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Bei testit.de findest du die Topprodukte. Hol dir jetzt den Testsieger 2021! Top 5 Testsieger 2021 im Vergleich. Erfahre jetzt, welche Drones am besten sind Get DroneX Pro at 50% Discount. Secure Your DroneX Pro Now, Before this Promotion Ends! DroneX Pro: Record your Epic Adventures With This New Portable and LightWeight Drone In this case, the front rotors decrease in power (and thus produce lower thrust), which causes the drone to tilt forward. At this point, the thrust from all the rotors is up and at an angle. This.. Drone Thrust can be defined when your drone uses full throttle, and producing as much upward force as possible. With that you can determine how much the drone can lift by the thrust a drone generates. Drone thrust must be greater than the weight of the drone, for that drone to take off and actually fly

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IF A= Motor Thrust, B= Num of Motors, C= the weight of the craft itself, D= Hover Throttle %. So, Payload Capacity = (A * B *D) - C. 1. Keep in mind that for an agile aircraft you generally you want it to hover at 50% throttle or lower For a drone racing beginner 4 or 5:1 thrust would be the sweet spot. If you're on a tight budget then build a beast of a quad and limit the throttle limit on Betaflight or the transmitter. Quad Motor Sizes - Taller and Wider stators A motor is indicated by a set of 4 numbers like 2207 or 2306 or whatever it may be To build a drone diy by unmanned aerial rotorcraft vehicle helicopter flight physics intechopen drone thrust testing half chrome drones how much weight can a drone carry. Thrust To Weight Ratio. Drone Input To Thrust Script Ion Unity Forum. How To Choose The Right Motor For Your Multicopter Drone S Drorest Quadcopter is derived from the word Quadrotor Helicopter. Very similar to a Helicopter, quadcopters uses four propellers and four motors which creates thrust and helps to elevate high , out of four motors with propellers attached, two motors rotates in clockwise(CW) and other two rotates in counter-clockwise(CCW)

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  1. Is there a co-relation between motor KV and Thrust produced, keeping all other factors constant. For example, my drone has an all up weight of 800 grams. Changing only the motor, I want to increase the weight to be carried from 800 grams to 1200 grams, or say 1.5 times. But I do not have scope to change the propeller size and fram
  2. That said, I'm not entirely sure you actually need it, it's usually sufficient to ensure that the drone's static thrust to weight ratio is high enough (2.5+ is a good number for slow flyers such as camera drones; 4 is good for sporty flying, 8 is good for competitive flying)
  3. Estimating thrust is an important step in ensuring you select the right drone parts for a drone you'd like to build. At this point in the design process, you..
  4. In this video we show a basic calculation that can be useful if you are building your own drone. You must calculate how much thrust your drone will require.
  5. Just increase the thrust (speed) of the four rotors so that there is a non-zero upward force that is greater than the weight. After that, you could decrease the thrust a little bit---but there are..
  6. For example, if the weight of your drone is 1 500 grams, you'll need 3 000 grams of thrust to get it off the ground, plus 600 additional grams to get it to hover. The number you come up with is..

Hover Still - To hover, the net thrust of the four rotors push the drone up and must be exactly equal to the gravitational force pulling it down. Climb Ascend - By increasing the thrust (speed) of the four quadcopter rotors so that the upward force is greater than the weight and pull of gravity I used the Drone Configurator site to estimate the thrust to weight ratio of my quad (understanding that the site isn't perfectly accurate) and it's right around 3. Playing around with different motors and batteries and I see I could easily get that closer to 7 The rotation of the propellers generates thrust and allows the drone to rise and maintain flight. At hover, the combined thrust of the propellers is equal to the drone's total weight. From this assumption and with the weight of the drone, we can deduce the thrust required by each propeller in order to maintain hover

The thrust output of your motors has a lot to do with which ones to select. Looking at all-out thrust is a good thing to do, but it doesn't mean everything. A lighter quad with motors that have less thrust can feel just as good in the air as a heavy quad that has motors that output max thrust Brushless Motor Thrust Stand: Back in the time when I was building my Arduino based Ludwik Drone I faced a problem of choosing proper motors and propellers. I didn't know anything about drones at that time so I had to trust motor manufacturer and the datasheet of a motor those Often times the drone itself and the camera are sold separately. Propeller A angled bladed uses to create an area of high and low pressure to provide lift or thrust. Quadcopter A multirotor aircraft that uses four rotors (propellers), 2 clockwise and 2 counterclockwise to generate lift. Racing Drone

It's all about lift: you can have two drones of the same mass, one with large rotors and one with small rotors. The one with larger rotors will create more air thrust with the same power, despite the air flow being slower than that generated by the smaller-rotored drone. As rotors spin, they create upward thrust, right Calculations of static thrust are needed in order to ensure that the proper propellers and motors have been selected. Static thrust is defined as the amount of thrust produced by a propeller which is located stationary to the earth. This calculation is particularly important for this project because quadrotor helicopters are more likely to perfor Thrust is a reaction force described quantitatively by Newton's third law.When a system expels or accelerates mass in one direction, the accelerated mass will cause a force of equal magnitude but opposite direction, to be applied to that system. The force applied on a surface in a direction perpendicular or normal to the surface is also called thrust. Force, and thus thrust, is measured using. Maybe it doesn't make much difference at the low thrust levels of drones; propeller unmanned-aerial-vehicle. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Mar 31 '17 at 3:50. J Walters. 15.7k 2 2 gold badges 53 53 silver badges 107 107 bronze badges. asked Mar 31 '17 at 2:46. Bohemian Bohemian thrust efficiency of drones (quad copter) with different propellers and there payload capacity Keywords drone configuration; propellers details; power consumption; thrust -weight ratio; thrust efficiency with different propeller

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  1. One rule of thumb is that an optimal thrust-to-weight ratio for a racing drone is about 2:1 - so a drone weighing 500g needs 1kg of thrust across its four motors. However, every racer and drone.
  2. The best propeller is the main part of a drone.It's really important to drone as wheels for a vehicle because it keeps your drone flying. When you choosing the best propeller for your drone or multi-copter, few main areas should be looking at. You can easily pick a propeller by looking at your motor thrust data table. If you want to know A to Z about propeller better be read this post to end
  3. Thrust-to-weight ratio reflects the amount of forward momentum an engine can generate in comparison to its weight. Aircraft and rockets use thrust to overcome drag and move through the air. The higher the thrust-to-weight ratio, the quicker the craft will be able to accelerate, and the faster it can go

The combined thrust of all of the motors is 7376 grams and gives the drone a thrust-to-weight ratio of a whopping 15.4. According to Ryan, the pilot of the drone, extra power from batteries or motors can provide only a slight amount of speed gain as the prop tips of this drone already move at supersonic speed The drone may hover/climb up/climb down depending on the force of gravity. The thrust generated by the propellers is given by: where T( N) is the thrust generated, D (m) is the diameter of the propeller, is the density of air (1.225 kg/m 3), v(m/s) is the velocity of air at the propeller, and (m/s) is the velocity of air accelerated by the.

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  1. Thrust is the force which moves an aircraft through the air. Thrust is generated by the propulsion system of the airplane. How is thrust generated? Thrust is a mechanical force which is generated through the reaction of accelerating a mass of gas, as explained by Newton's third law of motion
  2. Each propeller in a drone is connected to a motor that rotates and is powered by the drone battery. These motors can vary in how fast they rotate as controlled by the drone's onboard flight controller. This granular control in rotation rate plays a big role in generating lift, allowing the drone to move, and keeping the drone stable
  3. Very similar to a Helicopter, quadcopters uses four propellers and four motors which creates thrust and helps to elevate high, out of four motors with propellers attached, two motors rotates in clockwise (CW) and other two rotates in counter-clockwise (CCW)
  4. In the case of multirotors, the motors generate upwards thrust which keep your drone such as a quadcopter flying. Without going into too many technical details this guide will cover the baiscs of what you How to read motor thrust performance tablesGuide
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  1. The thrust equivalence of of drone should be such that it should hover with throttle little below or equal to half So, if your models weighs 2 kg with battery and you need to lift a weight of 2 kg. Then you need motors which can generate a lift of 8 kg combined at full throttle. 102 view
  2. T-MOTOR High Thrust Brushless Motor P30*10 2blades Propeller for Spraying UAV 100kg Payload Drone P 30*10 2bladesCF PolishHigh Thrust Brushless Motor Propeller, drone propeller, Propeller for Spraying UAVHigh Thrust Brushless Motor Propellerdrone propellerPropeller for Spraying UAVhttps://www.tmotoruavdrone.comJiangxi Xintuo Enterprise Co., Lt
  3. Maybe it doesn't make much difference at the low thrust levels of drones; propeller unmanned-aerial-vehicle. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Mar 31 '17 at 3:50. J Walters. 15.7k 2 2 gold badges 53 53 silver badges 107 107 bronze badges. asked Mar 31 '17 at 2:46. Bohemian Bohemian
  4. Thrust is responsible for moving airplanes forward, whereas lift is responsible for keeping them in the air. Thrust, as previously mentioned, is created by the airplane's engines. In comparison, lift is created by the airplane's wings. Thrust and lift work harmoniously together to allow airplanes to safely move through the air
  5. Thrust is the force which moves an aircraft through the air. Thrust is used to overcome the drag of an airplane, and to overcome the weight of a rocket. Thrust is generated by the engines of the aircraft through some kind of propulsion system.. Thrust is a mechanical force, so the propulsion system must be in physical contact with a working fluid to produce thrust
  6. Rotors are nothing but propellers that are attached to motors. When the pilot increases the speed of the rotor, it creates an upward thrust and it climbs up. However, when the pilot reduces the speed the drone descends. The important character of the drone is hovering capability

Thrust vectoring, also known as thrust vector control (TVC), is the ability of an aircraft, rocket, or other vehicle to manipulate the direction of the thrust from its engine(s) or motor(s) to control the attitude or angular velocity of the vehicle.. In rocketry and ballistic missiles that fly outside the atmosphere, aerodynamic control surfaces are ineffective, so thrust vectoring is the. The original notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for Part 107 set the maximum altitude for drones at 500 feet, but the final published rule reduced this limit to 400 feet. The 100-foot buffer was established to avoid any close encounters between drones and manned aircraft. This was a decision that most of the drone community agreed with Having a drone that performs well in flight is only part of the story. As well as finding sufficient thrust to perform successful manoeuvres at speed, getting the drone off the ground as quickly.

Ideally it's calculated by knowing the motor specs and propeller used Every motor manufacturer provides a data sheet from which we can calculate the thrust generated by each motor , even tough they are done in a ideal conditions they can work for. Indutry Drone, Brushless Motor, Quadcopter Motor manufacturer / supplier in China, offering T-Motor Mn601-S Kv170 4kg Thrust Drone Parts Brushless Motor for Drone, a Professional Manufacturer of All Kinds of BLDC Motor, Power Engine with R&D Team, T-Motor Easy Installation ESC Coaxial Motor Mounts with Propeller and so on

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A muticopter with a 2:1 thrust to weight ratio has enough power to safely navigate all controlled flight situations. Theoretically, 1:1 is needed to hover, but a multicopter trades some lift for lateral thrust as it tilts, so you need a reserve of power above 1:1 just for maneuvering 2:1 THRUST TO WEIGHT RATIO . A rule of thumb is that the dronie should be able to at least provide two times the amount of thrust than the weight of the quadcopter. Remember that this is the minimum magnitude of thrust required by a drone so that it becomes easier to manoeuvre while hovering over a certain location

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How Drones Fly. Multirotor drones fly using thrust from each rotor to lift the craft. The rotors work in pairs, countering the torque of one another. Which means that if all rotors are spinning at the same speed, the drone should hover in place For faster flying such as drone racing, you should expect the thrust to weight ratio (or power to weight ratio) to be much higher than the example above. It's not uncommon to see 10:1, or even 13:1 thrust to weight ratios. Generally speaking, for acro flying, I recommend to have at least 5:1

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In order to avoid selecting the wrong parts, the first question to ask is how much thrust will be required to keep the drone in the air. This is a bit of a chicken and egg question as obviously the parts selected will add up to the weight of the multirotor It uses a state of equilibrium achieved at hover (in no-wind conditions), where thrust generated by the propellers is equal to the multirotor's weight. This thrust can be multiplied by a constant thrust-to-weight ratio to achieve a value of static thrust that guarantees specific performance in the air depending on the application Drone Speed Augmentor II: +15% Drone Navigation Computer II: +30% WOW, this coffee is great! But now that the buzz is wearing off, I've noticed I haven't answered your question yet. As you can see from the numbers, it affects the mwd speed (approach speed) of the drones, and not the normal, subwarp orbit speeds Additionally, the main thrust generation of a drone is the fact that it displaces air, much like an airplane wing to generate thrust. The air pressure that drones fly on earth is 1 STP (standard temp and pressure). A drone will use this air displacement to generate the lift, and the control, so you can fly it effectively

If your drone is meant for Acro flying, the recommended thrust to weight ratio is 5:1. The weight to thrust calculation is not something that one should overlook. It is the factor that determines whether your drone has enough thrust that can enable the drone to maneuver in strong winds and aggressive flights XOAR Titan T8120 KV100 Brushless Electric Motor Heavy Lifting Series offers all multicopters and drones manufacturers, engineers, pilots and enthusiasts the best performance and reliable propulsion system with XOAR Precision Pair Propellers. XOAR Titan Brushless Electric Motors are specially designed with top grade materials and unique design. DRONE THRUST: Drone thrust is an amount of upward force generated when a drone is at full throttle. With that, you can determine how much a drone can lift. The drone thrust must be higher than the drone weight for the drone to take-off and fly. To explain to you in detail about how a drone flies lets consider a quadcopter as a reference In a multiritor application, total motor/prop thrust data is meaningless. What is most important is the thrust a given motor/prop/battery combination will produce at 50% throttle. Multiply this thrust by the number of motors and you get hover thrust which will tell you the maximum aircraft weight the motors will lift at 50% throttle Posted in drone hacks Tagged BLDC, drone, Ducted Fan, EDF, helicopter, LibrePilot, monocopter, rotor, thrust, uav, unmanned aerial vehicle, vector Post navigation ← Science Shows Green Lasers.

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Drone Thrust To Weight Ratio. April 22, 2021 Anwar Picture 0. Unmanned aerial rotorcraft vehicle sizing methodology with flight time uav power to weight ratio sub 250g 5 inch quad drone motor essentials. Uav Power To Weight Ratio Table. Newer Tutorial How To Choose Your Motor Esc And Propeller Dji Forum - What is Thrust force? - What is RC Plane Thrust line? - How does our RC Plane fly? - How to fly 4 Channel RC Plane? Don't forget to do your Preflight Checklist: - Make sure you start with a full charge battery! Use a battery checker to verify - Check your CG every time before take of BLDC Drone Motor with Excellent Cooling Performance T-MOTOR MN501-S KV240 KV300 KV360 $ 99.90 By Tmotor Store; BLDC Motor for Drone with Strong Power Long Service Life T-MOTOR MN505-S KV320 KV380 $ 109.90 By Tmotor Store; BLDC Drone Motor with 20KG Thrust T-MOTOR U12II KV60 KV120 $ 369.90 By Tmotor Stor The quality motors improve the thrust capability of drones. 4. Frame. With increased payload, it becomes vital to use a robust frame. Generally, Carbon Fiber-reinforced Composites, Thermoplastics (polyester, nylon, polystyrene), and aluminum is used to make drone frames. Conclusion

The drone will then interpret this as a sudden altitude drop. In some cases, the extreme air pressure increase can even result in altitude readings that are below the altitude at launch - negative readings, so to speak. The Altitude Hold function will then prompt the drone to adjust as a reaction to the interpreted altitude drop Propellers are components that help produce thrust by sucking in large volumes of air from the top of the drone and pushing the air downward, similar to a Helicopter. When the amount of displaced air larger than the weight of the quad, the quad lifts off the ground and starts to hover. Higher the amount of displaced air, the faster the quad flies is the thrust to weight ratio of my drone when the control stick is all the way down. Since typically Quadcopters keep their props spinning at a low rate even with the throttle all the way down. I have this configured generally to around .05

Electric propulsion system test equipment for drone designers. Improve your drone propulsion system by testing your brushless motors and propellers up to 75 kgf of thrust and 48 Nm of torque. Measure your propeller and motor efficiency and find the best combination for your UAV. Data acquisition software included Thrust is the amount of push a rocket engine provides to the rocket. Propulsion works when matter (something you can touch--like a gas or a liquid) is pushed out the back of a spacecraft. The amount of thrust or push in a spacecraft is related to how much matter is leaving the engine and at what speed the matter is leaving, minus resistance A drone is an unmanned, self-piloted or remotely-controlled aircraft, which can use rotors to provide thrust and lift, but can also use other means such as propellers or turbines. To put it in simpler terms, a helicopter can only be a helicopter, regardless of whether it has a human inside or not. A drone can be any kind of aircraft 1. The ratio between the weight and thrust. One of the primary attributes that you should think about while picking a UAV motor, this ratio is a marker of how much complete lift or thrust your drone engines can generate comparative with the UAV's heaviness

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I am a beginner on Drones. I would like to understand the how each motor contribute to thrust on the whole drone. And what is the direction of torque created on each propeller. Everywhere I find a tutorials with complex formulas. It would be great to have a simple answer about how the thrust system works on Quad rotor and the torque mechanism. This happens when the quadcopter is producing the same overall upward thrust. How is Quadcopter Drone Different? Quadcopter drone is different from helicopters and other fixed-wing aircraft in the following ways: Quadcopters generate lift and control forces in a unique way. In case of an aircraft, wings generate the lift, and in helicopters. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or uncrewed aerial vehicle, also known as unmanned aircraft or uncrewed aircraft (UA), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), which include additionally a ground-based controller and a system of communications with the UAV. The flight of UAVs may operate under remote. T-MOTOR is devoted to being the guiding star in UAV industry with the Safer Propulsion System. Technological innovation, win-win cooperation, integrity and service make T-MOTOR a reliable partner for drone manufacturer and distributors for long-term c Heavy lift drone motors H140 KV80 For is for high end heavy lift industrial use, max thrust 50kg thrust with 40in prop. More efficient and drawing more power than equivalent motors in the market Precise manufacturing workmanship, perfect winding, absolutely compete with top brands This large drone motor was designed for rigorous conditions and.

Take The Most Amazing Selfies From the Most Unique Angles With Drone X PRO! Get Drone X PRO at 50% Discount. Secure Your Drone X PRO Now, Before this Promotion End Thrust is a force that moves an aircraft in the direction of the motion. It is created with a propeller, jet engine, or rocket. Air is pulled in and then pushed out in an opposite direction. One example is a household fan. Drag is the force that acts opposite to the direction of motion. It tends to slow an object In order to accelerate an airplane, thrust must be greater than drag. By increasing engine power and propeller revolutions (RPM), air is increasingly accelerated across the blades, creating a stronger pressure differential, pulling the airplane forward. This accelerates the airplane, but is limited by thrust available Pusher propellers are the ones responsible for the forward and backward thrust of the drone during flight. As the name suggest, the pusher propellers will determine the direction the drone takes either forward or backward. They are normally located at the back of the drone. They work by cancelling out the motor torques of the drone during.

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We want to highlight that the propellers mounted to the underside still project the thrust downward. Your drone may come with more vocabulary words than it does features, but with a dictionary and a bit of practice, you'll be fluent in no time and more prepared to find the right drone for you Thrust is the force which moves an aircraft through the air. Thrust is generated by the propulsion system of the airplane. How is thrust generated? Thrust is a mechanical force which is generated through the reaction of accelerating a mass of gas, as explained by Newton's third law of motion. A gas or working fluid is accelerated to the rear and the engine and aircraft are accelerated in the. I've heard a lot of mixed information about how number of blades can affect performance and duration of the flight of your racing drone, so I've decided to put my thrust test stand to a good use and test various micro motors I had on hand and different propeller configurations. Motors 1102 10 The formula for induced velocity is the square root of (thrust in pounds divided by (2 times the density of air times the disk area)) or sqrt (10/2 * 0.00238 * 3.14). The answer is 25.87 feet/second ^-1. The ideal power at the rotor disk is the original thrust (10) times the induced velocity or 258.7 pound feet/sec ^-1 Size: Usually provided in millimeters (e.g. 350mm), size represents the greatest point-to-point distance between two motors on a drone.Size can also help determine a drone's class (mini, micro, etc.). CG: Stands for Center of Gravity, which is the point on the drone where weight is equally distributed on all sides (VERY important when learning how to build a drone)

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Drone propellers are rotating wings producing lift in the direction of the axis of rotation. Propeller blade design is critical to generate enough thrust to carry the takeoff weight and reduce. DC Motor, Uav, Drone manufacturer / supplier in China, offering T-Motor Thrust 5kg 6007 Kv320 BLDC Motor for Uavs, Aircraft, a Professional Manufacturer of All Kinds of BLDC Motor, Power Engine with R&D Team, T-Motor Easy Installation ESC Coaxial Motor Mounts with Propeller and so on Thrust Formula. The following formula is used to calculate the thrust of force of a rocket. T = v * (dm/dt) Where V is the velocity ; dm is the change in mass; dt is the change in time; In other words, this equation can be thought of the velocity times the change in mass flow rate. Thrust Definitio

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The other end of the spectrum is an active FPV drone racing community who is key in innovating and building DIY custom drones. Team BigWhoop came up with a small palm-size drone call the TinyWhoop By knowing how much thrust they are producing and the altitude they are maintaining, the drone teams could even estimate the weight of the package they're picking up. Webb and Rogers have built a demonstration in which four small quadrotor drones work together to lift a box that's 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet and weighs 12 pounds Thrust: 115 horsepower Wingspan: 55 feet (16.8 meters) Length: 27 feet (8.22 meters) Height: 7 feet (2.1 meters) Weight: 1,130 pounds ( 512 kilograms) empty Maximum takeoff weight: 2,250 pounds (1,020 kilograms) Fuel capacity: 665 pounds (100 gallons) Payload: 450 pounds (204 kilograms) Speed: cruise speed around 84 mph (70 knots), up to 135 mp

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Drone thrust must be greater than the weight of the drone, for that drone to take off and actually fly. When a drone propeller is in a moving situation, the thrust changes. When the drone throttle is at 100% the prop will be at maximum thrust. To know how much thrust your drone will produce for a given propeller, you have to test the motor. Larger diameter & less pitch = more thrust, less top speed. (like the low gear of a car) Smaller diameter & more pitch = less thrust, more top speed. (like the high gear of a car) A smaller prop requires more power to produce the same thrust as a larger one. For instance, a 12x8 APC E prop takes about 86 W to produce 27 oz of thrust at 5000 RPM

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Thrust; During steady flight these four forces are in equilibrium, which means thrust counteracts drag and lift counteracts gravity. This is illustrated in the figure shown below. Not only are these forces present on a fixed-wing aircraft, but also on all the other categories presented Drones. Champion Co-brand. Flight Controllers. Other. Combo Pack. Drone Arm Set -Standard -X-Agricultural -Coaxial; ALPHA Optimal Pack. AirGear Combo Set. Manned Aircraft. Robot Dynamics. A Series Dynamical Modular. R Series Outrunning Torque Motor. RI Series Frameless Inrunning Torque Motor. G Series Inrunning Gimbal Motor. GLSeries Out.

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Just like a car having four tires, having four points of thrust and balance is the most economical way to produce a drone. This allows you to balance the craft in several ways. First, an even number of props spinning cw and ccw to prevent the craft from spinning To verify these theoretical results I conducted a series of thrust test using different motors and propellers commonly used in RC. I also used some thrust tests performed by third parties. The TTR (Theoretical Thrust / Real Thrust Ratio) was fluctuating around 80%-120% which is a good indicator that the formulas above work Whereas the idea about size and weight of propeller will help users to know about the overall thrust of motor that they will need for perfect lifting of drone during flights. Your decision will help to maintain speed of drone in air and this weight will also contribute in flight time adjustments. 2. Thrust to weight rati You must first have an idea of the voltage and amp requirements of the motor/prop combination that you are using in the drone. Before purchasing the battery, think about these below factor: 1. Find Out How Much Current Your Drone Can Draw. Current draw from the drone motors: First, choose the motors according to the thrust

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Coming from a commercial helicopter pilot background, I am very surprised by the number of RC hobbyists that do not understand even the most basics of flight dynamics and how drones work. The goal with any flying aircraft is balancing the four different principals of flight. These are: lift, weight, drag, and thrust Drones have a rotor which is connected to a motor to help it hover above the ground. To let it hover without fail, the gravitational pull on the drone must be equal to the downward thrust of the drone. The vertical motion of the drone is not possible without the rotor Cheap Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Toys & Hobbies Directly from China Suppliers:T MOTOR U15XL KV38 100kg thrust 23KW 100V brushless motor for heavy lifting drone P52 P57 inch propeller, FLAME 280A HV ESC Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return

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