft seals (there are two) this year and was able to pull them without releasing smoke. Nut, snap ring, and washer, if I remember correctly. That doesn't really answer your question but, I would guess they're similar. Seemed like all the magic happens deeper in the steering box Most early steering boxes, such as early '30s Ford units, employ a worm and sector mechanism. The end of the steering column, or input shaft, has a worm gear (think of a corkscrew around the shaft. I've got a 3.5 turn steering box that I just installed trying to get the rolling chassis ready to put away for the winter. I noticed that when I am turning the input shaft by hand it gets very hard to turn in 1 or 2 spots. the other steering box I have is 4.5 turns but it doesnt get hung up at any point and turns freely the whole 4.5 turns

I'm not sure what sort of box you have, but I've adjusted a couple of old Saginaw boxes, in which the worm end float is adjusted with a packing screw rather than shims. In these, you attach an inch-pound torque wrench to the input shaft and measure the torque required to turn it This steering box will bolt to and can be utilized with the following steering box mounts: 916-32005 Model T-1934 Ford Frame - Steering Box Mount; 916-32003 1935-41 Ford Frame - Steering Box Mount; 916-32004 1941-48 Ford Frame Saginaw Steering Box Mount; Notes Used in GM mid-size cars from 1964-88. Uses -6 AN adapters from 16mm and 18mm O-ring You have a spud shaft between the lower universal joint and steering gear box. That spud shaft has internal female splines that slip over the male splines of the steering gear box input shaft. There should have been a clamp to tighten the male and female splines together, my guess is there is no clamp The location of the Saginaw steering box will require a spud shaft. This shaft couples and extends the steering box shaft into the engine compartment. Both Power and Manual boxes have two spline sizes that mate to our spud shaft. Our manual steering kits are supplied with a.730 dia. 30 spline spud shaft saginaw box leaking out of sector shaft adjuster nut Anyone ever had this happen? I just rebuilt the pump and gear box and everything works great, except there is a major leak out around the adjuster screw/lock nut on the top of the box

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Some people use a spud shaft that extends a few inches from the Saginaw box input shaft through a smaller hole in the rear crossmember. Instead of using a spud shaft, I used a 36 long Borgeson.. The bottom bearing is installed within the steering box housing, and the top bearing is located in the adjustment nut. This adjustability is what allows for the bearing preload settings. When tightening the adjustment nut, the two bearings are brought closer together, increasing the pressure applied to the worm section of the input shaft Power Steering 103 In this month's class we will look into what makes the Saginaw power steering gear box work, and the particular areas you might need to set up a little differently to optimize. This is a true OE Saginaw 525 Steering Box manufactured by Borgeson. The input shaft has been shortened to 1 for use in street rod applications where the box is close to the firewall. 3/4-36 Input shaft with quick 16:1 ratio Most steering systems incorporate a torsion bar into the steering gear input shaft, which allows a slight amount of deflection to take place in the shaft as torque is applied to the steering wheel. When the torsion bar is connected to the steering gear control valve, the rate of oil flow into the power steering assist cylinder varies according.

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Since the Saginaw steering shaft has a short stickout from the box, a spud shaft (or extension shaft) must be added to the steering box to extend the steering shaft into the engine compartment. There are three different spline sizes on the different Saginaw power and manual boxes These are Saginaw steering boxes, designed in the 60s. When you adjust the allen at the top of the box, you're moving the sector shaft up and/or down, changing the clearances of the tooth mesh, or backlash. That's one of my thing I got to go back and do is re-ajust the box a bit for pre-load on the input bearing ans the sector adjustment Older Saginaw steering boxes use a 13/16-inch steering-shaft diameter with 36 splines. Later model Saginaw boxes are fitted with a smaller, 3/4-inch input using 30 splines. Lee offers a rag joint that will adapt to the smaller spline and bolt directly to a GM steering column The bottom bearing is located in an adjustment nut and is therefore adjustable. Turning the adjustment nut in brings the two bearings closer together and clamps the worm section of the input shaft between them. The adjustment here must be enough to eliminate any endplay but must not bind the bearings and cause them to wear excessively

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Steering boxes for the early '64 to '75 cars used a 13/16-inch-diameter input shaft with 36 splines. After 1976, all GM power steering boxes were changed to a smaller 3/4-inch input shaft with 30. Early in the 1969 model year, steering gear input shafts and flexible coupling flanges were changed so that they had mating flats. The flat on the gear input shaft will be at 12 o'clock when the gear is exactly on center. You can see a portion of the input shaft flat sticking out from the flexible coupling flange in the photo on the previous. A wide variety of the 525 manual steering gears are available with options to include variable steering ratios, input spline configurations, input and output options, and flexible mounting options supporting LHD/RHD applications. We can provide both Hollander and Saginaw steering boxes. (long shaft) 1975-1993.

New Saginaw 525 GM Manual Steering Box for the applications listed below (SWS Part # 105-3013). These are brand new steering boxes produced by Southwest Speed.; They will replace the OEM parts. and work perfectly with all connecting components in the correct application.. Features: Steering Shaft Spline: 3/4-30. Ratio: 25 : 1 6.25 Turns; (Lock-to-Lock).; This is the stock configuration. - Box Ships with 4 Bolts & Washers, Box bolts to frame in stock location with 3 Bolts, 4th can be drilled and used for extra strength. - Standard 5yr / 50,000 Mile Warranty - Made in the USA . This is NOT a direct replacement for the factory steering gear box. The Delphi box utilizes different hose fittings and input shaft gear spline size I was able to find some good information out there by googling saginaw 800 steering box rebuild and it comes recommended to adjust preload (which I did 2 complete turns, bad!) in small increments. THere is also an adjustment that can be made at the input shaft bearing load that can be performed as well First of all, the steering input shaft diameter changed after 1976 to a smaller ¾-inch shaft from the early Chevelles' 13/16-inch along with a different spline count. This means you will need a different rag joint, that rubber donut-looking piece that isolates vibration between the steering shaft and the steering box

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Sector Shaft Kit, Steering Box Replacement Parts, Front Steer, Power Assist, Jeep, Willys, Kit. Part Number: CWA-J0805123 Not Yet Reviewe The leaking steering box input shaft seal is a common problem on vintage cars, and the common fix seams to be to buy a new or rebuilt unit, at $100 to over $500. This is a great alternative fix, and it worked for me. I replaced the seal in my 1965 El Camino, and also used Lucas power steering fluid Stop Leak Just to be safe my manual steering box was leaking from the bottom seal. i removed the top bolt an checked level with a thin handle paint brush, it was low in side. i was advised to add marine grade grease. to get the grease inside i removed the grease fitting tip on my john deere grease gun an the threaded end fit into the bolt hole perfect. not screwed in just slipped into the hole. i would pump 10 shots of. Saginaw: Model: 710IHCW: Series: 710: Unit Type: Remanufactured: Product ID: 710MIHCW: Description: SAG POWER STEERING GEAR BOX: Additional Info: Notes: International Applications.Metric Cast on Housing. **When Turning Input Shaft Make Note of Rotation of Output more info.

The broken sector shaft hysteria is just that, over blown hysteria. I've ran Saginaw boxes on other 4x4 vehicles that I bounced off rocks and never broke a sector shaft on those and 80 steering box has a larger sector shaft. Actually, the only broken steering box I've ever seen was on a jeep outside of broken pitman arms This Saginaw manual steering box fits many GM applications from 1965-1991 and probably many more. It accepts either our universal pitman arm (702-2940) or your stock GM arm (small style, like our 910-32552). Box has a 25:1 ratio (6.25 turns lock-to-lock) with a 3-13/16 long input shaft with 3/4 30-splines. Input shaft is 3/4-30 spline 6.25 turns lock to lock 25:1 ratio If you turn the input. SAGINAW STEERING BOXES: Power and Manual steering gear boxes are very similar. Normal applications were on GM cars, but a few other vehicles also used the same boxes. The steering box must be able to mount on the inside frame rail of your vehicle, with the input shaft extending horizontally toward the firewall Saginaw 800s come in two sizes; 3 and 3.25. When talking about 1960s through 1980s GM automobile boxes, most early B-bodies (full size GM cars) came with the 3.25 box, later models went with the 3. A-body and F-bodies came with the 3 gearbox. The 3 can be upgraded to the 12.7:1 fast ratio, the 3.25 cannot The following boxes will fit but may need to have the pitman arm and/or the rag joint changed or and extra bolt hole boss taked off the steering box. Make sure you compare the input shaft length or the length from the bolt holes to the end of the input shaft to your power box. Interchange #999 Apollo 73-75 Omega 73-79 Chevelle 71-77 Skylark 75-7

STEERING BOX RATIO INFORMATION This info is from magazine articles & GM brochures. Here is the way to find out your steering box ratio. This is the box ratio not the overall ratio listed on the option sheet. Place a degree wheel on the output shaft and turn the input shaft exactly one turn. DEGREES -----RATIO. 22.5 -----16.2. 25 -----14. creating a solid shaft from the box to the steering wheel. The steering column shaft is a unique item. It tapers down from 3/4 diameter inside the column to the 5/8 before entering the coupler. Like the steering box input shaft, the column shaft is fully splined at the tip. This means the column and/or wheel may be removed for alignment The all-new Borgeson boxes include adapters to be able to use either the O-ring or flare-style hose connections, says Jeff Grantmeyer of Borgeson. This new Borgeson steering box uses a 3/4-inch 30-spline input shaft and all pre-1977 cars will require a new rag joint connector (PN: 990012) The most popular gearbox used in GM, AMC and some Ford models was the Saginaw 800 box. Saginaw produced two different basic power steering units. In the 1960s and '70s, most Saginaw steering units produced were the model 800; the model 605 began appearing in mid-size GM vehicles in 1978. The easiest way to tell an 800-type gearbox from a 605. Get the best deals on Steering Racks & Gear Boxes for Chevrolet C60 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Steering Gear Input Shaft Seal Kit For B60 C50 C5500 Kodiak C60 C70 B6000 BG14W1 (Fits: More than one vehicle) $17.15

Jeep CJ5 / CJ7 2.5L / 4.2L / 5.0L With Steering Gear Box with 13/16 Input Shaft 1981, Steering Gear Seal Kit by Omega®. A leaking gearbox doesn't always mean that you have to replace the entire part. The Gear Seal Kit by Omega is the.. 1.Referring to Fig. 5, loosen adjusting screw lock nut and remove housing side cover by removing adjusting screw. 2.Loosen lock nut and back off worm bearing adjuster several turns, then remove housing end cover and gasket. 3.Remove lower thrust bearing, steering shaft and upper bearing from housing These are Saginaw steering boxes, designed in the 60s. What you're actually doing is adjusting the backlash (i.e. tooth clearance); much like setting up a differential gear assembly (Ring/Pinion) after a rebuild/replace/whatever. The plate under this nut you're loosening is called a 'top plate adjuster. Saginaw Steering Box Rebuild This rebuild does not change the major wearing surfaces inside the box but rather installs new bearings and seals. If the surfaces of the 'teeth' on the sector shaft or the worm or internal piston are worn or damaged, a new box is required. The rebuild kit provides the necessary parts for a freshen up

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With a manual gear you should be able to use a 3/4 inch socket on the input shaft to attach the torque wrench. There will be a large nut on one end of the gear or the other that will allow you to adjust the thrust bearing preload (also called the worm bearing preload) while turning the input shaft full lock to full lock Put jack stands under the frame! The worm bearings are adjusted by loosening the big lock nut, then turning the bearing housing. On the 59 and older trucks, this adjustment is at the bottom of the box, at the front. On the 60-newer trucks, look at the top of the box, where the steering shaft (to the steering wheel) sticks out

The rack and sector shaft does not require center point adjustment. The clearance between the cylinder bore and the piston is closely controlled, and a piston ring (5) was added to better use the hydraulic oil supplied. With reasonable care and limited maintenance the Sheppard M-Series Steering Gear will provide many miles of reliable performance Slowly rotate the steering shaft several times then center the steering on high point. Turn the sector shaft adjusting screw until a steering shaft torque of 3-6in. lbs. more is required to move the worm through the center point. Tighten the sector shaft locknut to 35ft. lbs. and recheck the sector mesh adjustment The input shaft on the steering box should have a line on the end of it for an alignment mark. That line points to 12 o'clock when the sector gear is centered. The coupler/rag joint has a small pointer or notch on it that you line up with the line on the steering box input shaft

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The majority of steering gearbox brands, power & manual, have gaps in the pitman shaft splines that tell you if it's at center; the input shaft provides a clue too. Most pitman shafts are indexed with 4 large spline gaps. When the spline gaps line up with the axis of the steering box, its on center. If they aren't lined up, it's not on center Here is some info I have saved concerning GM steering: GM/Saginaw quick-ratio steering box donor car cheat sheet Late Model 12.7:1 quick-ratio gearbox ID markings YA, WS and HX Line Thread Size: M18x1.5 and M16x1.5 Number of Mounting Holes: 3, (missing leg H-pattern) Input Shaft Diameter: ¾-inch Output Shaft Diameter: 1 ¼-inc This box is 3 ½ turns stop to stop which should be perfect. I know from first had experience 2 1/2 Turns stop to stop is a bit too quick for these cars. Finally I checked the pitman arm travel (using the same pitman arm on the original Plymouth box and the Saginaw box) both have 7 inches of travel stop to stop

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• Pitman shaft spline count • Rotation of unit (standard or reverse) • Number of total turns lock-to-lock • Ford units may have an ID tag. • Saginaw units may have a broadcast code printed on side cover. • Chrysler units may require transfer of steering and control valve bodies (Refer to PT 27-0001). Note: Input shaft diamete 8) Using a 3/4 inch 12 point socket, turn the steering gear box input shaft from lock to lock counting the number of turns (usually about 3 1/3 turns). 9) Turn the steering gear box input shaft until it stops then turn it back one half the number of turns. This is approximately the center Hi Moses the rebuild kit arrived & looks to be good quality so i stripped the steering box & found a lot of scoring in the bores bot the piston bore & the spoil valve bore i think ill try using a hone to improve them the best i can but some of the wear is quite deep the pics dont really show how bad it is but some of the grooves are probably 10 to 20 thou deep ive got a mate whos a mechanic by.

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A while back I've rebuilt the power steering box on one of our 1966's. According to the Ford book, you either had a Ford box or a Saginaw box. Ours was the Ford. So that's the first thing you'll need to do is verify what you have. On the control valve body end, carefully press in the input shaft bearing. Note there is no stop lip on. The recirculating ball mechanism in the Saginaw power steering box wears naturally with use. Centered between the 4 bolts that fasten the top plate to the steering box is an adjustment The heart of the Borgeson kits is a new Saginaw Model 525 manual steering box. GM used this cast iron box beginning in the 1950s and installed it on '60s muscle cars. It was available with a 24:1 or a quick feel 16:1 steering ratio and a 3/4-inch diameter, 30-spline input shaft The adjustment procedure is to adjust the end play/preload on the input shaft, then adjust the mesh with the adjuster on the top of the box. Usually the end play/preload is ok. I am doing an LT1 on mine so if you have any questions I can help, or we can learn together The nut and screw adjust Worm bearing Preload and Sector shaft mesh. NOTE! The steering gear must be out of the vehicle to adjust it on all 1974 and later Saginaw rotary gear units. The earlier models can be adjusted (sector shaft preload) on vehicle. This is how GM's Saginaw division recommends the adjustment be done

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Ross box sector shaft bearing Once all of those things are brought back to original condition / factory spec, you'll be amazed at how snug the steering is. If the guts of your Ross box are worn (the worm gear and sector shaft ends), the tightsteer may help but it won't fix all those other worn out parts This small parts repair kit will fit many popular Saginaw made Manual Steering Gears used on GM and other manufacturers cars, trucks, and even many Industrial and Agricultural vehicles made since the 1960's. Known as the 525 series. This is for STUB Shaft Gears AKA Non-integral column. This kit will not completely repair an integral column gear There is some play in steering wheel (precisely in steering gear box) and I have power steering. Its saginaw unit, and Ive found that it has some adjusting screw on top of it and that by adjusting that screw I can reduce play. On the other hand, Ive read that this should be done only after rebuil.. The steering ratio relates how the output (pitman) shaft turns relative to the input shaft. For example, if the pitman shaft rotates 45 degrees after two full turns of the input shaft (720 degrees.

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